North Korea’s Missile Tests Are Garbage

NK’s current missile program poses a Kim-Jong-unrealistic threat

Tuesday evening, August 1, U.S. and South Korean security experts observed footage of the North Korean Hwasong-14 Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile crashing towards Earth before violently disintegrating and succumbing to extreme heat and atmospheric pressure. Media coverage of North Korea’s ICBM program has been recurrent with dedicated segments appearing at least weekly on television networks across the U.S.

Escalating tensions between reclusive North Korea and the rest of the world have been dubbed by many as the “New Cold War”—wherein the viability of peaceable negotiation has long since been abandoned. No doubt, the prospect of the aptly named “Rogue Nation” to launch nuclear warheads onto American cities is alarming, and the overstated capabilities of the regime by media sensationalists does little to accurately estimate their true capability. However, there is currently no concrete evidence for North Korea’s ability to successfully launch anything but a local missile strike.


So-called media experts and talking heads often push the narrative that an ICBM threat to the U.S. is imminent, while neglecting to emphasize that none of these missile tests have yet been successful. The latest Hwasong-14 ICBM lacks re-entry technology, meaning their current technology is only capable of launching a cylindrical tube into space and not much else. Their recent and most “successful” test saw the disintegration of the missile as it re-entered the atmosphere. Not only that, but it’s highly doubtful that the North Koreans even have the technology to guide and detonate a missile capable of actually hitting the U.S, should re-entry technology be developed.

The present concern is not that North Korea can strike the U.S. from the Korean Peninsula, but that they may soon develop the capability to do so. Even these approximations need to be taken with more than just a grain of salt, as weapons experts believe that the KN-08 long-range missiles displayed at a military parade in Pyongyang were largely fake. Not that it would take an expert to figure that out because the tips on one of these apparently fake missiles weren’t even placed correctly (pictured below).

The probability is high that the Rogue Nation is simply blowing smoke to look intimidating and powerful. The comical propaganda campaigns launched by North Korea have become the subject of numerous satires and it seems the only people who are truly fooled by these attempts are the North Korean rulers themselves.

So here we are, attempting to take a threat seriously from people who can’t even run a successful propaganda campaign nor produce believable replicated versions of missiles.

So what is stopping the United States or South Korea from wiping this tyrannical brutish regime off the face of the earth? North Korea does currently have missiles and artillery pieces capable of hitting Seoul, one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Any action by the United States or Allies would indefinitely see the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians in Seoul by indiscriminate fire from North Korean artillery pieces. Should victory come, it would come “At great cost” as quoted by U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis. Not only that, but deciding what to do in the aftermath, with millions of brain-washed North Koreans who have been living in the world’s most oppressive totalitarian dictatorship, presents a costly and incomprehensible economic and political dilemma.

Yet any consumer of mainstream media can sense that the American people and the world may be being groomed for the ensuing devastation that such a war would bring. Stories like the one of Otto Warmbrier, an American university student tortured at a North Korean prison camp, touch our hearts and prompt our spirits to retaliation. Horrific stories of the brutal government repression, previously unimaginable to most western audiences, at times seem to justify the option of carpet-bombing their entire country and leaving the land a barren space for ravens and jackals to take over.

Mainstream media constantly overstates the capability and threat of the North Korean menace. Even though security experts clearly state that the North Korean ICBM program is far from strategic military viability, TV headlines continue to stream depicting trajectory lines for nuclear warheads across the Pacific Ocean. However, the U.S. as a nation—and as the leader of the free-world—must decide for itself whether pursuing a military option is the right course of action. It appears the decision is already being made by certain elites—and we are being groomed every day to accept it. 

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