Witness to Berkeley Speaks on Attacked Woman

AntiFa uses Violence to stop speech once again

This weekend Ben Shapiro, a Jewish, anti-racist conservative commentator spoke at Berkeley while Marxist, alt-left protestor rallied to stop him.  The event was sold out and many people online and in person showed their support for Ben, but that couldn’t stop the inevitable violence that follows wherever the cult of “Anti-Fa” goes.  Based Stick Man, Kyle Chapman, broke the news that a Jewish American woman there in support of Shapiro was allegedly stabbed by leftist demonstrators.

Some Proud Boys from the Bay Area attended to support the event.  One was on hand to tell Proud Boy Magazine what he saw:

“What i saw was that woman holding a sign that said “peace and love, shalom Ben Shapiro” at the intersection of Bowditch and Bancroft. The main protest crowd was centered around telegraph and Bancroft (1 block away). It was a small crowd so she was a healthy distance from them, however she was posted up near some anarchist booths (with masked activists) that were passing out literature. She was singing the star spangled banner and other songs. There was a lot of people taking pictures and video of her, it should be easy to find. She was trying to talk to people and I heard her defending Ben against claims of racism. But I also think she liked the attention. I think she was alone, as the night progressed tensions got higher and we left when the event ended. She must have stayed behind. I saw about 10 masked antifa walking around in a crowd of about 200 unmasked leftists. It would have been really easy for one of them to attack her and disappear back into the crowd. When I left she was still half a block away from the protesters but the nearest cop was probably about 300ft away behind a barricade. I literally mentioned to another Proud Boy Chad that she wasn’t safe but I never imagined that she would get stabbed.”

It is not known at this time who may be in custody for the alleged stabbing or the condition of the victim.  According to CBS San Francisco 9 protesters were arrested for carrying banned weapons and violent activities.  Most main stream media reports are yet to name AntiFa specificity.  No word yet on how this will effect AntiFa as being classified as a Domestic Terror Orangization federally as they have been on the state level.

Reports have stated that as the Jewish woman was being loaded into a ambulance suffering from her wound “that’s what you get for being a Nazi” was shouted by representives of the compassionate left.


UPDATE: New reports are saying that the woman was not stabbed, but pulled from a ledge by Antifa members while struggling with her sign.  She received a head injury.

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