ANTIFA is a violent self-described “anarcho-marxist” (sic) collection of far left activists whose goal is to intimate educators, politicians, speakers, journalists, police, and civilians not conforming to Anti-Fa’s world view. Harassment (in person & online) and physical violence to discourage anyone with common sense from condemning them is par for their course. Violence is their response to ideas that contradict their simple, child-like world view. Another symptom is scorn for civilizations coupled with blinding paranoia that letting people disagree with them will always lead to “oppression”. They hide behind “anti-fascist” & “anti-nazi” straw-man arguments, despite the fact that people they target have no ties to “fascism” or “Nazism” whatsoever. A fascist to them is anyone beating them in a debate.

In a world where everyone gets a trophy, Anti-Fa’s presents grew after Donald Trump was elected president. When you raise a generation with contempt for competition, the result is spoiled self-righteous children who don’t know how to handle losing. Anti-Fa let their presence known by rioting in Washington D.C. the day before the inauguration, as well as colleges such as NYU, and UC Berkeley rioting and causing damage along the way.

Their tactics include: pepper spraying unsuspecting people, throwing rocks, batteries, piss, & shit, carrying black & red flags to use the pole as a weapon, provoking fights while one of them records the resulting physical defense to incite arrest, famously blindsiding or “sucker punching” unprepared people, throwing lit fireworks into crowds, attacking a single person in large numbers and kicking people while they are down.

ANTIFA can usually be spotted wearing a mix of “hippy” and “crust-punk” fashion. To the naked eye they seem dirty usually because they are incredibly dirty. They like wearing black & red (sudo nazi/communist style) and will sometimes wear shirts with pro socialist propaganda. Many of them dye their hair and many of the men dress as woman, and their women dress as men. They do this both to confuse people they are instigating fights with… and because they ARE confused. They also will use this to get sympathy after losing a brawl. (*Example: You hit someone pushing you who looked like a man, “You Just Hit a Lady!” a man spits on you dressed as a woman “Go ahead! Hit a women. I’m Trans!”) Most distinguishing are bandanas they wear to cover their face as “masks”.

ANTIFA wear masks because they don’t want people to know who they are. We don’t give people like them what they want. Their masks show they have something to lose. They will now lose those things. You’ll be amazed to find out how many of them are privileged white children (who grew up in better house than most of us could afford), bitter failed “Artists”, and educators.

ANTIFA Unmasked will serve as a permanent list on our site where you can view pictures, details, and contact information for known member of Anti-Fa. It will also be used to track members at large who’s illegal activities have gone unanswered. We intend to share anything we find with citizens and law enforcement to keep them from hurting more innocent people.

Our information will be kept up to date using reliable sources such as private investigators, attorneys, arrest records, court documents, former Anti-fa allies, classmates, infiltrators, 4Chan (we love you 4Chan), Proud Boys, jilted lovers, fed up professors, anonymous law enforcement, journalists, and concerned citizens with provable data. They have stalked & harassed many good people online as well as cost people their jobs & schooling. We will treat them as they would have us treated… and do it better than they could ever dream.

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