UPDATE: Employee Who Questioned Google’s Diversity Policy Fired

CEO Sundar Pichai ALT+CTRL+DELETES diversity of opinion

The author of the controversial Google memo has just been fired. CEO Sundar Pichai stated: “Portions of the memo violate our Code of Conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.”
Pichai’s statement is emblematic of the bigger issue: the left’s mission to end speech that they disagree with—under the now diluted, and therefore meaningless, umbrella term, hate speech. No matter how right somebody may be, it is the job of the Great Social Justice Machine to eliminate any little thing that gets in its warpath. Although the memo writer’s opinion was controversial for the left, it has received much praise from the right. To many on the right, the firing has been perceived as a strictly political move.
This is bad press for the company and I predict that their stock may temporarily sink as a result. Bad press tends to have that effect, after all. Google is a company that markets itself as all-inclusive and a promoter of diversity. Their actions here do not accurately present that image.
It now looks like Google deserves an award nomination for Cuck of the Week given their outstanding efforts in their fight to unintentionally ruin the private tech sector while running those with non-leftist opinions underground.
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