Cuck of the Week: Sean Van Duser, aka The Cuck Knight

NOLA protest distrupted by man virtue signaling his heart out

Last week, the Proud Boy of the Week was Andrew Duncomb, aka the Black Rebel.  This week for the first ever Cuck of the Week since returning, we are awarding it to someone who became known at the NOLA protest, similarly to the Black Rebel. Unlike Duncomb, who was bravely standing for Confederate statues, Van Duser was doing the opposite. Appearing out of nowhere, the same way I’d imagine his wife appears after a night out sleeping with real men, Duncomb arrived looking for trouble. Draping himself in an American flag and wearing knight armor, he immediately went to attack patriots standing up for Confederate history.

As you can see in the video below, he went on the offense against demonstrators, while trying to act like a pro-Trump American patriot. After the fact, he came out whining about the terrible racists standing up for the statues, and how he was attempting to be the great unifier in the situation. Here’s the deal, whether there were racists there or not is irrelevant. We will not stand with anyone throwing out racial slurs at blacks, but we won’t jump at them and attack physically them for it, because we recognize what free speech is, and why it’s so important. Also, not to mention the fact that nobody should have been surprised when racists showed up after the left created an entire narrative around racists and Nazis being at the event.

If this was all the Cuck Knight did, I wouldn’t really care that much, but following the event he made himself seem more and more suspicious. First, this picture came out appearing to be him waving a “SiegHeil” salute while wearing an SS shirt.

Then while speaking on TGMS (Praise Gavin), he made himself seem even more suspicious, when asked if he knew who a number of conservative personalities are, including Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, Lauren Southern, and Steven Crowder, he only could recall knowing who Alex Jones is. If he truly was there to stand up for freedom, as he claims, and wanted to take on a personality similar to Based Stickman, logically, he would know who some of those people are. This proves that he is either delusional, a troll, or a government provocateur.  Either way, he is a cuck who should be avoided at all costs.

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