Multiculturalism works… If you’re a dribbling spastic

Bearded British Proud Boy Based Odin writes on how multiculturalism just isn’t working

Top UK Proud Boy Dale Chatwin – AKA Based Odin – explores how the only time multiculturalism seems to work is when all of the parties suffer from the mental age of a child and are generally a spastic. 

When you introduce different ethnicities from a wide variety of cultures there is bound to be a lot of tension. Culture tends to have deep roots spanning across generations, with it comes particular ideas and customs, specific types of behaviour within the society and traditions that cannot and should not be compromised. This is why Wars are fought, why certain crimes exist in society today and why Islam cannot integrate into the Western World, but there is one place where social groups comprised of multiple ethnicities and cultures can co-exist: special needs groups. Or spastic societies if you’re inclined to use a more vulgar term.

Most mornings on my leisurely stroll into work I witness what could be considered an almost utopian scenario unfold before me: a group of mentalists trying to cross the road, each one holding hands, aiding their fellow brother and sister in the monumental task of trying not to get annihilated by a moving vehicle. What makes this scene more tear inducing is the fact that they all come from different ethnic backgrounds. It always seems to me that when I see these groups of adult friends consisting of more than three different racial groups, there is an 80% chance they come from an institute for the mentally deranged.  Their faces may be contorted in that same retarded manner, the vacant globules of their eyes all tell the same story of the mentally handicapped, a story their decrepit minds cannot quite comprehend, yet their skin colours are different. The cultural roots of these subhumans vary completely, but here they are existing in a kind of outlandish harmony many of us will never experience.

This is integration at its peak. For the average human mind, one riddled with intellect and self awareness, integrating into another culture can be foreboding and can oft times turn violent, this is evident with gangs of Muslim men raping Western women in countries like Sweden and the United Kingdom, yet if you were to cripple the minds of people from barbaric and incompatible cultures and soften them into retardation, you would find their integration would become a far less strenuous process.

I have noticed a trend recently of these multicultural groups of dribbling spastics sauntering through the city I live in like benign zombies. I look at some of them and think: “your ancestors would have tossed you off a cliff at birth, and now you’re here today leading the example of a United world.” Multiculturalism is a zeppelin waiting to burst into flames and come crashing down on society, but there is a vague glimmer of hope within these groups that it can work. Those with mental retardation have no concept of race or religion; they care not about the petty squabbles of “muh racism” and “muh feminism.” All they probably care about is making it through another day without shitting themselves in public.


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Written by Based Odin

Based Odin is a second degree Proud Boy in the United Kingdom.

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