North Korea’s News Agency Is Completely Fucked

. . . a real Kim Jong-gong show

Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and nearly all national news broadcasters are reporting on North Korea issuing threats to attack U.S. bases in Guam with nuclear ICBM missiles and ground soldiers.

The threats were issued by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korea’s state-owned news agency responsible for distributing its propaganda both domestically and internationally. The KCNA is effectively the propaganda-wing of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The KCNA website,, is accessible to international web users.

KCNA’s front-page (translated into English by Google)

The website looks and feels like it’s straight outta the ’90s. In addition, sections include the insanely titled Revolutionary Achievements of the Savior, Revolutionary Activities of the Dearest Supreme Leader Comrade, as well as international news and other sections manicured to detail the great (read: fake) successes of the ‘glorious People’s Republic.’

The international news section is used mainly to report on international disasters and external calamity in general because, of course, North Korea is the happiest nation in the world, and all other places on the planet are a complete and utter mess. 

In this ridiculous article we found Korean People’s Army General Kim Rak-kyum issues his threats to the US. The story is filled to the brim with wild fiery rhetoric praising the absolute might of the DPRK military and supremacy of their leader. “The world’s strongest battalion military force, with the trustworthy nuclear arsenal of the Worker’s Party,” it reads. “The DPRK is an invincible ideological power. The vulgar display of power by the simultaneously launched Mars-12 type missiles will send a strong, a very strong, warning to the US Imperialists!” Another article linked, even mentions that they are, “Seriously considering a siege plan” to ‘liberate’ Guam from the United States by attacking all US bases. A detailed, four-step plan is included which outlines the swift plan for victory over an invading US Army.

And US news agencies are taking these threats by the KCNA at least somewhat seriously.

In the North Korean mind the US is a criminal, a renegade to the supreme law of the DPRK. In their world Kim Jong-un is not merely the supreme leader of Korea, but of the world. Praise for their leader proliferates nearly every article on KCNA. They say that THEY are dictating the policy of the US by flashing their ‘trustworthy’ nuclear arsenal and missiles, not the US.

According to the KCNA, the world marvels at the eternal leadership of Kim-Jong-Un.

See, in the world that KCNA creates, the world is in shock and awe of them, trembling in fear at the “success” of their launch (it failed, by the way), not to mention the superiority of their military. The great leader and his trustworthy generals are making a detailed plan—right away!—to strike back at the US.

And the American media are playing right into their hand.

Article after article on KCNA mention the open knowledge of their strong nuclear weapons capabilities. It’s a source of much national pride. Washington Post and other news outlets reported that in a “classified” Defense Intelligence Agency report, military analysts reported that the DPRK had the capability of launching a miniaturized nuclear warhead. However, this revelation was merely the product of yet another KCNA propaganda piece in which the People’s Eternal Leader and government spokesmen displayed a spherical device, supposed to be a mini-nuke.

Picture of the eternal leader with the revolutionary nuke.

News anchors, journalists, and contributors, frequently regurgitate information about North Korea by using KCNA propaganda pieces and then pass it off as “official” analysis and intelligence. North Korean foreign policy; the open testing of their missiles, the threats, the ‘nuclear capability,’ are all propaganda pieces for their citizens—and for us. These Fox and CNN contributors and analysts report on information created, distributed and controlled by the KCNA—a regime propaganda machine whose only goal is to brainwash an entire nation to worship their leader as its god and to believe their country is supreme in every way—militarily, culturally, economically, and politically. We may laugh or cringe at how brainwashed North Korea is but the fact is that we too are being brainwashed when the American news media blatantly repeats statements, stories and “facts” taken directly from the mouth of the DPRK propaganda machine.

Here’s an official KCNA music video celebrating the successes of their missile program. It might be good intel. Who knows?

North Korea has only about 28 websites on their entire national network, however only about 7 of these sites actually work. In hopes of delving deeper into their communications propaganda machine, I managed to find a telephone number for the “Korean Film Import and Export Company,” the DPRK’s film entertainment agency. I called the number from an international cellphone app and a smooth female operator answered from the other side. She had a gentle Korean tone but hung up immediately once I started speaking English.

All calls coming from inside or out of North Korea go through their call-center in Pyongyang. The only place in North Korea where phones may be dialed directly is the Rason Special Economic Zone, Russian and Chinese foreign industry sector.  

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Written by Korvin Kennington

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