Cuck of the Week: CNN President Jeff Zucker

The King of Fake News

CNN President Jeff Zucker is the King of Fake News. No one on the Right really needed more proof but our Proud Boy of the Week, James O’Keefe provided it. In his three-part “American Pravda” series he exposed CNN for faking the entire story about Russia’s involvement in the American elections. In the videos, O’Keefe caught a number of higher-up CNN officials publicly admitting that the Russia story was not only fake, but all about ratings.

After O’Keefe released his videos, he then attempted to confront Zucker. When faced with a real journalist, Zucker ran away like a little baby.

I love watching scumbags run like cockroaches when the light of truth is shined upon them. CNN’s days of being considered a serious news network are OVER.

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