It’s a Man, Baby!

Kristen Lavin had an experience at “the happiest place on earth” that has only been a hypothetical that is tossed out by the opposition of gender ambiguity. In the California Adventure food court area restrooms, Kristen, and her friend went into the restroom with two kids in tow. While Kristen was watching the kids in the strollers, waiting for her friend, a man proceeded to walk in. Her description of the man is as follows:

So there lingered this unspoken doubt everyone had….that .00001% chance this wasn’t a man. Let me be clear. This was totally a man. If this wasn’t a man, this was a woman who had fully transitioned via surgery and hormones into a man and had also gotten an Adam’s apple implant, chest hair and size 9-10 shoes ….and at that point, wtf are you doing in the women’s restroom? And let me be clear, my problem wasn’t JUST that there was a man in the restroom. Its that he wasn’t even peeing, washing his hands or doing anything else that you’d do in a restroom. He was just standing off to the side looking smug…untouchable… doing absolutely nothing. He had to have noticed that every woman in the long line was staring at him. He didn’t care. He then did a lap around the restroom walking by all the stalls. You know, the stalls that have 1 inch gaps by all the doors hinges so you can most definitely see everyone with their pants around their ankles and vagina clear as day.”

The women in the restroom said nothing, and did nothing. Kristen refrained from acting because of political correctness. What is she supposed to say to someone in the women’s restroom these days? “Get out, you’re not a woman.” Probably not, because according to Instinct Magazine, New York City recognizes 31 different gender identity expressions, which have to be respected and represented. How is she supposed to know which gender is appropriate for which restroom? The tricky part is the ambiguity of each gender which is something you now can’t easily assume just by looking at someone. It is not as discernible as a pin on a shirt indicating safety. You cannot look at a biological woman and assume she is female, or a biological man and assume he is a male. Actually, by the rules of political correctness, using “she” and “he” is a colossal offence. Misusing pronouns is enough to trigger an entire campus, so imagine the backlash of kicking a person out of the restroom.

Gender is no longer black and white, not according to social landscape anyways. On a federal level, the Obama Administration supported laws that would be nondiscriminatory requiring schools to allow students to use the bathroom of their choice.

This politically correct culture has directly left a mother, and possibly others in a positions where their comfort and security are sacrificed, because of the possibility of offending someone that clearly does not belong there, or for triggering someone that was not even there. This time it was just a random guy in the restroom full of women. Why even label restrooms with a gender, if it does not mean anything, at this point it is just a suggestion. Kristen sums it up best, so in her own words.

There was a man in the bathroom. Not transgender. There was a man who felt entitled to be in the woman restroom, because he knew no one would say anything. There were 20-25 people by the time I left, who were scared and uncomfortable by his ominous presence. And the only thing stopping us, was our fear of political correctness and that the media has told us we don’t know what gender is anymore. I never want to be in the position again. Im not asking for permission to tell transgender people to get out my bathroom. I need to know it’s ok to tell a man, who looks like a man, to get the f*&% out. Gender just can’t be a feeling. There has to be science to it. DNA, genitals, amount of Sephora make up on your face, pick your poison, but as a very progressive woman…I’m sorry it can’t just be a feeling when theres but a mere suggestion of a door with a peep hole separating your eyes from my vagina or my children’s genitals.

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