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Theryn Meyer talks appearing before Canadian Senate & the trans question

When it comes to the subject of trans people, there are different ways the a person can approach it:

  • You can understand that, yes, technically there are 2 genders (male & female) and no matter how many hormones someone takes they are still genetically what their chromosomes say they are.
  • You can have an over the top capitulating autistic liberal freak out and use every breath to demonstrate how accepting you are.
  • You can refuse to refer to someone as the gender they feel comfortable with.  You might even think of them as “mentally ill” across the board.

I prefer to use the Jordan Peterson approach: Be calm, rational, and respectful and if someone wants to be called a pronoun different from the norm, it will depend on how they ask me.  Trans-sexuality has a lot of nuances and questions and has been made even more confusing because it now appears to be the hottest craze on campuses.   It’s still something being studied and needs to be questioned in order to understand what exactly being trans is.  Enter Theryn Meyer.

Theryn is a 23 year old trans-woman born in South Africa and living in Western Canada.  The surprise (besides the penis) is Theryn is a free speech proponent who actively fights against mandatory pronoun laws for trans people contained in a bill proposed to the Canadian senate.  She fully understands she’s unusual and it’s not the world’s burden to adapt to her reality.  This past week she spoke before the Canadian senate with Professor Gad Saad at her side and made a strong case for free speech against proposition C16.

We got to speak last night on Skype:

(and I swear to god, I know the demo watermark is on the fucking imagine, and I can just see some of your little boners rising cause you just can’t wait to tell me you noticed and how fucking great you are.  Yeah.  I know, there’s a watermark.  Fuck you, in the fuck hole.  Deal with it)

Unfortunately today C16 passed making it effectively illegal in Canada to call someone by a pronoun they don’t prefer and setting a terrible standard for free speech.  It is a set back for sure, but one that people in the free world will look to correct.  People like Theryn break the mold of the left’s identity politics.  She is important to support because Theryn knows how to articulate to the LGBT “community” that they are stronger than needing special rules and protection, and should always question the narrative handed to them.

Theryn Meyer will be a regular featured columnist for Proud Boy Magazine where we are proud to give her a forum to say what’s on her mind and help people on both sides of the trans question understand her world.  Proud of Your (Lady) Boy.

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