LOOK BACK AND LEFT: This Month in Leftist Hypocrisy

Rounding up leftist lies is a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it

Leftists—what a newsworthy group of people. They never cease to amaze. Whether they’re protesting against some column they only half-read, or stumped when asked to explain socialism, they maintain a level of hypocrisy so high it was as if their rent depended on it—rather than on financial aid from their parents.

In our first installment of LOOK BACK AND LEFT we review recent stories from the past month that exemplify liberal hypocrisy at its finest . . . and therefore Western culture at some of its worst. Basically a lot of what they do doesn’t make much sense.


Former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz found herself in hot water following the arrest of her IT personnel Imran Awan. While renting out his home he forgot to remove certain hard drives from a laptop before the new tenants moved in. They reported their findings, leading to FBI involvement and seizure of said hard drives.

This case is bad for DWS for several reasons. Although Awan was working for multiple Democrats, DWS was the only person to not fire him once the FBI began their investigation. Also, DWS threatened the Chief of Capitol Police, saying he should “expect consequences” if the laptop wasn’t returned. 

Debbie looking like a cat left out in the rain.

Hillary Clinton promptly hired DWS after she was forced to resign from her position for rigging the election in Clinton’s favor. During the campaign, Hillary was under intense pressure because her emails were under a FBI investigation. In a way, DWS’s case is very similar. They could be considered sisters-in-crime.

Hillary would have her people smash the phones she used to send and receive sensitive governmental information with a hammer. Awan’s retrieved hard drives were also smashed.

This story has big implications. Since Awan had access to her emails and files, he may have been a leaker. He could have even been the guy to have leaked the DWS emails that prompted her resignation from the DNC post. This situation leads one to wonder about what sort of information was on those hard drives. Why might somebody smash them?

As Fox News reports, the Big Three broadcasting networks—ABC, CBC, and NBC—gave no coverage to the story on the date of its release. Since then coverage has been minuscule. During the height of Hillary’s email scandal mainstream media was similarly hush. It was the elephant in the room of potential stories they should have reported—yet they chose not to.

Cherry-picking stories to report is a clear indication of hypocrisy. The MSM will harp on about fake news, like Trump making white power hand gestures. But when their side of the aisle is hit with some bad news they act like nothing’s there.   

Related, after the news of the hard drives broke Awan was arrested for bank fraud while trying to flee the country to his home country of Pakistan. Guess how Awan’s attorney reported his arrest. If you guessed: Islamophobia. DING! You are correct. Intersectionalism (read: slothful rebuttal in lieu of zero defense) to the rescue!

Like Hillary did during her scandal, DWS is avoiding the press. Now even more infamous than she was after her resignation, DWS must be running around in a frenzy. What a nice little scandal this has turned into.


“Did you see how these two men sat today?” exclaimed MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on a segment of his show Trump Watch. He showed video of Trump and Putin sitting beside each other with their legs opened outwards. Chris Matthews dubbed these postures: manspreading—a posture demeaned as sexist by third-wave feminists, SJWs, and others worthy of being demeaned themselves.

“‘Nobody is going to out manspread me,’ you could hear their little psyches urging them on,” Matthews continued. Is that what he thought when he did the deed with his own legs at the recent Nantucket Film Festival? The endeavor of . . . dare I say it . . . manspreading . . . 

Chris Matthews manspreading his hardballs.



Media personality Kat Timpf was scheduled to speak at a campaign event for her friend Ben Kissel in Brooklyn. While at the event a man assaulted her by dousing her with water. Although, it is doubtful that you have heard much, if anything, about this because she’s associated with right-leaning networks like Fox and National Review.

On Twitter Kat explained, “a guy walks in, dumps an entire bottle of water on me.” Following the assault she wrote, “the very least he could have done was express what it was specifically that he had an issue with either before or after assaulting me.”  

Kat T. — the ‘T’ should stand for ‘Ten.’

Even though she is a libertarian and very critical of Trump, the left widely considers her guilty by association because of her connections to the right. And because of this, the left blew the incident off as not even being newsworthy. If she were a Democrat, it would probably have been made BREAKING STORY in the scrolling chyron.

Although it was only water, the incident was physical rather than verbal, and verbal assaults—if such thing actually exist— usually trigger leftists to freak out.

And where are the feminists? None have come out of the woodwork at the time of this writing. As the Women’s March On Washington showed us, the left claims to be for women’s rights, and fighting against violence against women. But it’s clear that there exists a double standard in cases involving females leaning to the right.

Mainstream media and feminists alike are all too often silent when it comes to actual violence, instead reporting on hypothetical sexism and a campus rape culture that doesn’t exist. If they were to be true to their word about caring for women, then they would report stories that affect the lives of all women. Rather, they resemble a circus acrobat funambulating along their flexible truth in an attempt to balance an ego-driven, virtue-signalled narrative.  

She may not be the most recognizable face in media. But she’s been a well-known figure in politics for years now. If any of the left’s women popular with the news media—like Hillary’s number one superfan Lena Dunham—were so much as looked at the wrong way, there would be gosh-darned fucking heck to pay.


While in Warsaw, Poland, Trump gave a speech to a large audience who roared in support. He spoke about the West’s history, as well as why it needed to be preserved. In response, the left condemned Trump and again made him out to be a narcissistic maniac out to seek world domination. *Yawn*. 

As every Proud Boy knows, the West is a glorious part of the world. It’s a shining star in the history books of human civilization. Especially compared to much of the rest of the world, the West promotes and spreads highly-valued human rights, freedom, justice and innovation. 

This is not how the left took Trump’s speech. When he said ‘West,’ they heard ‘white.’ The same color of skin leftists believe oppresses the world. Now because they think that’s what he meant, everybody else has to put down the real work they were doing and try to explain to them how that makes no sense.

Even much of the East ( . . .  maybe not so much the middle portion, mind you . . . ) enjoys the West. And this is made obvious by just looking at pop culture in Asia. If you were to watch any Korean pop music video you would most likely see the girls wearing NBA jerseys and the guys wearing Bart Simpson t-shirts. They even sprinkle in English lyrics into their songs! 

The only people with a vehement dislike of the West seem to be leftists and Middle Easterners, so let’s use them both in an example. While using identity politics to knock the U.S., Joy Reid, MSNBC’s host of AM Joy, said, “Are we going to be the last Western country on Earth” to elect a woman president? 

At least in the West we give women the chance to become their country’s leader. In the Middle East they stone their women and don’t allow them to leave the house by themselves. Just because a woman hasn’t been a U.S. President doesn’t mean that there is a systemic prejudicial force stopping it from happening. Somethings just take longer than others to play out.

If the left wants to criticize Trump’s positive comments about the West, then they should stop actually enjoying the features of the West that he spoke highly of. As our women play music while driving their cars to go vote in democratic elections, the left should take a moment to recognize that Middle Eastern women are not allowed to do any of the things I just mentioned in their native countries.


I sure hope that Hillary gets the chance to discuss this next one in her recently announced, upcoming book What Happened just so I know what NOT to believe.

Politico reports, “A Ukrainian-American operative who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee met with top officials in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington in an effort to expose ties between Trump, top campaign aide Paul Manafort and Russia, according to people with direct knowledge of the situation.” At face value that sounds more fishy than the leftist’s usual explanation: that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia because . . . uh . . . just trust them, k?

This story broke in January via Politico, but it has not picked up too much traction until recently. Now that it has been receiving a decent bit of airtime on the more conservative networks the left has been handed a decision—to either be fair and report the story, or, to ignore it. In large part, they chose to ignore it. A theme I’ve addressed elsewhere throughout this article.

Adam Schiff is a Ranking Member on the House Intelligence committee and one of the more frequent guests on many of the cable news shows where he tends to tackle the Trump/Russia collusion controversy. He was recently brought onto MSNBC to discuss the DNC/Ukrainian controversy and he totally downplayed it. He felt that comparing the Trump/Russian collusion to the DNC/Ukrainian collusion was like comparing a “bank robbery to writing a check with insufficient funds.” 

It’s so interesting to see Adam Schiff speaking so softly about the DNC’s situation and then see the left up in arms over Trump/Russia. Their arms must be tired because they have also been frantic over the meeting between several Russians, Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner, with the previous three having to defend themselves in front of the Senate as a result. To not be partisan, the left should also push for DNC operatives to be put in front of the Senate for a hearing of their own.

You know that the world is in an odd place when its biggest story is a conspiracy. 

As the MSM spends half its time covering the alleged Trump/Russia collusion when reporting on Trump-related stories, the public scratches their heads in bewilderment. The MSM and the left as a whole have their horse-blinders on. All they can see are Trump/Russian conspiracies. As much as the left mocks Alex Jones, they sure have become comfortable sailing those same conspiratorial waters.

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Charles Fletcher

Written by Charles Fletcher

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