L.A. Community College District Supports Illegal Immigration

Speaking as if Jim Crow is making an imminent return, the Los Angeles Community College District’s Chancellor’s Office sent out a melodramatic letter to its students stating, “We will no longer follow any Federal laws passed by Republicans.”

Well . . . that’s not actually what it said—but it may as well have.

The letter actually said they are “deeply committed to protecting the rights of our undocumented students.” Meaning that they will not honor federal immigration laws. What the letter did was indicate how they are more interested in open borders and globalist initiatives rather than promoting the safety of actual American citizens.

I’d like to point out that undocumented immigrant is just a misleading euphemism for saying illegal immigrant.

LACCD is showing their willingness to use the public college system as a hotbed for left wing political activism. I pretty much guarantee you that if far-left-leaning policies were written into law they would have no complaints.

For instance, if a student brought in an undocumented gun I highly doubt that they would be deeply committed to protecting their rights. They’d be more likely to call up Amy Schumer to do another half-star comedy special to talk about gun laws. If that played out, the only thing that’d happen would be her and Hillary Clinton’s new books competing to see who has the smaller audience.

LACCD is able to exist because it is paid for, in large part, by the public. Hence, this deems them ineligible to receive federal grants if they do not abide by federal law. Without federal grants, they may be unable to function. Essentially, if they lose their funding they may not even have a college to provide sanctuary in the first place. If Attorney General Jeff Sessions decides to pinch the purse they may have to close their doors due to inadequate funds.

The left clamors with euphemisms to make themselves look like the good guys who CARE about helping everybody, but especially who they perceive to be the little guy. At Pierce College they broke out the standard redundant chant, “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!” even though it held no context. But does it ever? Just by saying it you are knighted as being cool and virtuous by other leftists. 

Their protest spoke out against whatever -ism they think Trump is associated with. Their standards for what’s racist, sexist, etc are so low, they feel that discrimination exists everywhere. They must live in such a dark existence to think that the freest country in the world has succumbed to such discrimination. Although, this darkness can probably explain why they are mad all of the time (i.e. Rosie O’Donnell on Twitter).   

The left treats illegal immigrants like they are just innocent souls trying nothing more than to find their way. Or like lost puppy dogs out in the rain. This perception is faulty. Last year, 58% of those deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had a criminal record. These numbers are illustrative of the nature of California’s crime. Especially Los Angeles, with the second highest number of illegals in the US.  

Illegal immigrants do, in many circumstances, deserve some degree of empathy because they are trying to improve their livelihood and reach up to America for a better quality of life. But the US needs to have a secure border. There are too many bad hombres and we should not put ourselves at risk in order to preserve a precarious moral standard. The US cannot bear the weight of the world. It needs to fend for itself.

Mike Eng, Co-chair of the LACCD pro-sanctuary campus group Students Rights Task Force commented, “Our focus should be on educating and empowering our students, not driving them into the dark.” Maybe not into the dark. But how about back into the hot Mexican sun? 

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