Why Antifa Is Wrong


Antifa—a name which turns us sick to our stomachs; but not all of us know why. Maybe it’s their pretend diversity, lack of political knowledge, or ignorant catch-phrases. However, for this author, it’s much, much deeper.

Antifa, an extreme Leftist group, who came to prominence due to the liberal elite’s failed attempt at winning the 2016 U.S. presidential election, represents a total misconception of American Freedom. America, the greatest country on Earth, the seat of true civil liberty, and the home of the brave. Take this as a dose of knowledge, or more fittingly, a reminder of our Enlightenment foundations.

Now, the founders of our great nation were men of the Enlightenment or that age in which Reason ruled. Names such as Locke, Rousseau, Jefferson, and Paine should come to mind when one contemplates this era. But what do these names represent? Moreover, how can they help our brotherhood realize the fundamental flaw in Antifa’s understanding of the American way?

During the Enlightenment, the libertine air the West enjoyed became the bedrock upon which theories such as the social contract, the rights of man, and a new conception of freedom flourished. Our founders were not ignorant of these trends, for they were men of their time and substantial intellectuals

First, the philosopher Locke’s political theories helped to debase the yolk of tyrannical monarchy by claiming that society is for both the rulers and ruled. To come to his conclusion, Locke argued that in the pre-societal state of nature, man sacrificed uncivilized freedom for the benefits of protection by a government. Rousseau, another man of the enlightenment, furthered this theory by claiming that a true citizen is one who decides with his wants and needs in mind while also considering what is best for the rest of the citizenry with whom he coexists. Finally, the rights of man in this era revolved around asserting one’s liberty freely without the danger of another stomping on that natural power.

From this, one may start to see why the violence, radicalism, and oppressiveness of Antifa is entirely un-American. First, as per the social contract on which America rests, no one should attack another since the unity of the people—which Antifa’s brutish acts defy—is integral to maintain that original dyadic relation between rulers and the ruled. In other words, as a totality, the American citizenry must work in unison to stave off the possibility of abuses by those who govern.

However, Antifa, who claim to be fighting for all, cannot logically say they’re true to their creed since their base behavior against fellow compatriots actualizes the divisiveness which allows a government to manipulate a populace. Accordingly, just as one would not claim that infighting between a team is ever beneficial for victory over their contenders, how can Antifa claim to represent all, for the good of all, when using force against those same people they claim to serve and benefit?

The answer: they can’t.

Reason—that inherent capacity that all people can come to know and use—does not involve asserting one’s will over another who shares in that same ability.

To members of Antifa: reflect. Your attacks on fellow members of society do not hold rationally nor moral clout.

Moreover, the ability to express one’s self, which all people inherently possess the power to posit, is unmaintainable if anyone stifles another for doing so. That is, America, a nation founded on Enlightenment principles, including the rights of man, can never recognize violence as a legitimate way to work out problems since if all people behaved in such a way, society itself would meltdown, and thus, no one would enjoy liberty.

Open your eyes, dare to be wise!

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