Google Employee Commits Thought Crime, Questions Diversity Policy

And, of course, CNN misreports the controversy to further its own agenda

The most recent cause of leftist hysteria was sparked by a memo written by a Google employee who sincerely tried to explain why there aren’t as many women in the tech industry as there are men. CNN’s report, however, did not give that impression—big surprise. Their video characterized the author as sexist and insisted that the memo is misaligned with the fight for equality.

The fight for equality? Why is it one of the left’s big missions to socially engineer equality? What they don’t realize is that no matter how many curls Rosie the Riveter plows through she will always have a difficult time keeping up with men physically. An argument that the left avoids is that men take on more physically demanding and dangerous jobs. They never seem to complain that there aren’t enough women working in jobs like construction because of hiring bias.     

Google employee takes nap, dreams of a more diverse world.

Complaints are common in terms of hiring disparities between the sexes in white-collar jobs, in spite of research showing that sexism is not the issue. An Australian study found that “assigning a male name to a candidate made them 3.2 percent less likely to get a job interview. Adding a woman’s name to a CV made the candidate 2.9 percent more likely to get a foot in the door.”

Restricting this idea to STEM jobs (science, tech, engineering, and mathematics), another research study found that women are twice as likely to be hired for tenure-track STEM university faculty positions. And to think the Democrats accuse the Republicans of being ‘anti-science’—now that’s the kicker!

Instead of proving or disproving any points made by the memo’s author, CNN simply stated the need for diversity while vilifying the author. In actuality the writer of the memo wasn’t even ragging on diversity. He was just making the point that Google promotes diversity even when it interferes with company progress.

The first line of the memo reads, “I value diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don’t endorse using stereotypes.” CNN completely ignores this, which, of course, allows them to perpetuate their virtue-signalling, fact-oblivious narrative. CNN’s segment is therefore just another piece of lefty propaganda. It provides a cheap excuse to press two hot-button leftist issues: sexism and diversity. Maybe—just maybe!—if they focused on being honest about the issues that Americans actually cared about, the Democrats might have a chance at winning an election in the future. But I don’t see the Vegas odds being in favor of them changing their approach.

Naps, slides. Is this kindergarten?

CNN took the memo’s writer out of context to spin him as sexist. I felt that the memo was well-worded, balanced, and, last but not least, NOT sexist. To look at it as some discouraging right-wing opinion is to look at it without any intellectual honesty. And it ultimately proves the memo writer’s point: that the effect of unmitigated left-wing bias is fact-blindness.

The CNN host’s first point against the memo was, “You need diversity because, Hello? Equality. It’s 2017.” That’s not a very substantial point. But what do you expect from a fake news station that gets beaten out in ratings by a channel that plays reruns of Full House for two hours in a row. She then continued to assert that research shows a “more diverse team equals higher profits and better products.” What she failed to mention was the type of diversity. Did the studies look into sex? Ideology? Religion? Diversity can be a very broad term, and without the specifics there is no proper way of objectively analyzing the findings of those studies.

To CNN’s credit, the guest responded by saying that, “You need diversity of mindset when it comes to engineers for building great products.” But again, the memo’s writer is not against diversity. He even stated that “neither side is 100% correct and both viewpoints are necessary for a functioning society or, in this case, company.” There: he clearly states that he is in support of a diversity of mindset.

The left pushes the perception that women are treated and valued less than men in the workplace, but the Pew Research Center contradicts that finding. Pew found that 77% of people do not care if their coworkers are male or female. Of those that did, 16% preferred men, and 6% preferred women. If those numbers are an accurate representation of the opinions in the workforce, it does not really look like people care about the sex of their coworker. My guess is that people just want to work with people who they can get along with regardless of their sex. 

Google’s VP of Diversity, Integrity and Governance (read: Social Justice Warrior-in-Chief) delivered a statement regarding the memo where he disavowed it because he “found that it advanced incorrect assumptions about gender” and that “it’s not a viewpoint that [he] or [Google] endorses, promotes or encourages.” He seems to be appeasing those who are the loudest for the sake of public relations.

The market likes options. And people do not like having to fear that they or those that they follow will be censored, so there is definitely room for more social media sites to be developed. We could use more competition against the big wigs: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google. They uphold values that aren’t necessarily reflected by all their users. Maybe users should switch over to more pro-free speech social media sites like Gab who’ve actually been very generous to the Google employee who wrote the memo.  

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