My Thoughts About Mass Murder

Ultrasound of the author's son.

Mass murder—it’s certainly a hot topic right now with the highest body count from any shooting in U.S. history having just been recorded by shitbag Steven Paddock (and possible accomplices, should you be inclined to believe conspiracy theory chatter). His motives have been kept under tight guard by the FBI and Las Vegas PD—as well as his brother, who has been all too willing to talk to the press about what a regular, burrito-eating guy Steven was. We can drown ourselves in the media frenzy, but many of us already have a sense of what this meticulously executed tragedy was all about. And I’m not compelled to write my own take on it at this time.

With all of the national outrage over this recent mass murder, and the innocent helpless people gunned down—I can’t help but reflect on the complete lack of outrage, and the tacit acceptance level our society has reached, for the mass murder of unborn children that takes place on a daily basis.

Yes, I’m talking about abortion.

I was raised in a liberal secular humanist environment, and abortion was framed as a “women’s rights” issue. Being a self-centered atheist for the vast majority of my life, I never thought twice about it. If women want to terminate their pregnancies, and be free to live their lives, so be it. If they’d rather travel the world, fill up their Instagram accounts with selfies in front of monuments in exotic locations, amen, sister. Go pursue a master’s degrees in marketing so you can climb the corporate ladder and be a “strong independent women.” Who the hell was I to challenge that way of thinking? Their body, their choice, so the slogan goes.

It wasn’t until the conception of my son, until an exceptionally humane ultrasound technician showed his mother and I an image of his tiny, wiggling, perfectly formed body (at less than 12 weeks, during a “threatened miscarriage” diagnosis) that I came to realize how much more profound a pregnancy is than just a bundle of cells, or a zygote, or a fertilized egg.

It’s a human life. And we’re murdering them by the thousands, month after month, year after year. The overwhelmingly liberal bohemian metropolis that I reside in celebrates the murderous act of terminating a pregnancy (aka a human life) as a fundamental right of womanhood. As our “progressive” society degenerates further away from the traditional values it was founded upon, we’re now seeing the mainstreaming of hookup culture, open relationships, transgenderism, and other types of sexual immorality.

But being of the belief that abortion is a morally wrong decision? Hell, I might as well have opted out of the LA dating scene altogether. And that’s a decision that I became comfortable with. I no longer live my life guided by public opinion, but instead by what I know to be the right thing to do.

I’m compelled to speak out against the widespread acceptance of mass murder in our society. Somehow people have been convinced that a tiny developing human life doesn’t deserve to be protected.

People don’t even talk about it anymore. It seems to be a dead issue these days, so consider this my attempt to revive it. There was some rage on my feed after the Trump administration cut federal Planned Parenthood funding (hallelujah!). I recall a memorable Facebook post from a liberal feminist acquaintance saying she was going to throw her next unwanted pregnancy over the White House fence because she would no longer be receiving free birth control. Showed how much she values human life. When asked about using condoms she replied, “Guys never have them.”

Well, shit, how about just not being a promiscuous whore? I realize that we live in a hypersexualized culture and most of us have an intense desire to meet those needs. Now it appears that we’ve got a generation of women who’ve become reliant on the government for free birth control and abortions to subsidize a sexually promiscuous lifestyle.

By the time these “progressive” women turn 40, after multiple abortions, a few dozen relationships, and maybe a couple hundred hook-ups, they might just realize that they’ve missed out on something. Being a dog mom to a couple of pugs (of whatever breed is currently trending) isn’t as fulfilling as being a mother. Straight up. No matter what nonsense their friends (and liberal rags) tell them about overpopulation harming the planet, they’ll find that in their catalog of memories on Instagram, including those weekends in Vegas, the trips to Bali, all the money made, spent, and wasted keeping up with fashion trends and Botox and collagen fillers, as well as those mid-level HR position jumping around different marketing firms… SOMETHING IS MISSING.

That something? Yup, the children they aborted because they self-centeredly believed they’d miss out on too much by becoming a mother.

What they actually missed out on is the greatest gift of all.

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Written by Adam Reis

Adam Reis has been with the L.A. Proud Boys since the day before Trump Tuesday. He's committed to walking a righteous path, showing his son how a man should behave, and being true to himself. He's leaned right over 12 years -- having woke to the realities of liberalism working the streets of L.A. as a 911 responder, and continues to do God's work every day in the hope of a better world.

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