“You Want Bigots, Gavin???”: SPLC Rebuttal

Response to the Southern Poverty Law Center

Some anonymous blogger at SPLC’s Hate Watch yelled at me from the shadows of the Internet. Is this how we discuss ideas in 2017? Someone yells at you in the dark and you have to defend yourself lest you end up on some ADL hate list that all but commands mentally ill antifa kids to stab you to death?

OK, fine, I’ll bite. No, I do not want bigots in the Proud Boys. What’s your point? Your article lists a Jewish kid (you left that out) who got really into White Nationalism and anti-Semitism and left the group because we don’t support that. He’s moved on to whiter pastures but your point is we were a gateway drug? By what logic? Is the bus that takes him to these meetings also responsible for his journey? Skrewdriver were a White Power skinhead band that started as a punk band. Is punk now a gateway to Nazism? See? These are the kind of points you refute in high school but we’re forced to do it as adults because high school was too busy teaching you kids that Marxism rocks and America was built on hate. Your article even admits we disavow Nazis and expel them from rallies if they try to join. This is treated like a throwaway detail but the allegation is somehow also the backbone of your entire piece.

I mentioned all this in the comments but SPLC deleted them because they’re not about free speech or truth or logic. They’re about shutting down the new Elk’s Lodge based on some random fear of a men’s club morphing into an evil army that murders everyone who isn’t like them. It’s a bizarre and paranoid hypothetical which seems like a real waste of time. There are plenty of real-life threats right before your eyes, SPLC. There is a race war going on in Southern California where Mexican gangs are MURDERING blacks based solely on the color of their skin. If you’re looking for racism, stick to real life victims such as Cheryl Green. If you’re looking for anti-Semitism, why not focus on the glorification of Sharia in modern liberalism? I was banned from DePaul because they thought I might be violent. Rasmea Odeh blew up two Israelis with a bomb and they held a fundraiser for her on campus.

Your priorities are backwards. Fake alarmism may help donations in the short term but you’ve strayed so far from the truth, nobody takes you seriously anymore. You’re doomed and we’re the future. You’re about fear and deception and we’re about open, honest discussion. You’re about shame and we’re about pride. You’re anonymous and I’m Gavin McInnes.

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