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Refusgees, the E.U., and Le Pen

Today marks a turning point in European history, the French election stands before us as a chance for the French to follow the UK (with Brexit), and the USA (with Trump) for their quest for liberty, truth and freedom, France is a keystone feature within the European Union & it has been ran by the left for far too long, with an effective open borders policy and crime rates that have sky rocketed in line with their refugee intake, it appears as though the writing is on the wall for the left of France, and it all bodes well for Conservative party leader Marie Le Penne, but the question will remain, if the conservatives do win power, how will they stop the jihad of demographics which is occurring right before them.

There are simultaneous jihads occurring right now, the first is the one we’re all aware of, the war in the Middle East (First Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Libya and now Syria), I think we can safely assume the west will eventually win this war, the west, if need be, have an arsenal of nuclear weapons at the end of the day, so let’s not debate that, what isn’t being reported so openly is the secondary jihad, the jihad of demographics. Right now in Europe, Europeans with Judeo-Christian heritage are having 1.2 children per household, whereas Muslims, whether displaced to Europe due to the war in the Middle East or settled Muslims, or converts are having 3.4 children per household. Based on these numbers if we extrapolate it out, then by 2050,  Europeans with Judeo-Christian heritage will be a minority in Europe, Muslims will assume at least half of the population, given the demographics, that’s a majority, but let’s break that down a bit further, and we can do this with all European countries, but we’ll start with Germany;

There are an estimate 85 million Germans. The median age in Germany is 46.1

As a cause for concern, only 26.8 million Germans are aged 32 and under, which is the breeding age, Germany’s quite large now, but it has a small future. Numbers by the guardian state there were 4.1 million Muslims in Germany in 2015 (as per their statistical projections). A pew pole, on the other hand, had this number at 4.8 million in 2015. Let’s split the difference between Pew and the Guardian and assume there is roughly 4.3 million Muslims in Germany in 2015. Add to that the increase in population of 77,000 per year and the 200,000 legal immigrants per year and the number begins to take shape.

Now, we add in the refugee numbers.

By 2014 The Telegraph said 170,000 Syrian refugees arrived in Germany, In 2015 The Telegraph wrote in October that Germany was on track to accept 1.5 million, while Bloomberg reported they took 1.1 million, let’s split the difference and say 1.3 million. As a final data point we’ll use the 280,000 migrants that arrived in 2016 according to the New York Times.

All totaled, there should be 7.89 million Muslims in Germany as of 2016.

That’s 14.7% of Germany’s population under the age of 32 (breeding age). If we assume that all the Germans live to the average life expectancy, this means that roughly 15% of Germans will be Muslim in 2015, assuming no more immigration or births. (This was prior to the main Syrian refugee crisis, the numbers are much higher) However, if immigration keeps up at current rates (200,000 a year), and if Muslims continue to have children (77, 000 a year, average to 150,000 a year over time), we’re looking at a Muslim population of roughly 17 million people in Germany in 2050, out of a total population of an estimated 60 million.

So, not half, closer to a third, but of course this this was pre refugee crisis, so conservatively this will move upwards of a half. This isn’t accidental, this is planned, you only need look as far as the Muslim brotherhood doctrine to see that this is a well thought out plan to assume power in Europe and then ultimately the world.

The fact is, whether we like it or not, there is a war going on and the ultimate prize is the hearts and minds of the people of the world.

Today the French election took place, and the French people voted to secure their borders and to reinstate their demographics, making France a country of judeo-Christian values and heritage, the rest of the EU, specifically Germany shall watch closely to see what traction Le Pen gets and to what level of success her party has in stemming the flow of the refugees and more importantly, what they do with the already overwhelming number of refugees and rocketing crime rates that are in line with their arrival, if Le Pen is successful, expect Germany to follow suit and to vote conservatively at their next election, with these two key pillars in the EU both being conservative and with the UK already leaving the EU, maybe the war on demographics isn’t over already, maybe we may have just got back in time to win it back and restore European cities to the once beautiful bastions of peace and love that they once were.


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Written by Alex Wilson

Alex is a thirty-something father of 2, he's a journalist who lives in Melbourne, Australia and is a fan of the concept of Right Wing Death Squads.

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