Cuck of the Week: Kathy Griffin

A female Cuck of the Week, we are leading when it comes to equality.

Cuck of the Week usually comes out on Monday, but this one took some thought.

The question was, can a woman be Cuck of the Week?

After a long discussion with the elders, this conclusion was made:

First, Kathy Griffin made a cuck move by holding up what appeared to be a bloodied head of our God Emperor Donald J. Trump.

Next, she gave a crocodile teared apology for for it. If you’re going to make a radical terrorist-esque picture, it’s a cuck move to back away from it, fucking stand by it if you’re going to do it.

Then, she cucked herself even further by claiming that President Trump and his family were “bullying” her.

After my long talk with the elders, the decision was made to give Kathy Griffin Cuck of the Week. In the end, I think it’s a good move, we’re making great strides for equality here at Proud Boy Magazine. This article isn’t as much about putting Kathy Griffin on blast, it’s to show that we’re equal opportunity offenders.

To Kathy Griffin, we support your right to do whatever you want; but if you can’t handle the consequences, it’s probably not best to fuck with our President, or his fanatical followers. Regardless of what you do, we will keep winning, and we will make America great again, with or without you.


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Written by Based In Colorado

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