Illegals Can Now Vote In College Park, Maryland

College Park becomes the largest U.S. city to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections

Ya know what’s racist?


That’s why Democrats have pushed and succeeded in giving non-citizens the right to vote. Joining the trend among municipalities in Maryland such as Mt Rainier and Takoma Park, College Park, Maryland, has just become the largest city in the U.S. to have passed a law allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. Non-citizens will be allowed to vote regardless of their immigration status. The amendment attempting to only allow those with a green card to vote was struck down.

At a council meeting before the vote, members of the College Park community gathered to speak in front of the city council members. As if she was reprimanding the council, one member of the community stated, “We elected you to protect and advance the civil rights of our citizens” and then something vague and banal about “diversity” before pulling the age-old lefty routine of claiming that if they do not vote alongside her opinion they will be alongside “the voices of xenophobia, extremism, and nativism.” I bet she’s a joy to spend time with.

Flags of the United States and College Park, Maryland.

In order to cut back on voter fraud Republicans tried to pass laws that would make voters present their ID when entering the polls. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Every adult has an ID, or at least easy enough access to acquire one. These laws would cut back on obvious liabilities, such as people obtaining others ballots and non-citizens from voting.

But wait . . . before any law is passed, first we have to ensure that it’s not racist. And according to the Democrats, requiring people to present their ID upon voting is nothing short of slavery. The Democrats have insisted that Blacks are incapable of doing this because they are too poor, or unable to use a computer to figure out how to get one, among other reasons. That sure does seem more racist than what Republicans are trying to do. Black people have described this Democratic mode of thinking as “ignorant.”

In large part, Democrats choose to do this because non-citizens tend to vote Democrat, who are more lenient on border control and non-citizen rights. As I wrote about in a previous article, they will not even cooperate with Federal deportation officials in order to provide sanctuary to non-citizens.

They also do this to earn brownie points among non-citizens in a way similar to how they gave out welfare under FDR and LBJ in order to get the Black vote. Essentially it’s a tit-for-tat situation. They give them what they want, as long as they vote them into office.

Republicans disapprove of this for similar reasons why they don’t want felons to vote. Felons will vote to legalize crime, whereas non-citizens will vote in their self-interest to weaken immigration policies.

College Park is yet another example of the Democrats’ feelings-based politics. Although many Democrats explain on cable news shows that they don’t support open borders, actions speak louder than words. And Democrat-governed areas could very well become saturated with non-citizens who do not necessarily care about holding true to American values.


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