Why The Military Vote is ‘No Man’s Land’ For The Left

When the time comes for professional pollsters across the United States to assess the strong and weak points of voting groups for candidates, there are some voting blocs that simply do not budge, no matter what name is placed next the D’s and R’s. The Left will always have those blocs– those who seem to gravitate to Governments that typically kill their duped, feeble supporters first before going after the dissidents– but what about the Right and the ‘Military Vote’ that encompasses Service Members of the past and present? What is it about Veterans, who’ve served or even those who are presently serving, that attracts them to the conservative leanings in such large droves

Before there was a President Trump, there was President Reagan, whose polling numbers amongst both active duty military and veterans were the kinds of figures that the Left will never be able to accomplish, notwithstanding those groups who vote under the mandate of single issues. The Military Voting bloc, in of itself, is not that complex but appeals to politicians of strength, bold visions and definitive leadership– that of which is lacking with politicians who typically lean left and as well as others who expect us to believe their tripe about ‘Conservative Values’.

“Former and retired service members, especially generals and admirals, are connected to the military service for life,”  – General Martin Dempsey (former Army chief of staff and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff).

For most who join the military, there is an inherent sense of patriotism who answer the call of sacrifice for the country that they love. There are many other reasons for joining the military but at the core of it all is in defense of our great nation. By the time someone finishes somewhere between four and 40 years of service the nation, those core values are deeply instilled inside of them. They have put their own lives on hold to preserve the rights bestowed upon the rest of us, even if that means the right to be a total cuck.

Diametrically opposed to what most Veterans stand for and who they see when they look in the mirror, the left makes it almost an untenable situation for any Veteran to agree with their flavor of politics. From superfluous flag burnings, to the vacuous epithets about the death of Western Civilization, to even the exhausted attempts of moral outrage from every sob story about ‘hate speech’, there is nothing of value for most Veterans to see in the modern-day Liberal Progressive Left.  Then comes the performance over the last two decades and they’re almost criminal betrayal to Veterans with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

While GOP Politicians also bear the burden of responsibility of their own sickly performance, the Obama Administration showed its true colors with its track record of the VA: marred with scandals, long wait lines for Veterans in need of acute medical care (prosthetics, traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, neck and spinal injuries from combat service) and the inability to enact culpability for the administrators at VA clinics across the Nation. It seemed that only when the cover up eclipsed the scandal at a VA Hospital, the Obama administration did something about it.

In the military, if you don’t complete your mission, you are a failure and will be replaced with someone better who can do the job.

What some, if not most, Veterans saw in Trump was the one candidate in the election that saw through the proverbial bullshit and called for an end to government inefficacy, not just at the Veteran’s Affairs,but throughout the entire Federal Government. A man who has ran his entire empire on the basis of results and the bottom line. This was much different than all the other over-polished politicians who spend their lives worrying about how their message will be received and not so much what their message entails.

Beyond our current Commander-in-Chief and examining this political phenomenology, Veterans typically identify as those under the Type-A personality complexes and resonate with leaders who also exude such Type-A personalities, which draw a very distinct line from Reagan, Bush Sr. (WWII), Bush Jr. (Texas Air National Guard), John McCain (Vietnam), Romney (no comment) to now, our new God-Emperor. In essence, the right emboldens the conviction of courage while the left makes it a justifiable evil, gratuitously ready to fight at every junction of western society. The real difference is who shows up to vote for something not worth half a shit and something that prolongs the freedoms and rights we enjoy too much in the west.

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Written by Matthew Delphia

Matthew Delphia was born in Indiana but was raised in Virginia. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 2001 and spent 8 years visiting exotic places and meeting strange people. Matthew has five tours of combat under his belt, both in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere throughout the world. He now has a much calmer lifestyle with his wife, Cristina. Enjoys powerlifting, tasting fine whiskeys, shooting guns in the (still) free state of Virginia and provoking free thought. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Follow him on Twitter @mattycakes0231.

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