Feminism Has Infiltrated the Military

Right now, I am in a mandatory, waste of taxpayer money, 5-day course called ACAP. Former President Obama signed a bill enacting the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). TAP requires soldiers to be taught easily researchable skills such: as how to set a budget, how to apply for college, how to plan for the future, or how to write a resume. A quick Google search or YouTube video can out do these so called “professional” instructors. All that this course has done is reinforced the plans I already had, and show me another example of third wave feminism’s fat disgusting head in the military. I have been in the Army for five years, and have seen plenty of other examples of the whole PC-SJW culture ruining what is for the most part a pretty great organization. This however is freshest on my mind, in fact as I type this sentence I’m only on day three of this waste of time, and I expect over the next two days I’ll have even more to add. I have three parts to this article, an explanation of how the military got here, my firsthand experience with third wave feminism this week, and a story from a good friend of mine Brandon.

If there is one thing to be said about the military, it is that it’s absolutely terrified of being criticized; not necessarily the individuals in it, but the organization as a whole. Lord forbid it be called misogynistic, transphobic, peggingpobic, cumcookiephobic, or whatever “phobic” term the left as coined this week. I don’t get why, since I’ve seen and received several comments, mostly from the left about how soldiers are baby-killing robots, that follow orders without question and will soon round up the LGBTQ+ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ-letters-letters, non-whites, and muslims on President Trump’s order to be killed, or deported, or whatever. By the way, Soldiers are in the Army, Marines are in the Marine Corp, Sailors are in the Navy, Airmen are in the Airforce, and Fags are in the Coast Guard. Troops is the proper short way to refer to people in in the military. Don’t sound like an idiot leftist and refer to every service member as a soldier, especially marines, they are pretty touchy about it.

So, there I am day three in this class, and they are showing us websites to help veterans find jobs. One of these sites is the Department of Labor’s website, https://www.dol.gov/vets/ . On this website, there are 5 big boxes to click on, “veterans & families”, “employers hiring veterans”, “service providers”, “transitioning service members”, and “women veterans”. As I am looking at this site I’m like “alright cool, wait… why is there a women veterans’ tab?” So, I click on it, and it say “The Department of Labor is committed to expanding opportunities for all American workers. Some are veterans (or transitioning service members) trying to take what they’ve learned protecting our Nation and put it to use at home. Some are women trying to achieve economic parity with men. Some of us are both.” What the actual fuck? See here are all these third wave feminist marching the streets perpetuating the wage gap myth, and how the government needs to give women special treatment, and the government had been pulling this shit on vets for years already. This whole web page is dedicated to putting women vets ahead of men vets because that’s equal somehow. It even has FANTASTIC video about why this cancerous program exists. Because, you know women vets are so discriminated against. It even at one point shows statistics that women veterans are actually doing better that men veterans in college and civilian jobs, which makes it harder for women to find a job. Yeah it actually states that women vets do 11% better in college than male vets, and 12% better in the civilian work force than male vets. All of this provided by one Dr. Nancy A. Glowacki, I don’t know what her degree is in, but if it’s possible to get a PHD in gender studies, I’m going to assume that’s it.

When you think of your typical SJW, you probably think of some frail, overly pudgy, soft spoken person that you aren’t sure is a man or a chick. When you think of a member of the military you probably think of either a man or woman that doesn’t take shit from anyone and whose sole purpose is to serve the red, white, and blue. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in today’s military, the snowflakes have infiltrated our ranks, and are dragging every service down with it. You’d think these people wouldn’t make it past basic training, but in today’s military, we are more concerned about not offending anyone. Leaders cannot even punish soldiers for doing wrong without the risk of being punished much worse themselves. My piece of shit generation of the military has weaponized reporting programs such as EO (Equal Opportunity), SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention), or IG (Inspector General). All of these programs were created to protect soldiers from toxic leadership, but now if a soldier is in trouble for any reason, they just need to say they are being discriminated against and their leadership is punished. My friend Brandon, whom I served in Italy with, told me a story of a female member in his national guard unit that was sleeping around with guard members that were a higher rank, and she shouldn’t have been sleeping with. When she was on the verge of discharge for this, she said that she was only being targeted because she’s a woman, and afterwards her leadership was in so much trouble they were nearly discharge themselves. Another great example is a woman in my stupid class, I don’t know her name, so let’s call her Private Piggy. Private Piggy didn’t like an interaction she had with another classmate, let’s call him Sergeant Superman. You see for Private Piggy, Sergeant Superman was just “too masculine” and it was “so intimidating and scary to talk to him” because he was trying to “sell her his manliness”. Private Piggy didn’t think that Sergeant Superman needed to be so masculine and scary. However, Private Piggy is just a cook, whereas Sergeant Superman was almost assuredly an Infantryman. In the infantry to be weak, or unmanly, means to A) be left to ridicule but for good reason, cause B) a weak man in the infantry team is more likely to get him or his brothers hurt or killed. There is no room for weakness in the infantry, and other military occupations, it is literally life or death. Now you have the left pushing for women to be in the infantry, and it is only a matter of time before it is infected with people like Private Piggy and Sergeant Superman is told to stop being so masculine. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF THIS. But that doesn’t matter to the left, the world just needs more inclusion and all problems will just disappear.

This is only an example of how the regressives have sunk their fingernails in the military under the Obama administration. We can only hope that President Trump will end this BS. Here is the problem, to get rid of these, albeit well disguised, leftist programs in the military he must first recognize the problem, which is difficult with the main stream media not covering them. Then he has to convince the right that he isn’t screwing over vets, despite how much the left will autistically scream that he is. I don’t see this changing anytime soon, but I won’t stop fighting it as much as I can.

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