Radical Traditionalism – The New Western Conservatism

2016 may forever be known as the year that a new wave of nationalist populism swept America. Citizens of varying political backgrounds came together under the premise of putting America First. However that wasn’t the only disruption in the status quo of the United States and our Western cousins. Collectively, many of us began looking at the culture we are inheriting and politely saying “FUCK THAT”!

Life experience has shaped our belief system into an ideology that is best described as Radical Traditionalism. We are an outright rejection of the degenerate liberalism that has infected our culture since the 1960s when the left decided that “Western Civ. has got to go”.

What exactly are we rejecting ? Only this entire pussified, weak, immoral culture of feminized failure. The life span of white males in America is now decreasing. This may be the first generation of men that doesn’t live longer than their fathers. It already appears that this generation of men will be less successful than their fathers.  Men are mocked on television and fathers are seen as unnecessary. Our culture now elevates single mothers to an exalted status,  even honoring them on Father’s Day. We seek to place men and women back in their rightful place, together in a home with children.

Our movement stands in opposition to any person or institution that preaches the gospel of white privilege or white fragility. We don’t apologize for things we didn’t do and we thank God that our forefathers bled and died creating a world so comfortable that utterly useless college queens have to invent imaginary villains to oppress them. Standing up to the merchants of self hate doesn’t make us fragile. They are the ones that can’t handle debate and conflict, which is why we should relentlessly pursue debate and conflict. We need to send them packing to their safe spaces and then nuke those safe spaces.

But hasn’t the left wing cultural revolution at least been a positive for women ? Only if your matrix for success is increasing the amount of drug addicted women who don’t want kids but don’t mind herpes and cats. By every measure the last 50 years has been a disaster for women. In  comparison with their mother or grandmother, a young woman today is more likely to be raped, in poverty, and addicted to drugs. On the bright side they now get to take makeup pointers from a tranny thanks to Covergirl!

This brings me to another point. We are no longer content to surrender our culture to people who can’t identify why a former Somali militia leader might have trouble assimilating into our country, but have no problem detailing the 67 new genders that exist. Screw you. You are either a man or a woman.

So what are our goals for our newfound radically traditional men ? Well, we’re not asking you to retake Jerusalem, we just want you to retake your manhood. First of all, stop living in a perpetual adolescence. If you’re old enough to legally buy alcohol then you need to kick the porn and video game habit. Put your dick and your controller down and focus on starting your career and starting a family. We stand on the shoulders of giants, try to be a man  that your grandfather would respect. Even better try to be a man that  Jacques Demolay, Teddy Roosevelt, or Chesty Puller  would respect.

When you become a man that great men would’ve respected, you become a man that great women can love and great companies can hire. Western Civilization needs you to be a builder, a teacher, and a father. The last thing we need are more sexually confused Pajama Boys begging forgiveness for their white privilege.

2016 proved to be an epic year for our nation specifically and Western Civilization as a whole. 2017 has the potential to be even better. Read more, write more, run more, lift more. Fight and conquer your foes. Find a mate and build a future. Live as men and women have lived for thousands of years, and when you succeed say “FUCK YOU” to the people and institutions that tried to stop you. Their path represents weakness and decay, we represent the future.

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Written by Derek Wray

Derek Wray was born and raised in the People's Republic of California. He works in law enforcement and enjoys firearms, powerlifting, music, mixed martial arts and freedom. He is also patriotic, politically incorrect and kind of an asshole.

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