MLK, Jr., Jeffrey Dahmer, and Kelly Rippa Put On a “Freedom of Speech” Rally

Free Speech Rally Alt-Righ Bait and Switch; New Rally is born on June 25th in DC

As summertime kicks into high gear, there are a thousand things to do: you can go waterskiing in the Hamptons, antiquing in Woodstock, even bring the kids to enjoy a relaxing night of Shakespeare in the Park.

For those of us who get our kicks antagonizing liberals and baiting AntiFa, attending a “Freedom of Speech” rally at the Lincoln Memorial next Sunday seemed like a smashing idea. We’d get to parade around in MAGA swag and defend the Constitution at the same time!

I’d never heard of the organizer, but the event checked out: from the flyer, Proud Boys, and Base were on board and the speaker list was impressive: Augustus Invictus, Jason Kessler, Kyle Prescott, James Allsup, Rebel Media’s Laura Loomer and more.


I grabbed a travel crew, booked a hotel room for Saturday night in D.C., and blasted the event out to all my nationwide Trumpsters, Tea Partiers and militia groups.

Then, one week before Super Sunday, the event organizer (who is 20) made his big reveal – headliner: Richard Spencer!

It was kind of like getting a beautiful wedding present, carefully removing the silken wrapping and finding a turd.

Predictably, booked speakers started parachuting in droves and a total shit-storm broke out on social media. Name-calling, blame-gaming, “my cuck is bigger than your cuck”, Alt-Right vs. Alt-Light, shit-posting, and on and on.

There’s no way to sugar-coat it: this was a classic bait-and-switch.

Had the organizer (who is 20) not anticipated people would have issue being unwitting extras at a Richard Spencer rally, he wouldn’t have left Richard’s name off the billing until we had promoted his event and made non-refundable plans to attend.

To be clear: I don’t ascribe to the “neo-Nazi boogeyman” persona that’s been attributed to Richard in the media. We’ve never met but I’ve listened to him speak and I’ve watched him interviewed. In fact, I will entertain anyone’s view with the exception of Elizabeth Warren, Whoopie Goldberg and Lindsay Graham.

Mass third-world immigration to America? Richards and I are on the same page: I’m still waiting for my wall; shut down the refugee program; round up DREAMers and revocation of birthright citizenship should be retroactive.

“White Genocide”? Go to any ethic studies class at Harvard, look up white farmers being beaten in South Africa, or watch student-led pogroms against non-compliant professors at Evergreen State College and convince me the communist Left hasn’t declared open war on Caucasian males.

It’s when Richard gives justification for his love of Euro-Protestantism that I feel embarrassed for him. As he passionately told a reporter for Al Jezeera: “Only Europeans could build something as magnificent as Saint Paul’s or Saint Peter’s Cathedral!

The architects of the pyramids, the Taj Mahal and the second Temple of Solomon were unavailable for rebuttal.


To be honest, Richard reminds me of the dime-a-dozen media climbers in the New York club scene in the early 90’s: all apatite, no logic. All you had to do was have a look, jump in front of the nearest camera and do something outrageous to get a shot on MTV’s “Real World” and a deal with Geffen Records.

For having any qualms about appearing onstage at, what was now an Alt-Right event, the speakers started getting maliciously trashed and trolled.

This is not junior high school. We don’t bully our peers because they start dating someone who never called back our BFF after a lousy date.

In full damage control, Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec organized an alternative event at the White House: “Rally Against Political Violence.”

Then, like any typical newbie who got caught being sneaky, the organizer (who is 20) doubled down and started lecturing disgruntled attendees on their commitment to “Free Speech.”

“These “centrists” have already had the chance to speak, people like Damigo and Spencer never get the chance to do so publicly for fear of being shut down or worse. I’m trying to give them the chance.”

Fine. If you’re such a “free speech absolutist”, why didn’t you include Black Lives Matter, AntiFa or Amy Schumer? I’m sure they have plenty to say.

Just coming off organizing New York City’s “March Against Sharia,” this is event planning 101: No matter what your cause, you are the host. You don’t crap on your guests because you tricked them by promising a lobster dinner and, “Surprise! Tunafish sandwiches!”

We live in a media-driven age. Unsubstantiated false-flags in the Washington Post lead to Congressional Investigations and scheming Special Counsels that can derail a presidency. Individual lives are destroyed by hearsay, innuendo and guilt-by-association – see Paula Deen.

If pure ideals, principles and Constitutional “absolutism” were all that mattered and media savvy be dammed, Ted Cruz would be president – not Donald Trump.

There is a difference between being ideologically grounded and ideologically inflexible.

If speakers, commentators or attendees were pissed at being unwitting stage props for an Alt-Right rally, they have every right to back out unmolested.

Uniting the factions of the Right should be our goal.

What differentiates us from the Bolsheviks on the Left is our respect for individuality, freedom of conscience and our shunning of collectivist groupthink. It’s our cherished treasure, but it’s also our Achilles heel.

We have one, common enemy: the radical Left who wants to eradicate us all. We also have one common ground: our love and respect for the principles on which this great nation was founded. We are its only defenders.

Our enemy is dedicated to destroying our individual liberty to usher in a Marxist collective co-ruled by Islamofascism. They will destroy us by any means available.

Or they can simply sit in editorial rooms at the New York Times and The Daily Beast, throw gasoline on us, and watch us destroy ourselves.


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