YouTube’s Five Best Red-Pillers

Our favorite social media pillars of red-pilling

Them youngsters these days sure get a lot of their news from social media and YouTube. As the mainstream media shrivels closer to death every day, YouTubers only increase in popularity. Some individual YouTubers have more viewers than entire traditional mainstream media outlets. These YouTubers are perhaps the most vital part of the conservative movement in America, and they have successfully red-pilled a lot of people.

Here are five of YouTube’s best red-pilled content creators whose videos will keep you sharp and informed.


Jordan Peterson, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Toronto, began making videos of his lectures three years ago. In November 2016 he became famous for his ferocious opposition to Canada’s Bill C-16, which would require professors to use the preferred, even made-up, pronouns upon a student’s request. Since then hundreds of videos have emerged of him lecturing on Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism.

Few men understand the origins and thought processes of leftists better than Jordan Peterson. He is currently the number one requested podcast guest of all time. He has appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast thrice, including once with Evergreen State College professor Bret Weinstein—all of which I highly recommend. Peterson is an excellent speaker, and he does an excellent job of outlining and explaining the philosophical and psychological forces behind the Alt-Left. Google once disconnected his account for violating its terms and conditions. And he won it back, which is a pretty solid indicator that he’s fighting the good fight and can’t be stopped. He is number one on this list for a damn good reason. If you’re a fan of Carl Jung, Friedrich Nietzsche, or if you just want to understand some more about the general history and philosophy of the far-left, then Jordan Peterson is your man.


You’ve probably never heard anyone speak with an accent quite as unique as Stefan Molyneux’s. He spent a lot of time all over the former British Colonies, and his mouth is bizarre combination of Irish, English, Canadian, South African, and American. Despite his odd tongue, the man is a phenomenal speaker and one of the most profound philosophical voices on the right. His podcast Freedomain Radio discusses everything from politics to more personal issues. When it comes to debating the left, Molynuex is happier than a pig in shit.

His book The Art of the Argument is a great learning tool for those of us that love Western Civilization and want to make solid arguments against the left. His philosophical thought process is enmeshed with logic, and he articulates his thoughts so well that he absolutely annihilates his opponents in debate. If you want to improve your understanding of your own political ideology, as well as your debating skills, then you need to subscribe to his channel.



Having had his videos put into a limited state, been kicked off of Twitter, and been highly censored on Facebook, Sargon of Akkad may be the most censored YouTuber identifying as a center-left classical liberal. Despite that, he is highly critical of the Alt-Left and dedicates entire videos toward exposing the lunacy behind their movement.

Sargon, a political commentator from the UK, discusses details of current events that the mainstream media usually fails to bring up. He also has a podcast called The Thinkery where he interviews people about politics and current events. When it comes to current events, Sargon does his homework and is highly analytical. He exposed BAMN for the cult they are and he has a wonderful show called This Week in Stupid where he discusses current ridiculousnesses, redonkulousities, and general jibber-jabberries, espoused by the radical left.

When Sargon says he is a classical liberal, he means it—standing by all the fundamental rights of Western Civilization and the values of Western Culture. Sargon is not only well-informed, but also outrageously funny. His videos are characterized with a lovely sense of British humor. So if you’re ever in the mood to watch something funny and intelligent, then Sargon of Akkad is probably your best bet.


Matt Christiansen is perhaps the least well-known YouTuber on this list. Unlike the previous YouTubers, which all have well over 300,000 subscribers, Christiansen has only about 84,000 (which is still a lot, relatively speaking). He does a live weekly podcast every Sunday night where he discusses the week’s affairs. He also makes videos in which he talks about individual incidents pertaining to politics and culture.

Christiansen has an incredible gift for condensing complex situations into simple terms. Most of his videos are under 15 minutes, making them quick and easy to watch. Like Sargon, Christiansen’s videos are both informative and funny at times, and he does a phenomenal job of calling out leftist hypocrisy and dishonesty. One of the best things about him is that he is accessible to viewers. If you want to say something to him you can just send a tweet his way and he will likely respond. I highly recommend Matt Christiansen if you like informative and concise videos about current issues, and if you want to help support a little guy on his way to the top.


If you’re like me and you spend a lot of time watching YouTubers to keep up with current events, then sometimes you may feel like you’ve run out of videos to watch. This is never the case with Styxhexenhammer666. Styx looks like a straight-up metalhead. He has long hair and wears a black leather jacket with no shirt on underneath. Don’t let his appearance fool you though, the man is brilliant. He doesn’t really need to edit his videos because he’s able to just rattle off whatever is going through his mind without even stopping to take a breath.

Styx uploads multiple videos everyday discussing breaking news. He’s an excellent alternative to the mainstream media because he doesn’t try to twist the story at all—he simply sticks to the facts and relevant details. He’s extraordinarily thorough in his political analyses, and explains the implications of events transpiring in the political world with a fully contextualized understanding. You can find him on virtually every social media platform, including BitChute, Gab, and Minds. If you’re the kind of person who really loves keeping up with current events, and you want to know exactly what’s going today, then Styx is your guy.

There are far too many fantastic YouTubers working in the alternative media to be included on this short list. So here are some honorable mentions: David Rubin, Glink, Lauren Southern, the Red Elephants, Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, Atheism-is-unstoppable, and philosophyinsights.

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