Colorado Springs Proud Boys Doxxed, Slandered in their Neighborhoods

Who knew that a couple dudes getting together for beers could be so controversial?

If you were a normal well-balanced human being who heard that a group of people you disagree with formed a group for like minded men to get together, mostly for beers, you wouldn’t give a shit.

But for cry-baby leftists, you look at that gathering as the formation of the 4th Reich. That is exactly what one group of no-life antifa members in Colorado Springs thought, and they decided to take it upon themselves to let those men’s neighbors know that they are terrible fascists. They decided to dox over a dozen Proud Boys and then circulate flyers like the one seen below around their neighborhoods.

Gunther Goltz is one of the Colorado Proud Boys hit with this slanderous attack, and he gave me permission to publish the picture of his flyer. I know for a fact that Goltz, and the rest of the Proud Boys hit are not racists or fascists, they would not be allowed in our group if they were.

In the laughable article published by an antifa group, they label all Proud Boys as racists and fascists, while ignoring the fact that racists and fascists are not allowed in Proud Boys. My favorite part of the article is when they posted my article about Proud Boy Yosef Ozia, alluding to the fact that he is simply a token black used to hide our real racism. I guess Gavin’s minority wife is also just a token he uses to hide his true white supremacy.

Nobody affected really cares though, the difference between us and antifa is that we are upstanding members of our community, and the communities these Proud Boys live in don’t like you, and don’t trust you. I know you think the entire world looks at you as the anti-fascist heroes who are protecting the world from an imaginary fascist takeover, but they really don’t. Especially in Colorado Springs where Hillary Clinton was handed a heavy defeat, they don’t really like communists.

If you have any information about this assault on the privacy of Colorado Proud Boys, you can report it anonymously to Antifa Unmasked.


Written by Based In Colorado

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