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Proud Boy Magazine Speaks to Live Streamer about Her Arrest


After this past weeks arrest, a lot of us got to know Brittany Venti.  Brittany is an internet personality know for trolling the left.  She was taken into custody this past Monday during the pro-marxist May Day protest and looked good doing it.  Venti  caught the attention of the Proud Boys and found herself on the Gavin McInnes Show on Compound Media.  Proud Boy Magazine contacted Brittany to asked her about her experience this past week…

For people unfamiliar with who you are, can you explain what you do?

I am a satirical streamer. I used to stream myself as a “Basic Bitch” character, using irony to make fun of things that I hate or just things that I thought were funny. Which included but was not limited to Social Justice Warriors. More recently however, I have chosen to sit back with the satire a little bit and instead talk to my viewers about topics that I want to talk about to entertain them. Sometimes I also play video games on my stream while interacting with my chat. 

What made you attend the May Protest?

I attended the mayday protest to have fun by laughing at the satirical material that the people attending provide. That includes hearing what they have to say even though it’s ludicrous sometimes (Which makes it humorous). A lot of the people there take everything too seriously including themselves -which I find ridiculous since half of them look like walking clowns. How can you not laugh at them? It’s comical. The way the people at the protest were angry at issues that didn’t exist is essentially like being mad at the tooth fairy. It’s a show to watch. When will it get it’s own channel? Oh wait I forgot, that’s Buzzfeed.

What did you know about the protest going in?

I knew that the domestic terrorist group Antifa were going to be attending. I am aware (And now first hand) that Antifa are known for their unwarranted violence among innocents including the elderly and women. I also knew that they would somehow project their issues to derail Mayday into Anti-Trump day using violence and degeneracy and then disguise it as Progression and revolution.

What were some of the things the protesters were saying to you?

A lot of them were actually mentally unstable spouting incoherent nonsense. The other people there seemed to have a limited vocabulary of a grand total of 10 words including “Fascists”, “Oppression” “Fugg duh poeleease” and any word that ended in “ism” to accuse people of. Most of the other interaction was really just them trying to get physical or block pathways.

Where were you?

I was at union square (Note: A PUBLIC place in NYC). “Antifa and friends” tried to claim Union Square as their own by trying to kick anyone who didn’t agree with their insane ideals out. This is odd since they tend to not have jobs and therefore don’t really pay taxes which support public property…and then they try to claim it like it’s a turf war.

Who did you go with?

I went with my boyfriend and my friends, many of which were from Shia LaBeouf’s “He will not divide us” or Hwndu stream. My boyfriend, 2 of our friends arrived early, and then I arrived shortly after. I didn’t get to see many of them because of the incident happening so early on.

What ended up happening?

A lot. Here’s the rundown: I packed my bag with a first aid kit and anything else I needed and headed out to the event. I arrived at union square live-streaming to periscope via my phone. Antifa and their associates almost immediately followed my boyfriend and I around (Before a majority of our friends got the chance to show up to support us.) This is despite my boyfriend going as far as saying he was a liberal Youtuber from Canada. Antifa were aggressive and opened hostilities towards us. This includes a major invasion of personal space, hate speech (Via accusing us of being with the state of Israel and then stating that that was their reason for trying to physically remove us) pushing/shoving, stepping on our feet, and they attempted to deny us vision of the event. (There were speeches, talking about their hate for cops, capitalism and jews.) In fact they got so close to us, I could tell that they hadn’t yet discovered what washing their ass was. Or brushing their teeth for that matter. My biggest regret was inhaling their stench, actually. Anyway, they made several pitiful attempts to antagonize us (Which we laughed at.) They even created a human wall; despite them being against walls oh-so much. At this point there was at least 10 of them trying to physically remove us from the public property of Union Square chanting “Racists out”. My boyfriend (And I for some of it alongside 2 friends) spent around 10 minutes holding our ground against the mob of people. During this they tried to remove his backpack, kicked him in the kidneys, and stole some of his possessions. In response to them opening hostilities towards us, I defended myself. One of their people; a walking humiliation of humanity, took a bucket of ice cold water and ””Peacefully”” poured on me. We found best australian online casinos! Play here! It was around this point that my live-stream went offline. I was still holding my phone in my hand so I had to defend myself with the only hand I had free. After the fight was broken up, they came back with one of the protest signs and hit me on the head with a stick from above, a few feet away with people (Their people mostly) in between us. During this the attacker who poured the massive bucket of ice cold water grabbed my hair. One of the people in there grabbed my clothes. They were trying to restrict my movement so I kicked one of the Antifa members in the mob (From earlier)that was assaulting me (As well) away. At that instant, I snatched the specs off of the initial attacker’s face followed up by my fist to their face to stop their means of production. This created some distance and the mob was pulled apart. This left them to complain to the police that they were JUST protesting against about how I was attacking random people and that they came there “peacefully”. A blatant lie they continue to tell and is on video. After this, I was arrested and so was the attacker despite them claiming that they “Din du nuffin”. I was charged with assault as were they. During my arrest a girl that was a friend of the attackers. She came up to me and threatened me over the altercation. She said “Did you know they were transgender?!” As if it were justification to open hostilities. Which I responded with something along the lines of “So that gives them an excuse to attack me?” After this I said my last few words which were “Free Brittany Venti” and “Free speech” before being searched and put in a police van.

 Why did the demonstrators target you?
For a few reasons, one being they thought we were Jewish/with the state of Isreal (Not joking, they said it themselves). They also assumed we were racists based on nothing. It seems anyone who does not conform to their radical ideals and agree with them are shut down by being called white supremacist and any other “ism” in the book. They saw me as an easy target to take their aggression out on my friends, boyfriend and I. Did you definitely get attacked first? Not only did I, as well as my boyfriend get attacked first, Antifa and the people at the protest opened hostilities by harassing us and then escalating it to violence. This is recorded, there are witnesses and it is a fact. I wasn’t the only people who they physically attacked that day either.


Are you positive the person you got physical with was an Antifa member?
Well they were joining in with them even with the small chance that they weren’t. Antifa seemed pretty upset at the altercation -even tweeting non stop about it. If they weren’t associated with ANTIFA why would they respond they way they did, putting a target on my head and defending the person who got arrested (Not me)?

Why did you say “free speech” while being taken away?
I was there and said what I wanted to because that is my right. Anyone there that wasn’t in complete agreement with them was harassed or even assaulted. When you have to go as far to try to physically remove people that disagree with you, it is a violation of free speech. We did not try to silence them but they tried to for us. Free speech is very important and on of the main pillars of the foundation for America.


How did the police treat you?
The police were kind to me. You would think they were cruel beasts based on how the people at the protest were talking down to them. I didn’t feel scared at all and two of them even joked with me in the van where I was being taken to jail in. They asked me if the cuffs were too tight and actually seemed to feel bad about having to arrest me in the first place (Which I assume because they probably knew I only retaliated in self defense.)but since they can’t take one persons word over the other, I was charged with assault despite it being a reaction to violence towards me.


What was jail like for you?
Cold and boring. But I am thankful that NYPD gave me my own cell because there were people in the cells next to me that sounded like they were the people contributing to the violence during the protest (Based on what i heard them say to each other and what the guards asked them). I was in jail for six+ hours.


What surprised you by the reactions and interest of people online?
I initially didn’t even know if more than one of my friends knew I got arrested. I had no idea that my boobs would be such a huge thing. (I couldn’t really fix my camisole because my hands were behind my back). People were spamming my arrest photos and making Pepe memes out of it. Even though there was a bigger meaning behind my arrest for standing my ground; for my right to be there, the jokes made were still amusing and in a way help. As far as personally, the news got around fast my friends were texting me to see if I was okay.


What was your reaction to @NYCAntifa shouting out your arrest in twitter?
I laughed at the fact that they linked an article saying I was next on the “White Power” chopping block. That’s funny for several reasons, one being that I am an octoroon or 1/8th black (7/8ths white). I’m white passing and consider myself white for the sake of simplicity and explaining it to people, but I’m not 100% white. It would be ridiculous if I went around spouting “White Power”. This goes into my second point or technically question being who even says white power in the current time? They spun it completely, attempting to paint a picture saying that I a nazi (That they had to make up) attacked people out of the blue for no reason. It was once again, in response to their hostilities.

How confident are you about what happens next (legally speaking)?

I mean I have footage of them hitting me with a sign and pulling my hair first. How can video evidence be denied? I am hoping and am confident the charges will be dropped. It just sucks to have to go through the process of finding and hiring a lawyer and then going to court for self defense especially when I’m not sure how much it’s going to cost me and if I can afford it etc. I know there is currently crowdsourcing from the Proudboys going on for my legal fees, which helps me have some peace of mind.

Would you like to say anything to your new fans getting to know you because of this?

Firstly, thank you for supporting me. But especially big thanks to the people who continue to support me, especially my moderators from my stream, donors and friends. A LOT of things on the internet are incorrect about me. I am called a lot of things, ranging from cam-whore because of my trolling on my streams while having a tank top on to conservative journalist in an article for just shit-posting and meme spouting in real life. I think most people get the wrong idea about me because I am a person that cannot be taken at face value (Based on the internet). I can tell you that by following me I am a genuine honest person who likes to create funny content, even if that means I piss off the world and I hope that you, my “fans” will stay there to watch the ride that never ends. I have always been this way, and I probably always will be someone that just does (Harmless) things for a laugh.

Do you regret anything that happened?Should you have stayed home?

Aside from not wearing a helmet for protective purposes,I regret not giving Antifa a bottle of air freshener..and maybe a can of Pepsi. What those rats wanted us to do is to let them tread on us. Guess what happens when you tread on a snake? You get bit. No regrets there. I do wish however, that I got to stay out there longer to not only witness what was going on, but to also help my friends and my boyfriend.

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