Antifa Are Attacking Proud Boys for Helping In Houston

So apparently some of our Proud Boys triggered the alt-left the other day.

First of all, I’d just like to apologize from the bottom of my heart that . . . Wait? What am I apologizing for?

That some Proud Boys were pictured in Houston with guns defending their neighborhoods? No, fuck you, I won’t apologize for that.

What I am sorry for is that the leftists attacking us over this obviously were never taught to have pride in their communities. Whether that was from lack of a father figure, or useless parents, or just something being legitimately wrong with them, I feel sorry for them.

Growing up I learned to have pride in my community. I remember doing community service with my dad, and volunteering at a local food pantry.

This is one way my fairly liberal parents inadvertently turned me into the “radical” libertarian that I am today. It taught me that people can voluntarily come together to help those less fortunate.

I remember one specific occasion at the food pantry where the man in charge was describing why he refused to help one man who came in. He described how he caught the man selling his food stamps that were provided by the government.

That showed me why local control of charity is infinitely better than government charity.

So when I saw the picture of a group of Houston Proud Boys, it gave me joy. I saw men who were standing up for their communities.

I didn’t know their stories. All of their houses could have been completely gone or flooded at that point. All I knew was that these were men who were taking solid steps to protect their neighborhoods.

When antifa saw this picture, they had a different take. Someone posted an article on an antifa-supporting “news site” that claims that they are “armed Fascists” who were roaming around Houston looking for looters.

They pointed out the “ok” hand sign they were using as proof that they are extremists. Even though the Anti Defamation League even recognizes the hand sign is nothing more than a joke.

The antifa news source even linked these Proud Boys to alleged white supremacists who targeted black storm victims during Hurricane Katrina. That claim is borderline slanderous. Proud Boys are not racists, no matter how many times the left says we are.

But the truth is, Proud Boys are doing a lot of help with hurricane relief.

Contingents of Proud Boys from states across the country, including Colorado and Florida are in Houston assisting both in rescue efforts, and dispersing of supplies.

Proud Boys in Colorado are working alongside American Freedom Keepers and Bikers Against Radical Islam in bringing an entire semi trailer full of supplies to Houston. Below you will see a number of photos from that group. If you would like to support their efforts, you can PayPal money to Bikers Against Radical Islam.

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