8 Times Liberalism Got People Killed

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Progressives have no shortage of terrible ideas. Can you be so dumb it kills you? Of course you can, and there’s no end to the number of new and imaginative ways it can happen. The Darwin Awards are dedicated to people who speed up evolution along by taking themselves out of the gene pool. However, when an ideology like leftist-progressiveness, that special brand of stupid that Darwin, loved so much is combined with misinformation and a massive ego, a symphony of brain-dead starts to look like a slow motion car crash. No matter how wrong they are, people are going to ride the new age misinformation out and tragically avoid common sense, even if it kills them. To save time, let’s leave out the over 100 million people leftist government policy killed last century, the atrocious healthcare systems where people die waiting for treatment, and the thousands of democratic voters being shot in democrat run inner cities in gang wars.

Here is a list if people killed by liberal bullshit someone actually believes:


8. Alicia Louise Cipicchio

Burning Man Festival is a free love wet dream in the dessert. Alicia Louise Cipiccho was an art gallery manger eager to attend for the good vibes and new age nonsense. The festival to a modern hippie’s staple where everyone going can be their filthy-self and not get hassled by “the man”. If you want to meet Bernie voters, you go to Burning Man.

How She Died

She was run over by a fur covered bus called “the Shagadelica”. Hey! No laughing! This is serious.  She has been described as a “child of nature” and in 2003 nature was a fur wrapped party bus that Alicia had to be thinking “not like this” as it crushed her rib cage. If only she listened to the Dead Milkmen. One thing conservatives don’t tend to do is have the urge to go to events where you can buy dream catchers and twirl in a parking lot on mushrooms while a smelly guy does a 19 hours bass solo.

7. Pippa Bacca


Giuseppina Pasqualino a.k.a Pippa Bacca was an Italian feminist and a performance artist of sorts.  Bacca was a wide eye optimist with a message of positivity. She didn’t buy into the idea that people in the Muslim world were any different than in the west. Pippa wanted to shatter stereotypes that paint people with Islamic beliefs as somehow dangerous. Surely the corrupt media and governments had prejudices that her new boarder-less world needed to break. Pippa decided she would hitchhike from Italy to the Middle East in a wedding dress and prove, once for all, people are just people, all cultures are equal and when the people of the Islamic world saw her she’d be greeted as the coolest chick in the world…

How She Died

…turns out, not so much. Pippa’s raped body was discovered in a ditch in Turkey in 2008. Oh boy. The left tries to push the issue of the western world being no better than any other place. The media and confused bloggers dismiss any remote questioning of the “one culture is just as good as another ” narrative as racist. Even when us Proud Boy’s say things like “the West is the Best” that is looked at as “white” supremacy by the indoctrinated. Sadly, Pippa believed what her activist professors told her and learned the hard way the Islamic world doesn’t look too kindly on feminist artists.

6. David Reimer

David Reimer was a Canadian man raised “Brenda Reimer”. During his circumcision, the doctor mangled his penis. “No Worries” thought the doctor, “Let’s just turn the penis into a make-shift vagina, and raise him as a chick”. I mean, gender is a social construct, isn’t it? It’s all about how you’re raised, right? Who can see this going horribly wrong?

David Reimer was born a boy, raised a girl, and tried to reclaim his manhood as a teen.

How He Died

“Tragically”  the answer to the question above is “Tragically”. David is the only one included on the list who didn’t get himself killed with weird, post modernist ideas; it was his stupid parents, and god awful doctor. Most gender advocates today believe if you just raised a girl as a boy or visa versa, they would act like that gender. They are probably unaware it has already been done. The results were undeniable…

David didn’t want to play with dolls. David took apart his easy bake oven.  David instinctively understood he was male behaved as such. By time he was 15 he was living as a male. He became an advocate for avoiding similar gender reassignment surgeries. After dealing with depression his entire life he shot himself at 38 years old. Talk about being dealt a shitty hand.


5. Timothy Treadwell

Timothy Treadwell was an actor, turned waiter who reinvented himself as an environmentalist.  He is the subject of the greatest documentary of all time (fight me), “Grizzly Man”. Timothy appeared to be an effeminate beta male, but with an interesting twist, he spent his summers in the “Grizzly Sanctuary” of the Alaskan wilderness. He put himself on a self appointed mission to protect wild bears from poachers. The only problem seemed to be according to local park rangers (and Treadwell’s own documentation) there didn’t seem to be any poachers to speak of. In fact, the one time Timothy encountered, not poachers, but a bunch of assholes on a boat throwing rocks at a bear, he hid behind a rock crying like a sissy-Mary.

Nevertheless, Timothy gave himself the name “the Kind Warrior” and stayed in the wilderness with no real knowledge of bears to speak of. He named the bears things like “Mr. Chocolate” and got closer than any sane person would dare because, you know, bears are just cuddly woodland animals. In front of the camera he held full, in depth conversations with himself and the animals.  Also he brought no weapons because “only he” could survive without them. After all, the bears would sense his kind spirit and never hurt him.

How He Died

I think we can see how this ends. Every wonder what a theater major getting eaten by a bear sounds like? (WARNING VERY DISTURBING)

Everyone but Timothy Treadwell knew how this was gonna end. (Sigh) The silly bitch was eaten by a bear.  Turns out, grizzly bears don’t give a fuck if you give them kisses and love. They are thousand pound eating machines with a chainsaw for a face and Freddy Krueger hands. When they are in the mood, a bear will turn your ass into a Philly cheese steak. Timothy did not live in reality. These animals aren’t gonna steal honey and sing “Bear Necessities” with you. This is a cold lesson that it makes no difference to nature how “in tune” you think you are. Nature doesn’t care how much you love it.

4. James Hodgkinson 

There is one word to describe the way the liberals have acted since loosing the 2016 presidential election: Hysteria. For years, loyal democrat voters have been told Hillary Clinton would be elected President and nothing would stand in her way. What happened? Well, Donald Trump happened, the American people happened, and suddenly the left only had most of the power, not all of the power.

The media went to work telling any dyed-in-the-wool believer who listened Trump was evil incarnate. Trump was the next Hitler. Trump was gonna enslave all the blacks, gas all the Jews and conquer the Mexicans. And the bastard gets his steaks well done while he let’s Russians pee on him while watching too much T.V.!  It’s no wonder someone eventually believed them, and that man was James Hodgkinson, the former Bernie staffer and activist who decided to shoot Republican officials during a baseball practice in Virginia.

How He Died

In June of 2017 a 66 year old man who had lead an uneventful life of liberal activism shot Republican Congressional whip Steve Scalise. James Hodgkinson was upset at the election result and was caught up in the false hysteria (persisting to this day) hook, line, and sinker. He showed up to the baseball field the Republican team was practicing on and opened fire. Hodgkinson was shot to death by capital police.

He had to know he wasn’t getting out of there alive. He had to know this was suicide. James Hodgkinson decided to define his life by the utter nonsense he was swallowing. He must have imagined how “righteous” he was and how “celebrated” he’d be. All his victims have recovered, and now instead of enjoying his retirement he’s dead because he took facebook posts too seriously.


3. Maria Strydom

Maria Strydom was an Australian women with a sense of adventure. Maria was also a lecturer as well as a vegan activist. She was ambitious, and wanted to prove to the world that veganism was “not a handicap” and decided to put that to the test but being the first vegan to climb Mount Everest.

How She Died

Maybe, I don’t know, start with a smaller mountain? Just to fill people in on what a vegan is, vegans are a colossal pain in the ass. How will you know if you meet a vegan?

…They’ll tell you.

Mountain climbing takes an impressive amount of physical strength. Our bodies build strength using protein and iron. “It seems that people have this warped idea of vegans being malnourished and weak,” Strydom said in an interview on a terrible blog. “By climbing the seven summits we want to prove that vegans can do anything and more.”

“…and more.” in this case would have to include defying science and biology. Climbers of Mount Everest are known to eat whole sticks of butter because they loose calories so rapidly. During the decent, fluid built up around Maria’s brain and she died. Her vegan husband almost died as well and needed to be taken down the mountain on a sled where he was brought to a hospital to think about how to explain to his in-laws their daughter isn’t coming home cause she wouldn’t eat chicken wings.

At least she died doing what she loved… virtue signaling.

2. Korryn Gaines

The name Korryn Gaines may sound familiar in the mix of all the “innocent” people the police are “executing” that are talked about with no context till the cows come home. This is what happens when people actually take groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) seriously. Gaines was driving while live streaming (I already can’t stand her) with her 5 year old son and baby in the backseat. She had no tags, and no insurance  As would be expected by any thinking person, she was pulled over. The officer issuing the stop “was being nice” (as observed by Gaines’s 5 year old son who seemed to be light years ahead of his mother in the common sense department). Gaines refused to comply, belligerently repeating tropes she saw on twitter meme, no doubt, such as:

“identify yourself” (to the officer)

“is there a crime being committed” (after she’s been informed she has no tags)

“am I free to go” (immediately after she was informed she has no tags)

“do you have delegation of authority order” (?)

“let me inform you of who I am

“I do not participate in any of you guyzes side laws” (guyzes)

“I’m not complying to the arrest”

How She Died

I couldn’t imagine the infinite patience and adrenaline control these officers were exercising. The last thing these officers wanted to do was shoot a mother in front of her son because she didn’t want to leave her car when asked politely. She was killed in her home being served a warrant when she greeted police with a shot gun. Korryn Gaines may very well be the worst mother of all time telling her child “you fight they asses” and declaring repeatedly “you gonna have to kill me” for a relativity simple traffic offense, ultimately leading to her death. It appeared that she believed she had to “comply” to her own arrested. Think about it too long and blood will shoot out of your nose.

When you believe the Black Lives Matter myth that racist white cops have “no authority” and the internet “lawyers” who tell people if you memorize a series of nonsensical jargon to say, and the police have to let you go, combined with bullshit hood-pride that you can get so “real” the police will just slink away in fear  -you get someone like Korryn Gaines.

She was wrapped up in the fantasy world so hard she even used her kids as a human shield thinking…. what? If she was enough of an insufferable pain in the ass and shitty enough to the cops they’d just forget the whole thing? She was such a badass the police were gonna leave shaking at her mythical toughness? Her misinformed racial prism she was taught to view the world through got her killed for absolutely no reason. She died proving nothing. She clearly acted as a pathological victim who now has nothing but confused children who may never be right in the head.

1. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was toted as the Thomas Edison of our generation. He was a brilliant inventor and co-founder of Apple. His legacy includes the Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, just to name a few. You’re likely reading this on something Steve Jobs had a hand in creating.

How He Died

Firstly, honorable mentions to Ari Up, Bob Marley, and Andy Kaufman who all basically died this exact same way.

Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003. This particular strand of cancer wasn’t very aggressive and was quite treatable: Enter new age liberal hippie bullshit. “Don’t listen to evil western medicine, you can beat cancer the natural way”. Jobs left his cancer untreated for 9 months.  Instead he opted for herbal remedies, acupuncture, a psychic, treatments he found “online” and a natural vegan diet. Do you know what they call “alternative medicine” when it works? We call it “Medicine”.

By the time Steve realized he needed to seek treatment not recommended by someone who reeked of patchouli posting to “yahoo answers” it was too late. He basically killed himself buying into anti-science liberal snake oil. In the process, he found out how you beat cancer the natural way; You die, naturally.

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