“The Privileged Die Slow”: Mafia 3 and the PC-fication of the gaming industry

Being scions of Andrew Brietbart we know how politics is down stream of culture. Andrew would’ve loved Gamergate. Once you control the culture you control the political battleground. The progressive SJW regime is now alienating men from video games too. They’ve worked hard to achieve that with all kinds of entertainment, from professional sports to music, so it was a no-brainer that video games were next.

I’m referring to Mafia 3. Set in the not-yet-racially-aware American South in the year of the beast (1968) the third installment in the Mafia franchise follows the urban adventures of a young, biracial and constantly grinding Vietnam War veteran by the glorious name of Lincoln Clay. I wonder how long did it take for the writers to come up with that name. Probably a couple of months. Anyway, this guy’s life was scarred by being born an Oreo in 1960s Louisiana. Imagine Trevor Noah, but masculine and with a personality.

Lincoln grew up in an orphanage and found a surrogate family in the local “Black Mafia” which, to my understanding, is a fancy way to describe well-dressed and better-mannered black gang bangers. That name culturally appropriates the original Italian term, but I digress. In this game black mobsters are the good guys and are oppressed by the (proper) Italian Mafia who imposes a tax on the illegal activities they run on their own turf. So these good bad black guys welcome Lincoln with open arms once he’s discharged from the Army, right before being betrayed by the Italian Mafia who slaughters most of them in St. Valentine’s day fashion. Lincoln survives the assassination and he sets on a rocambolesque journey to achieve revenge.


If this reads like a terrible plot from a terrible movie from that terrible genre known as Blaxploitation it’s because it is. But wait, there’s more.

The main villain is an Italian mobster by the name of Sal Marcano. I wonder how long did it take for the writers to come up with that name. Probably few seconds since ‘Marcano’ is not even an ethnic Italian last name. Anyway, this guy has all Republican politicians in his pockets and does business with the Southern Union, the game’s stand-in for the KKK. I don’t know about you but I didn’t know that white, protestant, elitist, southern conservatives as well as white, backwood racists were fond of olive-skinned Italian catholics. What I do remember is southern Democrats loving doing biz with all sorts of gangsters, wops or cajuns. Perhaps I should have paid less attention in class. My bad.

As far as racism is concern, the game makes it clear right at the beginning that the story will bring it up so they put a trigger warning to let you know that you may be stunned by what’s coming. Because racial slurs are more horrifying than feeding people to alligators.

At a certain point in the game Lincoln teams up with three wrong-doers and fellow aspiring crime lords. An Haitian crime queen who shares the same wardrobe, and attitude, with Assata Shakur; a seasoned Italian gangsters that some alt-righters would call a “race traitor”; and the only Irish-American criminal in the South who’s ever spoken with an actual Irish accent. This rainbow coalition is so cliched to the point of being amusing but it also raises few questions: why in the world would three established racketeers bow down and work for such a young, boorish punk? Are we supposed to gather than a mono-cultural environment (represented in the game by the strictly mono-ethnic Italian and Dixie mobs) should be dismantled in favor of a more multicultural one? And, lastly, are we so moronic to believe such cooperation could ever work out, in the underworld or in the upper one?

The previous two Mafia games were crime fiction titles. With Mafia 3 the franchise has become pure crime science-fiction.

Since the average Street Carnage reader is tired of this nerdy crap already I’ll cut to the chase: Lincoln may force dealers to keep coke and heroin out of his home territory, but he’s down with weed, coke, heroin and illegal guns flooding every other area he controls as well. During some action sequences you can hear Lincoln yelling “Them bastards! They enslaved our brothers and sisters”, yet he keeps his brothel up and running. Lincoln’s moral ambiguity reminds us of the times we’re living in.

Mafia 3 is today’s liberal America in a nutshell: what’s presented publicly as a stand against racial and social injustice is in fact a mere hunt for money and power

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