EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A Ride Through Islamberg

Proud Boy Magazine dares to enter a media-labeled “no-go zone”

This was our trip to Islamberg:

On July 15, Proud Boy Magazine went on a Ride for National Security, organized by Everything Patriot, which took us through Islamberg, a campground in Hancock, New York, alleged to have ties with the terrorist organization Jamaat al Fuqura. The group Muslims of American (MOA) has been fingered in FBI documents as a front for Jamaat al Fuqura, and lists Islamberg as its headquarters.

One month before the ride a man with ties to Islamberg was arrested with a storage locker full of military-grade weapons, raising eyebrows and causing MOA to cancel their protest. This Ride for National Security was advertised as peaceful, and organizers reached out to MOA to join us. MOA would not comment and ordered the people in Islamberg not to speak with the press.

The event went as planned and was undoubtedly peaceful. Segregation does not work in the United States and should be defied. Separation of Church and State is something this country has always stood for and helps make us who we are. “No-go zones,” like the ones that exist in Europe, need to be brought to the public’s attention.

Extreme leftist publications like the Daily Beast and the Outline have slandered the July 15th ride, going so far as to ignore FBI documents linking Islamberg leaders to Jamaat al Fuqura. They’ve called concerned members of the public “terrorists” for daring to enter the no-go zone. Our endeavor was nothing but peaceful. Americans are allowed to have questions. Americans are allowed to use common sense, and disagreeing is the most American thing we can do. When you tell an American “this is a no-go zone”—we go there. And that’s what July 15, 2017, was all about.

For more information on Islamberg go to The Clarion Project and Ryan Mauro.

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