New Way to Burn Books: Social Media Censorship

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are silencing everyone who’s not a leftist


Nothing like sitting by the fire with a good book…

(alt-right’s breathing intensifies)

Not quite like that.

Is there a more perfect symbol of censorship than a burning book? Ideas turning to ash in a cloud of black smoke with a crowd’s approval. The book is incidental—it’s the non-sanctioned ideas inside the book causing the problem. It’s about controlling the narrative. The people who keep the fire going usually have been the government: Genghis Khan, Hitler, Mao, Che all loved a good book burning. In the ancient world the Library at Alexandria was destroyed so many times over it became a symbol of “knowledge and culture lost.”  Today if you burned down every public library the biggest problem would be homeless people needing a new place to pee. Every book, speech, note, letter, script, and rant is part of our new Library of Alexandria: the Internet. Destroying it isn’t as visually dramatic as fire.

Remember the election? Sure you do. Everyone thought Hillary was gonna win (spoiler alert) than she choked and Trump won. The media said Trump had no chance, the polls said he had no chance, late night hosts said he had no chance, the smug dick at your work said he had no chance. Then he won. Good times.

Proud Boy Magazine was there to get it on video:

….and then we got one of these…

Does that seem strange to you? The video is some New Yorkers celebrating the Trump victory against all odds yet they throw an age restriction on it. Then we find out that YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter seem to be actively targeting anyone who knows how to light up a liberal in a debate.  Rebel Media, Jordan Peterson and Paul Joseph Watson YouTube subscribers have complained that randomly they are “unsubscribed” from those channels. Gaad Sad and Steven Crowder have noticed their videos get “age restrictions” and “content restrictions” despite never uttering a dirty word.

Pam Geller was suspended from Facebook after she commented on the Orlando shooting. Actor Adam Baldwin pointed out an absolute fact that Conservative women are better looking… suspended. Most famously Milo Yiannopoulos was permanently banned from Twitter after giving the feminist version of “Ghost Busters” a bad review.

Milo explains in his 2017 book, Dangerous:

“In the early years of Facebook, the idea of an editor deciding what information you most needed to see was laughable. Equally, there was no algorithm deciding who saw what posts, when, and where.  The system was simple: users followed other users, and saw a list of their posts, updated in real-time.  Beyond the block button, there was no filtering.  If your friend made a post at 6:15 PM, you saw it at 6:15 PM.  The present system, where Facebook chooses what you see, when you see it, and how you see it, is a radical departure from its early democratic ideals.”

Okay… so Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are choosing how we get information we signed up for.  They have community guidelines which gets people suspended. C.E.O.’s like Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg are extremely left in their politics, but business is business right?  It’s not like their staff feels pressure to target people based on politics they disagree with…

The first time I was suspended from Facebook was when Proud Boy Magazine made Mark Zuckerberg “Cuck of the Week”.

Actually, I was suspended along with 2 other admins from the PBM Facebook page. We didn’t threaten him, just pointed out his nonsense: nothing graphic, libel, or illegal. So maybe it was some petty staffer snickering to himself. Fluke. We’ve had a plenty of content Zuck and his army of oversensitive censorship millennials might approve of: In fact, we had Theryn Meyer, an African born transsexual Canadian be our guest columnist. Boy, the alt-right didn’t like that (they could barely keep their hard-ons down).

We defended Theryn and posted this:

…and that was the 2nd time I was suspended.

That’s right, that staff of Facebook, out of the goodness of their hearts, stepped in to protect this helpless Lady-Boy, from the forum posting her work. Smooth. Ok, so I guess there are anti-bullying lobbies, and maybe it was an honest oversight. We can’t expect a Facebook editor to understand nuance of a meme defending one of our own writers.

By the way, did anyone tell the Social Media hall monitors that Theryn is conservative?

That’s right, this past week Ms. Meyer has been permanently banned from Twitter.

Theryn spoke to us and had this to say:

“I wasn’t told exactly why my account was given the boot. When I tried to appeal my suspension, Twitter declined, and told me I had violated their rules regarding ‘targeted abuse’. The only circumstance I came close to anything that resembles abuse was when I once called a nasty rad-fem who dedicates her life to demeaning trans women, a ‘cunt’.

Other than that, I occasionally posted screenshots of stupid things regressives like Riley J. Dennis said, with my own critique. Sure, I used ‘mean words’ like ‘retarded’, but if that counts as ‘abuse’, I’d say there are far larger and more egregious culprits than myself on Twitter.

I don’t think I ever did anything that fell outside the norms established by Twitter. People are harsh, they’re opinionated, and they’re catty. And anyone who followed me could tell you that I was of the tamer users on the platform.

From Twitter higher-ups’ perspective, I was at most deserved of a slap on the wrist by having my account locked for a few hours — nothing I said warranted anything close to outright termination.
I spent years building my 13k following on Twitter. It’s small, but it means a lot to me as a smaller Youtuber.

It was my primary way of connecting with my viewers and other Youtubers, and getting exposure outside of simply the ‘Recommendations’ sidebar on Youtube. Now, that is pretty much all I’m left with.

I really think Youtube suspended my account because I’m a smaller twitter ‘provocateur’. They knew it wouldn’t get so much media traction that it would put their reputation at, but it would still serve to send a clear message to larger Twitter figures about who’s boss. I think it was a way of posturing their power.”

This is a huge problem. An entrepreneur with a business that depends on building a following has to answer to anonymous people who ban and suspended accounts without any recourse. How is that not book burning?

The point is to hamper ideas. They already control what you see, what’s trending, and now they are going to make sure you fear anything you might post if you have the wrong politics. How do you build a unique identity online if your identity has to be “approved”?  The worst crime is it encourages dishonesty for no reason other then to please an authority figure.

It’s a bit shady to lull social media customers in with the promise of a platform for everything, then once a majority of the western world has their life set up on that platform decide “Now you’re only gonna say things we like or your out and you network is ruined.” Bait and switch.

Do we know for sure that it’s one-sided? Maybe these social media sites are truly doing their best to minimize issues that may open them up to lawsuits. That would be reasonable, except:

It never happens to anyone on the left. We know it doesn’t because if it did, they’d never stop whining about it. These snowflake “forever-victims” would feel so targeted they’d ejaculate.

Convicted pedophile Anthony Wiener never had his Twitter suspended. Antifa is allowed on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube even though they give away personal information of anyone they disagree with to encourage violence and harassment. Isis is allowed on social media for fuck’s sake. There is nothing too leftist to get you thrown off social media, but Anthony Cumia can’t make fun of a woman’s hair.

Maybe Proud Boy Magazine can just share less polarizing things on Facebook, like a simple music playlist of mostly songs from decades ago:

Absolutely not a hint of anything in that post attacking anyone for any reason but that got booted too! 

In fact three Proud Boys I know of (not including myself) were suspended last week and have no idea why. Facebook is one of the few major companies without a customer service line, so we may never know. There is no recourse if something is removed or suspended. Zuckerberg personally promised to start “cracking down” on “hate groups” on his platform. Something tells me “hate group” might mean “anything Zuck doesn’t like.”  Another gut feeling tells me nothing on the left will ever be considered a hate group. #PunchaNazi can trend every day and they won’t ever bother seeing if the people getting punched are actually Nazis. I invite Facebook to deny this and reassure its right wing customer base—they certainly haven’t done it yet.

There was a shooting last week. A guy grabbed a cops taser, was wrestled to the ground, wouldn’t drop it and the cop shot him. This was one man’s response:

Qualify it all he wants, but is he encouraging people to “target jurors” and “judges” when you don’t like the results of an investigation? Basically telling every nut bothering to read his post they know the case better than everyone studying it and encouraging people to hurt them (by direct implication)…

…Should I report him?

Would Facebook do anything if I did?

That’s just what they want, a community of rats. Secret police. Marxists love that shit.  In Cuba, 1 in 11 people was a secret informant. In the Soviet Union it was 1 in 3. A nation of tattletales reporting anything that might not be an approved idea of the status quo. Wrong-Think.

  • “Maybe there aren’t more than 2 genders”—WRONG-THINK!
  • “Maybe black people need to stop playing the victim card and take responsibility for their choices”—WRONG-THINK!
  • “Maybe the patriarchy isn’t holding down feminists, maybe they just suck at doing certain things”—WRONG-THINK

Guess what? In Marxist regimes they always come for the musicians, artists, and journalists first so if your self expression isn’t complying wholly with what the “powers that be” think, you’re fucked.

As a libertarian, I’ve always feared government overreach, but social media allows the Marxists to skip that part and go right to ruling the people by controlling information we’re “supposed” to see. All of us have been conditioned to “be careful what we post” or we might lose our social life, business connections and more. Talk about an unelected, ungoverned, appointed body of anonymous people unanswerable to no one, getting to judge which people stay and go based on language and ideas.

The FCC is adorable compared to them. Sleep tight kids!

I am under no illusion that YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter “owe” me an account or that it’s my “right” to be on any forum. I’m a capitalist and understand the ideas of “opt in” or “opt out.” I get that free market solutions will arise, but the point of social media was that everyone was on it, and we can see what each other is thinking to compliment, debate, and learn from each other’s the remarks. In the mean time, how do we express the truth if forums are controlled by the whims of a few “limousine liberals” who hate our guts? I see no practical solution except to start discussing it.

In the mean time, pick up a book that social media moguls don’t want you to read and curl up by a fire the American way.


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