Lobotomise the Left

Unicorn fashion, multiple genders, the Harry Potter nation—something has to be done, contends Based Odin!

It’s no secret that the far-left are mentally deranged zombies processing their petty existences through a clusterfuck hive-mind. We’ve seen evidence of this through their unabashed normalisation of gender fluidity, and the way they froth at the mouths during protests like horny hounds wanting to cannibalise their own kind. Now we have new evidence to suggest the further degradation of the left wing mentality, something altogether insidious and sly: the rising trend of destroying historical monuments. You’ve seen the chaos in Charlottesville and read the steady stream of headlines suggesting which historical statues should be torn asunder next. These Bolshevik Bastards don’t want these monuments destroyed because of some crusade to right the wrongs of the past. They want to delete these marble memoirs from the pages of history so they can rewrite it to fit their hysterical agenda. Now that is real Hitler tier bullshit. One of the trademarks of pure fascism. In this current year, in this current society of “progressive” thought we have opted to give a platform to cartels of demented dolts. I say shame on the media for pedalling this hogwash and allowing it to reach a wider audience. Media outlets like the BBC and the Guardian are providers of emotional disorder in the United Kingdom, and the western world.

To add to the absurdity there is an ascending trend in unicorn fashion. Grown women, and men, dressing like unicorns and making themselves look like a glitter monster has spunked over their faces. When I attended Boomtown this year I was overwhelmed by a myriad of bizarre human/unicorn hybrids. A lot of them even sported Corbyn t-shirts. Obviously. This is the typical behaviour of the degenerate left. They have no concept of the real world and have spent their lives being mollycoddled by middle class institutes and overprotective parents. Their reality is steeped in fantasy, the Harry Potter nation. The utopian ideals of socialism have infested their minds like parasites, distorting their view of the world. So they dress like unicorns, they identify as multiple genders, and they compare real world issues to video games and fantasy novels and films. Then when an event occurs that they don’t like, something that supposedly goes against their utopian vision, they take to the streets and cause turmoil for everyone, because in their minds they think they’re fighting Voldemort, they think they are in the midst of some epic battle, campaigning against some tyrannical regime of monsters and Nazis. Their minds have become bloated and are slowly decaying, like Don Quixote they have been driven to madness by fantastical tales of good vs evil, never fully understanding that fiction is only fiction. But maybe the seeds of madness were already there, just waiting to be watered.

SJW millennials, the Harry Potter generation.

Amidst the pandemonium created by the far left there doesn’t seem to be a solution in which to settle these unsettling times. I think back to a time, a more pleasant time, a more wholesome time when people of a certain mental persuasion would be locked up and kept hidden away from the functioning world where they couldn’t poison society’s water with their dysfunctional views, thus turning the frigging liberals gay. Some of the more unruly residents of the asylums would be lobotomised in order for them to become more obedient. In an era where the insane are allowed to run rampant like an Ann Summers dildo, where is the mass lobotomisation of the far left?

If this were to come to fruition, what would the endgame be? If you think about it, whole organisations like Antifa could be transformed into docile slaves ready to serve the sane and proud world. This could not be considered inhumane as they already live as slaves; they just serve the wrong masters. The modern slave is not bound by race or religion, they would be achieving everything they ever wanted, a multi-ethnic society of dribbling spastics working together to make the world more prosperous for us proud westerners. Sure they would be mopping up excrement and doing the jobs that would make normal people vomit into their hands, but it’s better than them rioting in the streets for a cause funded by the global elite. Eventually we would have to create a beta breeding programme where we lock up swathes of the most beta males and females in cattle factories to birth future generations of pre-lobtomised slaves, each man and woman would be hooked to elaborate machines with giant python like tubes vomiting spunk from the men and into the women. Their eyes would be exposed to endless videos of pornography spliced with footage from Soviet Russia and Jeremy Corbyn rallies to ensure constant stimulation. After all it is hard to sexually stimulate a lobotomised freak.




Written by Based Odin

Based Odin is a second degree Proud Boy in the United Kingdom.

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