Interracial Couple Booted from Bar for Bigotry

More proof that the left has gone completely nuts

If that click-bait title forces you to do a double-take, don’t trip. It only proves that you are a rational human being that hasn’t yet succumbed to the Alt-Left’s group-think indoctrination techniques.
Last Saturday, September 16, a bar on Dundas West in Toronto, ON, aptly named Unlovable, kicked out a small group of Toronto Proud Boys and friends because one of them was wearing a Jack Daniels version of a Proud Boys t-shirt. Two of those kicked out are actually an interracial couple, and yet were still accused of bigotry.

Goldie Saljoughi, Unlovable (and possibly unlovable) employee, returned the Proud Boy patrons’ money and asked them to leave, claiming, “We don’t believe that in here.” Then when asked for further comment on what that was, specifically, she replied “I don’t have to tell you anything,” and “my job is to keep everyone here safe.”
Goldie Saljoughi, bartender at Toronto’s Unlovable.
Of course, she doesn’t know what that was, and the Proud Boys and friends that got kicked out were never any threat to anyone at the bar that night. They may be a threat to the group-think echo chamber that Saljoughi and all leftists buy into without any checks against their cognitive biases, but they were most certainly no kind of physical threat.
Peter Doyle, one of the Proud Boys there, commented, “they believed that we are something we are not and kicked us out. The only people that weren’t white in that bar were with us.”
We have seen this time and time again. The classic, but illogical and childish, justification for stomping on someone’s rights. Or having the outcasts of society removed because they’re too unsightly for the eyes of classists.
Here are some of the vile and factually unfounded comments from Unlovable’s Facebook page in regards to the event:

How an interracial couple are considered bigots is beyond comprehension.
After politely leaving the bar when asked to, and without incident, Saljoughi followed the Proud Boys outside and proceeded to inform the bouncers and several men how violated she was by a simple t-shirt. “Don’t let them back in here!” she apparently cackled like an old crow at the bouncers.
Having them removed was apparently not enough for Saljoughi. In these seemingly small cases, I often wonder, where would she have stopped if she had any REAL, unchecked, political power? Isn’t this precisely how authoritarian despots are made? After all, the path to hell is paved with leftists’ intentions. Good and bad.
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Nicolas Bennett

Written by Nicolas Bennett

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