A Complete Deplorable guide of the first 100 days of President Donald J Trump.

No Genocide, Secret Police, or Segregation in Sight

This past week saw the 45th President of the United States complete his first 100 days in office, for some reason the flailing, left-wing media have been in a tailspin about this fairly insignificant milestone, all week we’ve seen trash talk, negativity and hit pieces from coast to coast, the words “objective” and “fair” as foreign to them as the term “accountability”.

Most of the media seem to be stating that president Trump has achieved little to nothing in his first 100 days, that’s extremely bizarre given that this group of people making these claims were the same group of people aghast and shocked by the volume of executive orders President Trump was issuing in January and how much legislation he was repealing.

It’s important to note that there are three distinct types of executive action, each of which have different levels of authority and power, the executive order being the most prestigious.

The three actions are:

Executive Orders;

EO’s are given numbers based on sequence and are published in the federal register.  Executive Orders are similar to legislation passed by congress, they hold the same weight and power. (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_order_(United_States)

Presidential Memorandum;

PMs aren’t that different to EOs, they are not required to be published or numbered, yet they  hold the same legislative power of an EO although they’re not quite as prestigious, a significant volume of them basically delegate tasks that Congress has already assigned the president to members of the executive. (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidential_memorandum)


Proclamations are generally ceremonial observances of federal holidays and awareness months etc.

Notably the Lincoln administration passed the most significant proclamation commonly known as the emancipation proclamation which set forth “that all persons held as slaves, within the rebellious states are, and henceforward shall be free.” (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emancipation_Proclamation)

The question must be asked, what has President Trump actually achieved in first 100 days? Clearly he hasn’t achieved nothing, but maybe he’s achieved less than nothing… and in less than nothing, maybe that’s exactly what we need, less is more, after all.

What’s most significant about the Trump administrations first 100 days is not what was completed, but rather whats been repealed, and the amount of ground work and framework setting that has been achieved, President Trump has taken a refreshing point of view in to the Oval Office and unlike his predecessors, rather than add to the vast and at times cumbersome legislations that already exist, president Trump has made a conscious decision to repeal legislation which encourages growth, strong international diplomacy and protections for American workers.

The 4 key areas that President trump has worked on are as follows;


Energy and the environment.

Economy and trade.

International diplomacy.

Firstly let’s look at healthcare;

Donald Trumps first executive order which was signed on the day of the inauguration was Executive Order 13765 which sets out the framework in anticipation of the eventual repeal of Obamacare, this will be the first of many Executive orders related to healthcare and the repeal of Obamacare, he needs to move slowly, piece by piece and keep all sides on their toes through this process, this is the long game, this was the first chess move in a much larger game.

Then we turn our focus to his second presidential memorandum, on January 20th he had his chief of staff sign Reince’s regulatory freeze, which effectively makes sure that new regulations only happen at the cost of current or old regulations, this ensures the existing regulations are overridden first. It states that agency heads not send new regulations to the Office of the Federal Register until the administration has leaders in place to approve them. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Order_13765

What does this tells us?

Trump is an excellent chess player, he understand that current legislation that restrict trade and restrict choice are a bane of the free market, it takes 32 permits to braid hair on the beaches of California, think about that, your teen daughter wants to braid hair for the summer to make some money on the side, classic capitalism, BUT, it costs her thousands of dollars to get established and she need to jump through hoops to get there, this kills momentum and creates exactly what globalists want, people without ambition and drive, so in Trumps first ever EO, he said no, he said I’m not going to just jump in to the heavy weight of years of legislation, I’m going to slowly cut it all down, piece by piece, and when it comes to healthcare reform he knows he had to play his hardest hand, so the pawns went to work, this shocked the left and showed the right that he was here to play to win, although he may speak in hyperbole, his first action was part of the long game, he’s a master of 3D & 4D chess.

Energy and the environment

For the last 4 years ex-president Obama has absolutely destroyed the lives of middle Americas working in the energy and environment sector, through his consistent fines system and penalising companies that work with coal and gas, come Jan 20 a new sherif was in town, and those jobs were at the core of what got him elected, so naturally, because that’s what his constituents wanted and deserved after dedicating their lives to Americas infrastructure, he started his attack on regulatory reform and lifted the roadblock on the Keystone XL & Dakota Access pipelines, he signed no less than three seperate memoranda to expand oil pipelines, he also went further than this and signed one that required all pipeline material to be built in the US. Another master stroke by the president, firstly it guarantees American jobs & it provides natural gas. Another win/win/win for the president. https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2017/01/24/presidential-memorandum-regarding-construction-american-pipelines

What we think;


Trump removed a significant number of Obama-era restrictions and initiated a review of Obamas clean power plan which restricted greenhouse gas emissions and also jobs, this lifted these bans to a more balanced and achievable level whilst creating jobs which had been stopped or completely disappeared under Obama, yet again, more pragmatism from a man who says what he does and does what he says.

Economy & Trade;

President Trump got to working on the economy and trade by directing his commerce secretary and trade representatives to work on a 4 year plan that identifies all forgiven trading abuses that unfairly hurt the American workers and the American people.

From this list the first thing president Trump targeted was the unfair and shameful TPP, this has been a shocking deal for the US, however the re-negotiations are now in place, to give you some idea on how this was working the Australians were shipping 100 million dollars worth of material at a cost of 14% to them, 14% to China and 72% to the US. The new TPP will have a cover your own margin gap in it meaning more growth and more security for the US. President Trump rightfully contacted the Australian prime minster in shock that this deal had ever been struck. More examples of the president backing America and putting his money where his mouth is and saying no to shoddy deals done under the Obama administration. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-07/donald-trump-scrapping-tpp-has-analysts-fearing-china-row/8247024

International Diplomacy.

In president trumps first 100 days he has played host to some of the worlds biggest names, he’s had Canada’s prime minster, Justin Trudeau, The UKs Prime Minister, Theresa May, The Chinese President, President Xi Jinping, and has spoke with German leader Angela Merkel, Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, And the president of Russia himself, Vladimir Putin, all of which have had encouraging encounters with president Trump, what is the most interesting about all of these talks is the very distinct feeling from them all that this is a new time for America and American politics, none of them have gone home or back to work without knowing that they are no longer dealing with a soft leader who will remain on the sidelines, they know that they cant push him around to suit themselves, all of them know that our 45th President is here for the long haul and will be seeing out his 8 years with vigor and passion, what’s important to know is that president Trump is Mr America, this has been very obvious to all of his opponents and now it’s very clear to all his colleagues, if he sees, smells or even thinks there are shady back end deals going on that impede on his goals of America first, he will be letting them know in no uncertain terms that those deals are off the table, we saw this when the thin red line that Obama came “so close” to but never crossed, when the Bashar al Assad administration allegedly used dirty bombs on their locals, President Trump didn’t come out at the next press conference and say “where doing this on this day…..”

no, this was the time for action, and that action rang some home truths to the rest of the world, either step in line or face the consequences, and even in peace I’m sure his counterparts and partnering nations among the UN heard clearly that America would no longer stand by and let bad men do bad things to good people, this goes to the heart of everything President Trump is, this means application of his great plan that will;

Make America Great Again

Trumps 100 days.

Trump issued 32 orders.

Trump issued 28 memoranda.

Trump issued 30 proclamations.

So far, you’re tracking fine sir and we salute you.

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Written by Alex Wilson

Alex is a thirty-something father of 2, he's a journalist who lives in Melbourne, Australia and is a fan of the concept of Right Wing Death Squads.

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