No Need to Argue

The Left’s Complicated Relationship with Debate

If you’ve taken any US history class or have seen any World War II movie or the History channel or have breathed oxygen then you already know about Adolph Hitler and his political party of the 30s and 40s. My article isn’t about that since this is the CURRENT YEAR and we need to be constantly aware of Nazis again and ready to fight!

No we don’t.

Let me backtrack to right after the election of 2016. I had known of the neo-Marxists named Antifa because of my involvement with the punk scene, specifically with the Lower East Side venue ABC No Rio, who’s main booker, Greg Pason, was a member. I thought they were an annoying, but essentially harmless group of PC crusties that shut down oi shows and when Death in June played in New York in 2013.

If you don’t know what Antifa are, I’ll let my buddy Tim’s explanation of them fill you in:

But then they set their cross hairs on yours truly. I got labeled “Nazi” pretty fucking fast, in spite of the mountain of evidence to the contrary. But I don’t want to make this entirely about me, I’m only using this to frame an argument. If we concede that “fascists” or “nazis” are not to be debated and only “smashed” then who is to say who gets that stigma or not? I received death threats, lost my job and was generally inconvenienced by Antifa’s actions. All in the name of what?

The idea of silencing free speech and using violence for political gains is so unAmerican that it’s almost fascist. But this is Antifa I’m talking about here, and they’re CLEARLY not Fascists (wink wink). So what’s their issue with debating? Are they afraid they’ll meet some silver tongued Devil that will convinced to join the “fash” side? What I actually see is a fashion movement among Antifa, a violent, Soros funded fashion movement. These people are virtue signaling online, pretending to care and generally have no idea what the fuck they are talking about. Gavin McInnes always makes the analogy to goths, they don’t ACTUALLY want to die, they just like all the cool vibes associated with death culture. Pictured below is either the goths from South Park or Antifa, I can’t see a difference.

Antifa has it’s strongest ties with punk rock, I guess when you listen to so much music that devotes itself to fighting “nazis” that don’t exist, you start to look for them in anything right of Marx. In my former scene, there are two bands that are Antifa darlings: Pink Mass and Sunrot (not linking them because fuck them)– both are bands made up of loser degenerates, wrinkled teenagers, “trust punks” and mentally ill gays. I saw this shit take over punk and I checked out. But be careful when you burn Antifa because they’re snarky little cunts and will “doxx” you. My address and phone number was made public by these people all for the alleged crime of being a “nazi.” I responded to all my hate mail from my Facebook messenger: it was repetitive (and not worth screen capping). I was either called “nazi” or told to die / kill myself. When I attempted to engage in a debate, they would ghost or just repeatedly tell me to kill myself. A “nazi” to them is anyone patriotic, anyone that’s not ashamed of being a white male, and anyone that thinks Communism is for the birds. Pictured below are some NYC based “nazis.”

What’s Antifa’s end game? They truly believe they are preventing another rise of Hitler? That seems so arbitrary, especially when you stack Adolph’s track record against other dictators – Hitler was a little bitch compared to Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot. Going back to my aforementioned query of how to define a “nazi,” ask any of these people to define “nazi” or “fascist” and you won’t get a consistent response. As Tim said above, it can be a simple as someone that voted for Trump. So by Antifa’s logic, 62,979,636 are “nazis.” Shit, that’s a lot of “nazis!” Even at the height of Hitler’s reign there were only 8 million Nazis. Hey Antifa, there are literally SEVEN TIMES more “nazis” in America today than there were in NAZI GERMANY. Fucking get your act together!

What if I’m wrong about the need to fight and not debate when it comes to real threats to our culture and way of life? Where in the world can we find all the things Antifa purports to hate like racism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism? I’ll give you a hint

If Antifa wanted to set its sights on a real enemy that was not be dignified with debate it would be radical Islam. But no, they fixate on people like famed Depeche Mode fan Richard Spencer. Say what you want about him, but I have to respect the fact that he puts himself out there and that’s his face and his real name. He’s not some Antifa faggot hiding behind an anonymous screen name. In their mind, Spencer is biggest bad man of all. Really? OK, he sees no future for non-whites in America, but he has no plan to make that a reality and will happily talk about that with anyone, INCLUDING ANTIFA!


Here is Spencer talking to Daryle Lamont Jenkins, the man along with Greg Pason (who can be reached at (201-803-7574), wrote the hit piece about Proud Boys linked above.

Last time I saw Greg in person was after a Culture Club show (you know, that notorious white power band) and at the time I was toying with starting a podcast and I invited him to be a guest. I never had any problems with him, I just thought his pro-Commie beliefs were infantile. In their minds, me and Spencer are the same (we’re only Facebook friends) and we’re the next Hitler. Jeeze, I can barely pay my rent let alone exterminate some Jews. Plus, I wouldn’t want to, some of the hottest women I know are Jewish. Oh, I’m sorry was that evidence to the contrary gleamed by talking to me?

Jim Goad has a perfect take on this:


I get it, you don’t want to debate “fascists” and I don’t want to debate retards.

Alex Caprio

Written by Alex Caprio

New Jersey, former musician and stand up comedian with a degree in English. He can also make a better eggplant parm than your Grandma. Follow him on Twitter @alexclarkcaprio.

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