Joy Villa, The Proud Boys, and Proud Boys’ Girls Want to Make America Great Again

Just like Joy we’ve been attacked, slandered, and libeled by the Left.

Just like Joy we’ve come back stronger each and every time.

Just like Joy we champion freedom of speech.

And just like Joy, we will be heard.

In communicating with Joy she wanted to make sure that we extended her heartfelt thanks and gratitude to every Proud Boy and Proud Boys’ Girl who has shown her and America love and support.

The actions from people like us, like Gavin, and Joy are what make America great.

While YouTube may take her video down, we never will. Her song is currently #3 on the charts. Let’s incentivize conservatism not marxism. You can buy her hit single, Make America Great Again, for just 99 cents on Amazon. Watch her video below. Please share and show that the Left, no matter how hard they try, can never take away our voice.

Just in case you didn’t love her enough already, Joy is also working closely with the charity MercuryOne, currently in Texas, who is helping those devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Unlike the Red Cross, 100% of your donation goes towards this cause. With her help alone they have raised over $200,000! If you’re able, please donate today.


Written by The Elders

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