Sore loser Clinton still talking trash, results unchanged

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In an effort to steal more money from idiots across the United States, famed political loser and notorious nuisance, Hillary Clinton, appeared before yet another small audience of useful idiots this week to promote hypotheticals.

Clinton stated:

“If the election were on October 27, I’d be your president.”

She added:

“I was on the way to winning [the 2016 election] until the combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and Russian Wikileaks raised doubts.”

Along with her denying the fact that she herself is to blame for the catastrophic collision between reality and skepticism during the 2016 presidential campaign, Clinton has been creating a digital money-sucking machine that pulls directly from the pockets of dumb college kids and the politically deaf around the world.

From CNN Politics:

“The organization—Onward Together, an homage to her campaign slogan—will look to identify groups that could benefit from outside funding. Clinton will act as the connector, said one source, bringing donors to these groups and helping raise money for them, too.”

So, without a real job, or incentive to be anywhere on time (despite having a private chauffeur and a support staff of hopeless lackeys), Clinton once again sets herself and the people around her up for failure. She might have learned to correct this since getting absolutely destroyed by a political opponent who took up running for POTUS in his spare time.

Luckily for Clinton, she finds herself in the part of the world (aka ‘The West’) where snake-bitten politicians and people who should just shut up already can still find their place in the forefront of national politics and not be murdered mysteriously or arrested on spurious charges. Such is not the case in other parts of the world; specifically, countries where Clinton received large sums of money to hastily run a campaign that self-decapitated halfway en route to election day. No help was needed from the many donors contributing from Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

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Written by Matthew Delphia

Matthew Delphia was born in Indiana but was raised in Virginia. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 2001 and spent 8 years visiting exotic places and meeting strange people. Matthew has five tours of combat under his belt, both in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere throughout the world. He now has a much calmer lifestyle with his wife, Cristina. Enjoys powerlifting, tasting fine whiskeys, shooting guns in the (still) free state of Virginia and provoking free thought. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Follow him on Twitter @mattycakes0231.

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