Support Trump? See You in Hell!

Donald Trump is a sin in human form, say Catholics

Did you know supporting Donald Trump is now considered a sin if you’re Catholic?

Visions of mass destruction in biblical-proportions haunt the dreams of Pope Francis II as he stirs through the night in his gold-trimmed bed. At the center of it all is one man . . . the Big “D”: Donald Trump.

An article published in the highly influential, Rome-based Jesuit Journal “La Civilà Cattolica” follows with suspicious foreboding a “strange form of surprising ecumenism . . . between Evangelical fundamentalists and Catholic Integralists” developing in the United States in an effort to establish right-wing political influence.

In the article, two of Pope Francis’ close colleagues accused religious leaders close to the POTUS’ administration of possessing a “Manichean vision”—a warlike philosophy that views the world as one giant eternal conflict between absolute good vs. absolute evil, and light vs. darkness.

Yes, the POTUS may well be getting his ears filled with “Christian-Evangelical fundamentalist principles dating from the beginning of the 20th Century that have been gradually radicalized.” By God! The man probably thinks he is a crusader hell-bent on fighting the enemies of God by now . . .

The foreboding tone throughout the article gives a sense that we’re being briefed for the rise of a heretical and dangerous and imminent neo-religious nationalism: “The panorama of threats to their understanding of the American way of life have included modernist spirits, the black civil rights movement, the hippy movement, communism, feminist movements and so on. And now in our day they are the migrants and the Muslims.

Popin’ ain’t easy.

They write that these religious zealots, these Manichean savages, apparently believe that “whatever pushes toward conflict is not off limits.”

The article echoes the avowedly left-wing liberal policies and statements issued by Pope Francis II. Hilarious memes abounded during the 2016 Election cycle when the Pope issued statement after statement in support of ridiculous left-wing social policies.

Slowly but surely the Pope ate the leaven of the left and gorged himself with the vanity of their virtue-signaling. The Pope’s public stance on nearly all major ‘moral’ social issues; abortion, immigration policy, Muslims, and LGBT rights, all decidedly fall on the leftist side of the political spectrum. Deal Hudson, former Catholic Outreach Director for the Republican National Committee, openly admitted that many in the Catholic Church “were pulling for Hillary Clinton.”

The article, written by the Jesuit contributors of “La Civilà Cattolica” is a perfect window into the doctrinal mind of the leftist-establishment Catholic Papacy. They find ways to twist and mangle the narrative, always casting blame on Trump and conservative America, in typical CNN fashion. “The erosion of religious liberty is clearly a grave threat within a spreading secularism. But we must avoid its defense coming in the fundamentalist terms of a ‘religion in total freedom,’ perceived as a direct virtual challenge to the secularity of the state.” That’s the kind of language they use to defend against the open practice of religion by its leaders in America.

It’s fascinating to see pro-Christian leaders like Bush, Reagan, and Trump, slandered by Jesuits in lieu of pseudo-historic facts and doctored doctrinal discourses. The document may well indeed be our first glimpse at the Catholic Church attempting to turn leftist-inspired anti-Trump rhetoric into theological language. And the allegiance of the left and the Vatican may well be a perfect match. The hypocrisy, the false virtue-signaling of moral authority, the witch hunts, the inquisitions—it all adds up too perfectly.


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