Cuck of the Week: Mark Zuckerberg

That’s right, we’re going after the Zucc.

The number one referrer to our website is Facebook, I really hope this article doesn’t change that, but we will never censor ourselves in order to appease anyone. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and current CEO of Facebook. I could go on and on about his sensorship on Facebook, but you could just ask any Proud Boy, and I bet they know someone who has been Zucc’d. Actually, just the other day a Proud Boy in the Colorado Chapter got Zucc’d simply for posting “UHURU Faggots!” after a meet-up.

But the reason for this article is something that I saw on Breitbart the other day. The article with the headline “Facebook’s Zuckerberg: Fight Against Nationalism ‘Struggle of our Time’” describes a recent speech where Zuckerberg lumped everyone who believes in nationalism in with authoritarians. I guess it’s easy for someone like yourself to believe in globalism, growing up in an affluent neighborhood, it’s easy to go out to a Mexican restaurant and decry: “multiculturalism is great!” when you haven’t ever had to see the negative effects of illegal immigrant and refugee invasions first hand.

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Written by Based In Colorado

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