REBUTTAL: The Outline Article “Islambergphobia”

Look who’s talking about us Now

Many of our readers know, Proud Boy Magazine visited “Islamberg” and joined Everything Patriot on the “Ride for Homeland Security”.  Check it out HERE for more details.  Naturally our trip sparked the interest of news outlets big and small licking their lips at the chance to point out these stupid Americans shaking with fear over an isolated compound living under Sharia Law in New York State.  Silly us.

When you’re doing something provocative,  people disagree and want to test your point of view which comes with the territory.  That’s fine, that’s what we’re here for (and when I say “here” I mean the United States).  For some background on where we went and why check out this report from “The Blaze”:


Almost immediately a plucky little “reporter” named Gabby (Gaby Del Valle) wanted to show her spunk by interviewing the big bad Proud Boy, me.  Sounds good.   I asked what her angle was and she said she was “just trying to get the story” and “didn’t have an angle”.  Awwwwwwww.  How precious.  Going in blank just trying to find the truth.  I respect that.  Let’s see her article

….Jesus tap-dancing Christ lady!!!  Are you kidding???  You’re going to get sued.  Like, I called a lawyer this morning and I’m informing other interested parties and we will be looking into suing you personally and suing the rag that published this.   When we saw the hungry dog gleam in your eye while you asked your leading questions, we knew what your deal was.  It was like she had to fight every urge in her body to tell us to “check our privilege”.  Gaby Del Valle may look like a 19 year old whose mom had to buy her prescription strength deodorant, but this “reporter” certainly seems to believe she has the scoop.

What she actually did is fall into our trap by being a shining example of an unscrupulous yellow journalist which gives us a chance to respond point by point in writing as well as take a look at the character of someone chomping at the bit to embody “fake news”.  She’s not special, sadly, she’s typical.

The title of her blog piece is “Real American Terrorists: Far-right protesters claim that Islamberg, New York, is harboring extremists. But they’re the ones bringing real terror”.

Let’s put a pin in that.  Looks like little Gabby has some proving to do.  If she was as unbiased as she said, imagine what she found!!   Boy, we must have done and said some real horrible stuff for her to get that idea.

Can’t wait to see lil’ Gabby’s day unfold:

Robert Doggart was convinced a holy war was coming. “Our small group will soon be faced with the fight of our lives,” the Christian minister and onetime Tennessee congressional candidate wrote in a 2015 Facebook post. “We will offer those lives as collateral to prove our commitment to our God.”

HOLD ON, HOLD ON, HOLD ON!!!!  Time!  Robert Doggart?  I had to look this guy up.  No clue who he is, but this slimy bitch is going to open her 8th grade writing level “What I did on my summer vacation” report with this unsavory shitbag.  You OPENED with a straw-man/false equivalency argument so she can build the rest of her bullshit trying to connect us to what this guy throughout the entire piece.  Gabby!!!  What a let down.  I thought you were better than this.

Doggart, then 63, believed Muslim extremists had infiltrated the United States, establishing “no-go zones,” sealed-off compounds that allegedly fostered anti-western sentiment and trained their residents in guerrilla warfare. He was certain Islamberg, New York, a small community in the Catskills, was one of them — and that its residents were involved in an impending terrorist plot to poison the nearby Delaware River, which supplies New York City with most of its drinking water.

Yeah, he also wanted to attack several other places complete unrelated to Islamberg.  Nutbag.  He’s an absolute religious nutbag.

His concerns were things he co-opted from FBI reports and studies to further his personal agenda.  We should agree that if those things are true the police should absolutely being paying attention.  It would be someone’s duty to investigate it, and bring evidence to the police.  Not “take matters into there own hands”.

Considering the amount of police we needed to ride down a public road that day, and how much heat we got from groups defending Islamberg, and how worried local officials were for our safety in a “no-go zone” (like the ones all over Europe where non-Muslims are told to “enter at their own risk”) seems like a pretty reasonable to be concerned on the day we went.

As far as NYC’s drinking water being right beside the compound, well, no shit.  You think maybe with all the issues with Islamic terrorism around the world and in the US, considering that this past Ramadan over 1,500 people were killed in terror plots, you think….. perhaps, a Militaristic Islamic compound who doesn’t want outsiders near them on the edge of a reservoir for the biggest city in the world MIGHT be a place that makes one cock their head a little.

Islamberg was established in 1983 by a group of black Muslims led by a Pakistani Sufi cleric named Mubarak Ali Gilani, who urged his followers to leave behind the crime, poverty, and racism of New York City for a simple, rural life.

Wow.  Shit.  We got it wrong huh.  I guess this Gilani guy was a sweetie….. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he’s a terrorist.

Now get ready, cause this author is about to stand on her head to make her 2 readers think that Gilani and the M.O.A. are innocent, and I can’t stress enough that she repeatedly uses their own propaganda as undisputed evidence leaving out facts in a feat of dishonesty gymnastics.

Firstly she leaves out the fact that the “black Muslims” were prison converts who would be primary targets for radicalization (as they are in other countries).  The official story is how they started it to get away from “racism”  Yes, New York in the 80s: who could forget the klan on horseback victimize black people during the Ed Koch years…. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?  I know the 80s is like 40 years before you were born or something, but really??

In 2002, the U.S. government investigated Gilani to determine whether he was involved in the kidnapping and beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, but the FBI said in 2007 that he “was not involved” in the incident. Fox News and other right-wing media have alleged that Gilani was setting up U.S.-based fronts for Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani organization that the U.S. State Department deemed a terrorist group in 1999. Islamberg’s residents and leaders deny this claim. “The Muslims of America and Sheikh Gilani, we have no affiliation with Fuqra. I don’t know where they’re getting all that,” Muhammad Matthew Gardner, an Islamberg resident and spokesperson for the organization, told The Outline. “They’re not part of us and we’re not part of them.”

This must have been an awkward thing you needed to address.  I enjoy how you are falling all over yourself to distance Islamberg and their founder from being connected in anyway to terrorism or terrorist organizations or terrorist activities.  I mean, it was probably a BIG misunderstanding we can all laugh about now.  My friends are ALWAYS getting accused of kidnapping and beheading people wrongly.

Here are some undisputed facts about Gilani maybe Gaby Del Valle isn’t have time to add in:


..But hey, they denied being a front for Jamaat ul-Fuqra so they can’t be.  “Sigh”.  Gabriella?  Do you know what a “front” is?  Or to you this is a series of wacky mishaps.  I see you got a response from Muhammad Matthew Gardner, an Islamberg resident and spokesperson…. fun fact, he’s NOT a resident of Islamberg in New York.  He lives in Virginia.  People who are residents in Islamberg aren’t allowed to speak to the press.

Homeland Security Expert, journalist, and member of the Clarion Project, Ryan Mauro would like to personally add:

“Gaby Del Valle also did not mention that a dozen Muslim organizations in North America have asked the State Department to review Fuqra for designation as a Foreign Terrorist Organization: clarions-call- for-ul- fuqra-to- be-a- foreign-

Now, it’s important to note that Ryan, who also runs was against the “Ride for Homeland Security” through Islamberg and even urged the organizers to stop it.  This author would have known that if she simply looked for it in the facebook group.

Islamberg is now the headquarters of The Muslims of America, Inc., an organization that oversees a dozen other rural Muslim communities like it. “He said, ‘You need to get away from the city, get away from the decadence, get away from the sinning. Raise your families in the country, in rural areas in the mountains,’” Gardner said. Islamberg is only accessible by driving up a winding mountain road, and the only marker letting you know you’ve made it to the town’s entrance is a sign that reads “Holy Islamberg.” Approximately 250 people live in the sprawling community, which is built on 70 acres of land, Gardner said. The community has coexisted without incident with the neighboring towns of Deposit, Hancock, and Tompkins since its establishment in the early ‘80s. After 9/11, however, local authorities found themselves constantly debunking rumors that Islamberg harbored terrorists and was training its residents in guerrilla warfare.

You don’t have to say it out loud, but I want every liberal who might be reading this to be extremely honest with themselves: If the above statement was said by a Christian the combination of fear and rage inside you would be breathtaking.  You’d see it as confirming everything you thought was true, and the most suspicious thing in the world.  Especially since this “headquarters” is in the middle of a fucking tent city in 70-plus acres of woods.

Fox News wrote about the town in 2007, and again in 2009, both times acknowledging that local law enforcement hadn’t had any problems with Islamberg or its residents — and then suggesting that something nefarious could be brewing just beneath the surface. In 2009, Hannity aired a clip that allegedly depicted MOA-affiliated communities training in guerrilla warfare and suggested they were associated with al Qaeda.

Yes!  Now is the part where you “dog whistle” by mentioning Fox over and over again so every liberal can smirk to themselves and know how untrue this must be….. never mind asking if these reports said anything false.  Were they de-bunked?  If so who “de-bunked” them?  I mean, the suggestion here is it’s absurd to think “something nefarious could be brewing just beneath the surface”.  You’re right, how silly of us!  Nothing nefarious is ever brewing just beneath the surface in an isolated Islamic Community living under Sharia Law.  What were we thinking!

Homeland Security Expert Ryan Mauro for more:

“Here’s another example of her rather transparent, deliberate manipulation. She does mention that in the 1990s the State Department listed Gilani’s Jamaat ul-Fuqra as a terrorist group in an annual report. She then attributes reporting that Gilani was setting up U.S.-based fronts for Fuqra to “right-wing media. Actually, it was the State Department that confirmed that– -in the very same State Department report she cites. Here’s what the State Department report she cites actually says—and what she chose to leave out:

“Gilani now resides in Pakistan, but most cells are located in North America and the Caribbean. Members have purchased isolated rural compounds in North America to live communally, practice their faith, and insulate themselves from Western culture.”
“Fuqra members have attacked a variety of targets that they view as enemies of Islam, including Muslims they regard as heretics and Hindus. Attacks during the 1980s included assassinations and firebombings across the United States. Fuqra members in the United States have been convicted of crimes, including murder and fraud.”

We know Gaby Del Valle read this because she cited the report. She obviously chose to leave this part out and instead say that “right-wing” media is making the claim that Gilani set up fronts for Fuqra in America. The report specifically lists North America as an area of operation for Fuqra.”

Local authorities have repeatedly denied the allegations made against Islamberg. In January 2015, the conservative website World Net Daily — which by that point had been running conspiracy-laded pieces on Islamberg for nine years — spoke to local sheriffs from Delaware County, who denied the slew of allegations levied against Islamberg’s residents by right-wing bloggers and pundits.

As a left wing blogger she should know that I can claim the same thing but replace the word “denied” with “confirmed”.  There are also police who speak freely “off the record”, so at best there are what you’d call “conflicting reports.  The issue is every report that contradicts the narrative she wants to push you label as “right wing”, as she did here.

“It’s kind of perplexing to us,” Craig Dumont, deputy sheriff of Delaware County, told the website. “All this recent media attention in regard to potential terrorist training camps and things that are going on here, we just don’t see it. We don’t see it. We don’t find any of that to be valid at this time.”

Find me a law official that would confirm there “may be a terrorist training camp under our nose” in his district and before they are in a position to legally do anything about it and I’ll give you a crisp high five.

But Doggart was convinced the conspiracy theories were true. He began plotting an attack of his own around February 2015, using social media to call on fellow “patriots” to join him. “Thank you for your inquiry. I will add you to the list of Patriots who might decide to do this thing,” Doggart wrote to a possible co-conspirator in a private message. “Make no mistake, though. Our lives will be on the line and there is no going back when we step over the line, no different than the original Patriots who established this great Nation.”

Again with the Doggart!  Can I ask, why she’s easily convinced by Muhammad Matthew Gardner saying Islamberg has “Nothing” to do with all the links people have found from people associating this place to terrorism: Including but not limited to FBI Reports, Raids in Colorado on similar compounds with direct ties to MOA, money trails, crazy cult leader who thinks he hangs out with Jesus, video evidence, former members of MOA coming forward, confiscated military grade weapons with connections to Islamberg….

…but Doggart, a guy I only heard of AFTER going there, is her go to straw man with us?  Why does Islamberg get a pass in your book, but anyone who has some questions about Islamberg is “far-right” or “extreme right” and a kin to the only shit head monster she can find who also raised an eyebrow at this strange place.

Ryan Mauro adds:

“She refers to Clarion Project as being right-wing. How does she know that? How does she know who I voted for or who other people voted for in the organization? I am an Independent and our non-partisan organization includes conservative supporters of Trump, people who supported Hillary Clinton and people who loved Bernie Sanders.”

His plan was to burn down Islamberg’s mosque and school, and he was prepared to kill or be killed in the process. “We will be cruel to them,” Doggart said of Islamberg’s residents in an intercepted phone call, “and we will burn down their buildings. If it gets down to the machete, we will cut them to shreds.”

Like I said, shit head.  Can we agree that Doggart is a shit head?

The plan never came to fruition. One of the “patriots” Doggart recruited to carry out the attack was an FBI informant, and Doggart was arrested in April 2015. To Islamberg residents’ dismay, he wasn’t arrested on terrorism charges — instead, he was charged with soliciting others to violate civil rights by destroying religious property. “There’s a gap in the law,” Islamberg’s attorney Tahirah Amatul-Wadud told the New York Daily News in February 2017. “Frankly, there’s nothing on terrorism unless it’s connected to a foreign element. You won’t see the KKK charged with domestic terror even though that’s what they do.” On June 15, 2017, Doggart was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

…And I hope he dies there.  See what she’s doing… in the middle of a story about the peaceful Ride for Homeland Security, she’s just starts writing an article on Doggart.  That way her audience will make the connection that we all must be one in the same.  Fake news.  How, pray tell does Doggart have anything whatsoever to do with the peaceful ride we had planned (and did peacefully) on July 15?  Why didn’t you report that Everything Patriot asked the people there to “join us”.

Earlier this month, a group of 50 self-professed patriots descended on the rural Muslim community for a “rally for national security.” The demonstrators gathered in a bus depot parking lot in Deposit, one of the three small towns near Islamberg, to prepare. Most had come from out of town: one couple drove in from New Jersey the night before; another pair woke up at 3 a.m. on the day of the rally to make the seven-hour-long drive down from Maine. Joseph Glasgow, who organized the event through a Facebook page he runs called “Islamberg Friend or Foe?”, had driven in from Georgia.

“Self Professed Patriots”.  I guess you’re the true patriot, right Gabby?  Daniel Pearl was a fucking patriot.

Glasgow, a landscaper from Athens, Georgia, appears to be a member of the Three Percenters, a “patriot movement” that claims to fight against unconstitutional overreach by the federal government. On his personal Facebook page, he wrote that his “life’s purpose is to rid this country of Radical Islamic teachings [sic].” In June, he announced he had been in “Facebook jail” for three days, meaning the website temporarily blocked him from posting because his posts were being reported as hate speech. In the months leading up to the rally, Glasgow regularly posted updates and announcements on his profile, typically reminding attendees they couldn’t bring guns since New York is not an open-carry state and claiming Islamberg’s residents would be armed.

“Rid this country of Radical Islamic teachings”….??  What a monster!!  How dare you criticize radical Islam… wait, that’s sounds entirely reasonable.  One might even think any reasonable Muslims would agree with that.

“Couldn’t bring guns since New York is not an open-carry state…” yup.  Good advice.  Especially if people are coming from out of state, they should know the gun laws so they are compliant.  And say the Islamberg residents aren’t armed, they are, but say they aren’t… yet Joseph Glasgow is telling people to leave your gun home despite the fact that he believes the people against him will be armed….. that’s Gandhi.  That’s pretty much the most peaceful thing I ever heard of.  Too bad you were too busy being a short sighted word weasel to pick up on that Gabby.  But you got that dirt on him that he was in “facebook jail”.  Watch out for this guy, huh?

“These are not innocent Muslim people. I’m not saying they’re all guilty,” Glasgow said in a Facebook live video a few weeks before the rally. “Some of them, the women and children, are forced into this lifestyle. When it comes down to it, believe me, if a woman or child has to pick up a gun and shoot one of us, they’re going to pick up a gun and shoot one of us.” In that video, Glasgow acknowledged that local police told him they had a “good working relationship” with Islamberg’s residents. “We just want to draw attention to the fact that these ‘Islamic villages,’ as they call them — terror training camps, as we call them — exist.”

Ok, and that’s Joseph’s opinion.  Prove him wrong instead of being a snarky bitch for 2 seconds.

Glasgow’s rally attracted members of several right-wing groups: the Proud Boys, a fraternity of “western chauvinists” led by VICE cofounder Gavin McInnes, the anti-Muslim advocacy group ACT for America, and the Oathkeepers, another “patriot movement” similar to the Three Percenters.

Gavin disavowed the ride.  Said it was “too dangerous”.  You might notice that none of the groups mentioned were ever founded by someone who very well may have been connected to a “kidnapping and beheading”.  Also, Oath Keeper is 2 words.-

Several protesters claimed that Islamberg and similar communities operate under sharia law — which to them, means residents engage in “female genital mutilation, throwing gays from buildings, honor killings, and stoning women to death.” (Afaf Nasher, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told The Outline that sharia law is similar to Catholic or Jewish doctrine. “It’s a body of law that came out of religious principles that govern various personal affairs,” like divorce, Nasher said, and American Muslims aren’t “going to ask [the government] to implement any laws that are against United States laws on the books. People like to use ‘sharia’ and words that sound foreign to promote this idea that Islam is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution and with American principles, which is nonsense.”)

I wonder if that’s the extent of the research done here on Sharia?  Can you point to the Catholic or Jewish doctrine that enforces amputation as part of it?

  • -Penalty for drawing Muhammad… death.
  • -Penalty for leaving Islam… death.
  • -Woman being worth half of a man.
  • -Stoning for rapes.
  • -Forced Amputations

…All comes from Sharia.  I like how the guy quoted says in the same breath how we need to follow the law of the land, not sharia, and sharia isn’t that bad.  The reason Sharia isn’t practiced in this country is cause its despicable and we won’t allow it.

Most protesters also claimed that Islamberg was one of at least 22 no-go zones embedded across the country. The term is believed to have originated from a 1996 French government list of 751 low-income neighborhoods, called “sensitive urban zones.” In 2006, conservative blogger Daniel Pipes claimed that these neighborhoods were “places in France that the French state does not fully control.” In 2013, Pipes issued a correction. “These are not full-fledged no-go zones, but as the French nomenclature accurately indicates, ‘sensitive urban zones.’ In normal times, they are unthreatening, routine places. But they do unpredictably erupt with car burnings, attacks on representatives of the state (including police), and riots.”

No, stupid, they are not just low income neighborhoods.  I live in a low income neighborhood….. it’s not on my list.  It’s cause there are similar compounds around the country.  You can go there.

Despite Pipes’ correction, far-right media, including Breitbart and InfoWars, have claimed that police in Sweden, France, and Germany are too frightened to even enter Muslim-majority neighborhoods. After the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo was attacked in January 2015, Fox News latched on to the no-go zone myth — and later was forced to issue an apology for making false claims on air, a rarity for the network. But the conspiracy persisted. When asked where they had heard about no-go zones and sharia law, most protesters cited the Clarion Project (previously called the Clarion Fund), a right-wing nonprofit whose stated mission is to “[educate] the public about the dangers of radical Islam.” (The Southern Poverty Law Center considers the Clarion Project and ACT for America anti-Muslim hate groups).

It is adorable that she thinks Breitbart and InfoWars are “far right”.  She’s trying to discredit them by calling them that (despite no criteria to distinguish “far right” from “right”).  I’m not saying Breitbart and InfoWars are always correct, but other sources CNN, MSNBC, HuffPo, Salon, the Daily Beast, Vice, Buzzfeed, New York Times, Washington Post all said Hillary would win by double digits and Trump had no chance.  Breitbart and InfoWars said the mainstream media and polls are wrong.  So how about we agree to go with MY sources for a little while being that yours can’t even do a poll.

May I asked who attacked Charlie Hebdo?  Why was it attacked?  Right, I forgot, Muslims did it for printed a cartoon of Muhammad…

…but yeah, don’t notice patterns or you’re “racist”.

I can’t even scratch the surface the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Conservative writer, Pax Hart has described it as “the biggest hate group in America”.  The Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t remotely resemble the people who fought against the klan decades ago.  They are literately calling people “white supremacists” just to give themselves a reason to stay relevant.  It’s actually sad.

Ryan Mauro adds:

“The Southern Poverty Law Center’s credibility on issues related to Islamism is in tatters, with even left-wing outlets pointing out their serious issues. They even label several practicing Muslims as “anti-Muslim extremists.” The most hypocritical thing about Gaby Del Valle citing SPLC in her report is that SPLC itself wrote about the threat of Fuqra/MOA and Sheikh Gilani in 2002. She could havefound that out, but that’d require a minute of actual research.”

[ muslims-neo- nazis-foreign- muslim-extremists- join-forces]

The Clarion Project, whose list of donors includes billionaire casino owner and Republican donor Sheldon Adelson, is largely responsible for bringing these conspiracy theories into the mainstream. Reportedly among the members of the nonprofit’s board of directors are a former CIA official, Ronald Reagan’s former deputy defense secretary, and Walid Phares, a former Middle East advisor for Mitt Romney. Phares also previously served as an advisor to the leader of a Lebanese Christian militant group that committed atrocities against Lebanon’s Muslim and Druze populations during the country’s civil war in the 1980s.

My God!  Republican donors!  That is the smoking gun!  Here, let’s distract you with this hand from the fact that just a few paragraphs ago she had to kinda, not quite but try to explain why the founder of Islamberg itself “”might not be an actual terrorist… maybe… reasonable doubt… fuck you!”  But yes, republican donors!  Well that’s all we need to know.  I guess that means there is no issue with radical Islam and we certainly shouldn’t ever think there is.  Good reporting.

Who does “the Outline” get there money from I wonder?  What about the Daily Beast?  Or the Gothamist?  They couldn’t possibly have an agenda, could they?

…and here is Ryan from the Clarion Project with the truth:

“I’ve had hundreds of students. Almost any one of them would put Gaby Del Valle to shame. She goes beyond being a biased columnist disguised as a reporter and a lazy researcher. She is consciously dishonest. Her article does not contain a single link to my original articles so people can see it for themselves. I requested that she mention, which has piles of fully-referenced documentation, and she did not. Why doesn’t Gaby Del Valle want readers to see the original research she’s commenting on? She made a conscious decision to try to keep her readers in the dark.”

Ryan Mauro, the organization’s “national security analyst,” appeared on Megyn Kelly’s The Kelly File in 2013 to discuss what Kelly said was Islamberg residents’ plot to “bring sharia law to New Yorkers.” Mauro played a video, which he claimed was given to him by “law enforcement,” depicting women “in military fatigues getting guerrilla training” and claimed they were Islamberg residents. Two years later, Mauro appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, which played the same grainy, unverified clip of gun-toting, hijab-wearing women.

Ryan Mauro had contact with this “writer” and says:

“In her email to me, she claimed to have “already done the background research” but she was ignorant of the most basic facts about the issue. I repeatedly asked her if she had seen the “Soldiers of Allah” video where Sheikh Gilani is seen with some of his top American leaders discussing their involvement in jihad overseas and use of the Muslims of America organization for recruiting and training guerillas. It is from the early 1990s, but is critical for understanding the background of the group. Of course, she never replied that she had seen it, never asked to see it, and never mentioned it in her reports.

Hey Gabby, would you be interested in seeing more grainy, unverified clips?  The ones my sources took while camping in the surrounding mountains in the early 2000’s through night vision of automatic weapons firing, hand grenades, and swat training maybe??  Never mind, you can see it when we publish it on a real news source.

That same guy gets sent a Quran a week these days by the way….

(actual photo)


During his short-lived presidential bid in early 2015, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal delivered a speech in which he claimed no-go zones were popping up across the country. “In the west, non-assimilationist Muslims establish enclaves and carry out as much of sharia law as they can without regard for the laws of the democratic countries which provided them a new home,” Jindal said. CNN, the Atlantic, the Washington Post, and several other outlets debunked the no-go zone myth and traced its origins to conservative blogs, but the conspiracy persisted. In a 2016 op-ed for the New York Daily News, Ted Cruz claimed that no-go zones in Europe prevented law enforcement from doing their jobs and fostered terrorism. Three weeks after the presidential election, Mauro was on Fox once again, this time claiming that Islamberg and 22 other alleged no-go zones were “arming up in anticipation of Trump.”

Yes.  All true stuff.  Except it isn’t so much a “claim” as it is “demonstrable reality”.  “No-go” zones are all over Europe and they are creeping into the United States.  Don’t believe me?  you’re a reporter or something, right??  Go there.  You went to Islamberg…. how far did they let you into the compound so you could see what a beautiful community it is?  I’m assuming you didn’t get very far or you wouldn’t be using old, sanitized clips in your little video.  If you had footage of these awesome peaceful people thriving as a community you’d be posting it so fast you’d break you wrist on the keyboard.  But you don’t have that story , do you?  What happened?  Didn’t think to ask the people watching us taking pictures?  Slip your mind?   It’s almost like that “zone” was a “no go” for outsiders.  You saw that with your own eyes, but you’re so committed to furthering the “evil white people terrorize peaceful Muslims” story you already had in your head before you wrote a word, you won’t say it.  Disingenuous.

When contacted by The Outline for comment, Mauro refused to disclose which law-enforcement body sent him the video and said he needed to “double check when [he] got it.”

My God!  He wouldn’t disclose sources that could be killed if exposed to “The Outline”?  Next you’ll tell me you won’t talk to my aunt’s recipe blog!

Ryan tells us:

“I provided her with two interviews I did with people involved in the prosecutions of MOA members and the raid in Colorado, Susan Fenger and David Bowers. She didn’t tell her readers about either.
Here’s a quote from Bowers, who I showed the article to:

“Gaby Del Valles’ article demonstrates her total lack of journalistic ability to find facts and present them objectively. For those of us who have spent a lifetime investigating MOA, all she did was convince us of her incredible ceiling of bias; bias to the point being negligent and failing to fulfill a journalist’s duty to present the most important facts.””

“You may have also noticed that MOA has never denied its authenticity, to my knowledge,” Mauro said. In a phone call with The Outline, MOA spokesperson Muhammad Matthew Gardner said the video was not filmed in Islamberg. “I don’t know anything about those videos,” Gardner said. “When he’s quoting his ‘source,’ that information is garbage. Whatever he’s saying is happening with us is not. I’m giving you my word here.”

Wouldn’t it have been nice if he just spilled the beans to you?  Gardner is a guy who lives in Virginia, he’s the official spokesman for a compound in New York suspected of some crazy stuff, his sole purpose is to make them look good in the eyes of the media, and says “I don’t know anything”…  The Shaggy defense:

I mean, he’s “giving his word”, that’s good enough for “the Outline”. You were played.

Ryan Mauro adds:

“I also sent her a link to the section of my website about MOA’s extremist ideology, which is about 20 pages long with 70 endnotes, almost entirely from MOA’s own materials. She did not include that. I also sent her a page with quotes from government reports and testimony, from the FBI to ATF to DEA to NYPD. Gaby Del Valle told me by email she wouldn’t quote from any of the government documentation because they are not inserted on that specific page and she can’t verify their authenticity. She could have easily found the declassified documents with a 2-minute search and she knows that. And if she thinks I’m so evil as to create a fake government document and risk being prosecuted for it, she could still put “alleged” before mentioning the documents’ information.”

Protesters at the rally earlier this month cited the Clarion Project’s still unverified video, which has been making the rounds on conservative blogs for over a decade, as proof that sharia no-go zones exist in the U.S.

No, being unable to drive down the road without informing State Police for our own safety was proof of a “no-go zone”.  The videos are proof they are militant.  So are the FBI files.

But none of them could specify where the other 21 no-go zones were located. “I don’t know specifically where all of them are. A lot of them are on the East Coast. There’s a few in Michigan,” Pawl Bazile, a writer for Proud Boy Magazine, said. “I want to see with my own eyes, and I want you to see with your own eyes, what’s going on in this country right now. There are people who want to harm everyday Americans. There are people who are absolutely, absolutely training for violent activities and housing violent activities, as was demonstrated in the Johnson City bust,” Bazile said.

Who’s this brilliant fire ball of charisma you spoke to???  Wait… that’s ME!   “The Gift” himself.  Yes, asking me off the top of my head can I name where all the no go zones specifically are and I only pointed out where they are generally.  What a dunce I look like!  Hey, and you name where all the Russian Orthodox Churches are in Wisconsin?  You Can’t!  Ha-Ha!  I win.

“I want to see with my own eyes, and I want you to see with your own eyes, what’s going on in this country right now. There are people who want to harm everyday Americans. There are people who are absolutely, absolutely training for violent activities and housing violent activities, as was demonstrated in the Johnson City bust,”

Good quote from me.  No notes for you.

Bazile was referring to Ramadan Abdullah, a 64-year-old man who was arrested for allegedly shoplifting ammunition in Johnson City, New York, about 40 miles away from Islamberg. After local police nabbed Abdullah for shoplifting, they discovered a cache of weapons, including four handguns, eight assault weapons, and two rifles, on Abdullah’s property. Right-wing websites quickly picked up on the story and claimed that Abdullah was headed for Islamberg, even though local law enforcement said there was no evidence to back that up. (In the days following the protest, right-wing blogs began falsely reporting that President Donald Trump had ordered federal agents to raid Islamberg in response to the weapons bust.)

Yeah, nothing to see here.  Just a guy who had a mailing address in Islamberg, with a load of weapons being stored a straight shot down the highway from the compound.  Bahhhh.  Is she out of breath yet giving them free passes?

  • -Sheik Gilanti.  Founder.  Connected with overseas shady organizations that look to be connected to Islamberg, plus jury is still out on his stance of kidnapping and beheading…  PASS!
  • -Many residents converted in prison and have violent past and records…. PASS!
  • -There are hidden trail camera videos of people on the grounds marching with weapons, should we asks some follow up…. PASS.
  • -Islamberg used to have speakers, but they kept ending up in super-maxium security prisons (according to author Paul L Williams).  Don’t even bring that up …..PASS.
  • -Ties to overseas terrorism…. PASS
  • -Colorado Bust in the early 90s linking the Handcock compound……. PASS!!

Yet, she misrepresented people peacefully driving down the road with Robert Doggart?  Nice work dummy.  Then she brings up obscure “right wing blogs” who misreported some bullshit only to muddy the waters further.  She doesn’t think much of her readers, does she?

Ryan Mauro (who was aware of Abdullah prior to his arrest) adds:

“When it comes to Ramadan Abdullah’s arrest, it’s fine if someone doesn’t want to believe my sources in MOA that must remain anonymous. We stand by the story, but our concerns about MOA’s extremism is not dependent upon Ramadan Abdullah being MOA. We have no incentive to make this up.”

Other protesters acknowledged that Islamberg could be a safe community, but maintained that the rally wasn’t against the town itself — it was a way of raising awareness about the dangerous fundamentalism they claimed was creeping into the country.


Protesters began gathering in the parking lot around 11 a.m., but the rally didn’t officially begin until Glasgow’s arrival at 1 p.m. Before they drove off, Glasgow suggested someone in the audience say a prayer. “Heavenly father, please look out for us today,” one attendee said while leading the prayer. “You’ve given us an amazing culture that allows us freedoms to do what many people in the world do not have the freedom to do. We are here to defend that culture. We are here to look over each other. We’re here to make sure we can keep what you have given us.”

That attendee was Pax Hart.  He’s a writer and has had a better, more honest, and more interesting career than your boring ass could ever dream of having.  I guess if the prayer was in Arabic you wouldn’t have minded it.

Then he handed it off to Glasgow.

“I don’t believe the people inside here are peaceful and are standing for the same thing we stand for,” Glasgow said of Islamberg’s residents while kicking off the rally. The demonstration — which he clarified was not a protest, despite having claimed otherwise on Facebook just a few weeks before — was against terrorism and the religious fundamentalism that engenders it, he claimed. If Islamberg’s residents were as peaceful as they claimed to be, Glasgow said, why didn’t they just join his rally? “This is one of the biggest problems we have — we can’t get someone to come out and talk to us in a peaceful way,” Glasgow said.

Yes.  Good Speech.  We couldn’t, God knows we asked.  We said to Islamberg, we’re your neighbors, we’re your countrymen.  Come out and let’s talk like Americans, debate like Americans, joke like Americans, disagree like Americans, and live peacefully like Americans.  Maybe, when we’re talking eye to eye we don’t have to be worried about the other group anymore.  Maybe you could see for yourself we don’t mean you any harm but we have concerns and where you live seems to be ground zero.  Maybe you can show us that all the stuff we learned and see going on in the world is all a big wacky misunderstanding.  They said “No”.  They said “Talk to that Muhammad Mathew Gardner guy in Virginia”.  Take a minute to ponder why a ramshackle tent city of peaceful people not associated with any wrong doing needs a spokesman anyway?

Islamberg’s residents had made it clear they wouldn’t be engaging with the protesters in any way. The previous year, when the anti-Muslim group American Bikers United Against Jihad staged the first “ride for national security,” hundreds of counter-protesters had come out to support Islamberg’s residents. Only a handful of bikers showed up. This year, their strategy was a little different.

Right.  They made that clear… AFTER the Johnson City weapons bust.  The people who control that place realized it would be bad PR to protest National Security after sources, you know, said they  needed those weapons to protect themselves from the up coming “Biker Rally”.  And yes, last year when it rained not as many people felt like riding a motorcycle down a slick mountain road.

“The Muslims of America, Inc., will not waste time or efforts being preoccupied with public spectacles,” the group said in a statement. “These groups staging the July 15 rally represent a lucrative American Islamophobia movement, have no regard for government authority and continue to incite, provoke and perpetuate the Islamophobic propaganda and hysteria that plagues our country.”

Yeah, we’re Islamophbia.  Meaning we’re “afraid of Islam”.  I guess we’re a little skittish after one or two issues Islam’s had with the west recently…

UK – Ross Parker 2001. France – AZF explosion 2001. USA – shoe bomber 2001. Holland – Pim Fortuyn 2002. USA – LA 2002. USA – Beltway sniper 2002. France – Bertrand Delanoë 2002. UK – Stephen Oake 2003. USA – Ariel Sellouk 2003. France – Sebastian Sellam 2003. Spain – Madrid 2004. Holland – Theo van Gogh 2004. UK – London 2005. France – Ilan Halimi 2006. USA – NC SUV attack 2006. Germany – Amir Cheema 2006. USA – Seattle Jewish centre 2006. USA – CA SUV attack 2006. Norway – Oslo synagogue 2006. UK – London and Glasgow 2007. USA – Chauncey Bailey 2007. UK – Exeter 2008. UK – Sherry Jones 2008. Denmark – Odense 2008. USA – Little Rock 2009.  Italy – Milan 2009. USA – Fort Hood 2009. USA – Richard T. Antoun 2009. USA – Flight 253 2009. Denmark – Kurt Westergaard 2010. USA – Times Square 2010. UK – Stephen Timms 2010. Sweden – Lars Vilks 2010. Sweden – Malmo synagogue 2010. Denmark – Copenhagen hotel 2010. Sweden – Issa Issa 2010. USA – military shootings 2010. USA/UK – cargo planes 2010. Sweden – Stockholm 2010. Italy – Nello Rega 2011. UK – Gary Smith 2011. Germany – Frankfurt 2011. Australia – Sydney 2011. Brazil – school shooting 2011. Norway – apostates 2011. Canada – Paris Dipersico 2011. USA – Waltham murders 2011. USA – Alaa Alsaegh 2011. Germany – J. Gehirn 2011. France – Charlie Hebdo arson 2011. Denmark – Hare Krishna temple 2011. Germany – Ferhad Ahma 2011. South Africa – Al-Shabaab terror 2011-12. USA – Gelareh Bagherzadeh 2012. Norway – Christian converts 2012. Australia – Alevi centre 2012. France – Toulouse massacre 2012. Belgium – metro 2012. Bulgaria – Burgas bombing 2012. France – Paris 2012. Cyprus – British soldier 2012. USA – Coty Beavers 2012. Denmark – Lars Hedegaard 2013. USA – Boston Marathon 2013. France – Roussillon 2013. UK – Woolwich soldier 2013. France – Paris soldier 2013. UK – prison officer 2013. USA – Gay nightclub fire 2013. Belgium – Jewish Museum 2014. France – Jewish supermarket 2014. USA – Ali Muhammad Brown 2014. UK – Edmonton, London beheading 2014. Australia – Melbourne 2014. USA – Oklahoma beheading 2014. Denmark – Kvissel murder 2014. Canada – St-Jean-sur-Richelieu 2014. Canada – Ottawa Parliament attack 2014. USA – New York axe attack 2014. UK – Israel stall 2014. France – Jewish restaurant 2014. Australia – Sydney cafe 2014. France – Joue-les-Tours 2014. France – Dijon 2014. France – Nantes 2014. France – Charlie Hebdo 2015. Germany – Cartoons arson 2015. Belgium – Verviers 2015. France – Nice 2015. Denmark – Copenhagen cafe 2015. Denmark – Copenhagen synagogue 2015. USA – Terrence Lavaron Thomas 2015. Austria – Vienna murder 2015. South Africa – Zainub Priya Dala 2015. France – Aurelie Chatelain 2015. USA – Muhammed cartoon contest 2015. USA – Boston 2015. Austria – Graz SUV attack 2015. France – Factory beheading 2015. USA – Chattanooga 2015. France – train attack 2015. Germany – Berlin 2015. Denmark – asylum seeker 2015. Australia – Sydney 2015.  France – Schoolboy 2015. USA – University of California 2015. France – Paris massacre 2015. France – Marseille 2015. UK – apostate 2015. USA – San Bernardino massacre 2015. UK – Leytonstone tube 2015. France – soldiers at mosque 2016. France – Paris police station 2016. USA – Philadelphia 2016. France – Marseille 2016. UK – Brixton 2016. USA – Ohio restaurant 2016. Germany – Hanover stabbing 2016. Belgium – Brussels bombings 2016. UK – Asad Shah 2016. Germany – Essen bombing 2016. Germany – Grafing stabbing 2016. UK – Brighton 2016. UK – London supermarket 2016. USA – gay nightclub massacre 2016. France – Policeman and family 2016. France – Rennes 2016. France – Nice truck massacre 2016. Germany – train axe attack 2016. France – stabbing of children 2016. UK – RAF base attack 2016. Germany – Ansbach suicide bombing 2016. France – Normandy church attack 2016. UK – Russell Square 2016 – Germany – Berlin Truck Attack 2016 – USA- Ohio State Ramming 2016 – France – Nice 2016 – UK – Manchester Bombing 2017, and sure…………. UK- London Bridge Attack 2017, oh yeah and 9/11.

(Incomplete list)

I guess we just get hysterical easily.

In the days leading up to the rally, Glasgow claimed that counter-protesters from Islamberg would greet his group, as well as members of Antifa, which someone from the crowd described as “pussies.”

Yes.  They are pussies.  Antifa, promised, PROMISED to be there, but alas, they didn’t show.  Maybe they realized that hanging out in a possible Islamic Military training ground and discussing how many new genders they just made up, MIGHT get their asses a thrown off the top of something high.

Instead, the 50 “patriots” riding “against jihad” drove in silence up a winding dirt road with nary a counter-protester in sight. The only people who witnessed their rally were a handful of local reporters. Islamberg’s residents were spending the sunny afternoon in their homes.

Again, we were informed by local authorities that they were TOLD to cancel the counter protest.  They did send some guys out to the road to take pictures of every car, truck and bike that went passed…

…and yes, I admit, we did drive up in silence, cause that what we planned from the beginning, but who’s looking…

…”Be Respectful”, “Private Property”…. animals!  What we did was have a peaceful ride down a public country road, as planned.  Which brings me back to….


“Real American terrorists: Far-right protesters claim that Islamberg, New York, is harboring extremists. But they’re the ones bringing real terror.”

That IS the title of this piece, isn’t it?  Well little girl, you just said we had a silent ride down a quite road while people sat in their homes (*tent cities) so is it unreasonable to ask how we brought the “terror”.  “Real American Terrorists” what a disgusting disgraceful and purposeful mis-characterization…. some might call that “slander”.

Here is footage of the actual trip:

You are an obsolete pig of the worst kind, cause you willing hook yourself on a leash to impress people who wouldn’t even talk to you in person even though you were gonna kiss their ass cause they were afraid of what they might accidentally say.  You did no journalism whatsoever, you did a thoughtless hit piece.  How bad do you want to be Vice?  My god, look at your site, your video, you want it so bad I bet you can taste it.  But you’re boring.

You’re not good enough, and you don’t have balls.  If you had any scruples whatsoever you might have challenged some of the people who showed up for the Ride for Homeland Security rather than just asked basic questions to plug into your yellow journalism hit piece.  Does your daddy know you wasted your student loan on some useless bullshit?  Does your mommy tell her friends you’re “a reporter”?  You’re not.  You’re a blogger with an expensive camera guy, at best. I’m also willing to bet you’re on some kind of medication.  (I have a six sense about these things).

The fact is we peacefully drove down a public road, enjoyed the nice day ourselves, and even had a barbecue after.  The only reason you had a story here at all was we did it down a road we were told not to go down, but we did anyway, like real Americans.  Why did you even want to get into writing if you don’t even have the basic curiosity to ask “If you’re such a peaceful, normal community, why do these guys need 50 state troopers to drive down a public road?”.

…but instead you chose this…

“White Supremacist”?  Lazy. Typical. You are a vapid, petulant, unoriginal child.  Typical Brooklyn hipster who dresses like an artist, and acts like an artist but doesn’t create shit.  You just exist to drive up coffee prices and rent that your mommy pays for.  Unoriginal take on your story being “white men are the REAL terrorists, and every last minority is an innocent victim, I’m a good liberal now give me a cookie”.  Yawn.  You suck hard elephant cocks at reporting.  You write bad and I think you should feel bad.  Why should anyone take anything you say seriously?

Let’s give Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project the last word on this nonsensical piece:

“Gaby Del Valle trusts the word of MOA, a group with a known history of extremism and terrorism anduses quotes from a group that the U.S. government says has a strategy of deception. Then, she depicts me as an extremist and my research—consisting of declassified documents and tons of references—as baseless. Based on the ethic displayed in her article, we shouldn’t be surprised she relates more to deceptive sources. They have something in common.
Gaby Del Valle is in no position to attack others as making baseless accusations. In her emails to me, she claimed that I’ve depicted the Islamberg training tape as “new” in several TV appearances over the years.
She pointed to a November 2016 segment as evidence, but that segment didn’t even show the video. I told her that it was untrue that I claimed the video was new in each segment and asked her to provide evidence. She couldn’t, so she dropped it. A normal person would be embarrassed and apologize.
It’s laughable to say I or Clarion Project are anti-Muslim extremists. We have two Muslims on our
advisory board, give a platform to Muslims who stand up to the Islamist ideology, and have often spoken out against anti-Muslim sentiment. I’ve repeatedly gone on TV to warn about how anti-Muslim attacks fits into ISIS’ strategy. I’ve provided lots of intelligence on threats to Muslims to the law enforcement authorities. I’m willing to bet I’ve done more to protect Muslims than Gaby Del Valle will in her entire life.”

Least I can do is give her a plug… here’s her facebook page

and here’s her twitter

Facebook Comments
PawL BaZiLe

Written by PawL BaZiLe

Pawl is a film director and journalist living in New Jersey. Pawl is a fan of history and avid reader with a background in theater. He has used his debate skills to win over 30 Internet arguments. Pawl Bazile directed a punk rock documentary called “Living the American Nightmare” and is currently working on a motorcycle film called “Savage”. For Proud Boy Magazine, Pawl is in charge of digital media, new programming, and talent relations. He takes his coffee black. Follow him on Twitter @PawLBAZiLe.

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