Cuck of the Week: Caleb Ecarma

There are a lot of shitty journalists, and Caleb Ecarma is working overtime to cement himself as the shittiest

There are a lot of shitty journalists posting fake news, and Caleb Ecarma is working overtime to cement himself as the shittiest of the bunch. A few months ago Ecarma actually seemed like he was either on our side, or just that he found a paying job and had to act like he was. During his time at Campus Reform, he was described as someone who “reports liberal bias on campus for Campus Reform,” but he stopped posting there right after the November election.

Since then he has starting making anti-Trump posts on Twitter, and just last week he wrote this pile of shit article that prompted this article. Ecarma is a USA Today intern, but I can’t find anything on the site that he has published, so I’d imagine he’s the type of intern who grabs coffee, or does “special tasks” for his bosses.

But back to the reason he is Cuck of the Week. I go much more in depth about this debacle in the Proud Boy of the Week article, which outlines the recent incident with that happened with Nate Washington, former intern for Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR). Ecarma decided to first invite a bunch of interns from Washington to a party in Virginia. Ecarma and co. was forced to bribe those in the Facebook message chain for the party with free alcohol in order to get them to show up.

While at the party Ecarma was triggered when he found out that Nate Washington was an intern for Senator Tom Cotton. Ecarma proceeded to hammer Nate and his friends with questions on hot button issues, and Washington answered them honestly, at one point referring to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) as a cuck, and calling British people fags.

That on its own isn’t worthy of being Cuck of the Week, it was the fact that Ecarma was secrety recording, and later used the quotes from Washington (a black man) to make him sound like a David Duke level white supremacist. The Daily Caller had a great take on that in this article.

As Nate Washington explained exclusively to Proud Boy Magazine:

“The article was structured as a hit piece on Sen. Cotton, operating under the notion that me working in his office meant that he supports my views, so does USA today support Caleb’s style of Yellow Journalism?”

When it comes to the media, my philosophy is that when they go low, you go lower. So to use words that caused Nate Washington to get vilified in the media, Caleb Ecarma is a “cuck,” and a “faggot”.

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