It’s Okay to Rape a Nazi

Law & Order SVU is in it’s 19th season. Oftentimes their story lines are inspired by actual events and conflated with a dose of creative license. Last night, however, Dick Wolf and his team of writers produced an episode entitled “Info Wars” (really?) that supplanted the typically stoic procedural drama with fan-fiction written by Tumblr moderator.

It begins with Ann Coulter Martha Cobb giving a speech at Hudson, a university in New York City.

Right from the start you have a Confederate Flag, MAGA hats, skinheads, and a poorly drawn Pepe. Although this will be addressed later in the episode, take note of the bespectacled gentleman standing in the middle of the image. His name is Randy Platt and he represents the “Patriots for the American Way”. Alongside him are a few of his supporters.

You’ll notice that two of them are wearing the unmistakable yellow-tipped Fred Perry which happens to be a wardrobe staple for the Proud Boys. Within minutes the event devolves into a riot. It isn’t until the scene has been cleared that Martha Cobb is found having been sexually assaulted with a sign post.

It’s at this moment that an already cringe worthy episode shifts gears into a one-sided political diatribe. The detectives arrive on scene and replace Special Victims Unit protocol with Virtue Signaling instead. Routine questioning of potential witnesses is replaced with lectures and admonishment. This is evident in the questioning of the President of the Young Conservative’s Club, who organized the event. When asking him who was in attendance, one brash detective can’t help but answer for him.

White Supremacists. Nazis. Wannabe KKK members, any group I’m missing?

Back at headquarters they begin to examine the evidence discuss what the rape victim’s political beliefs are, which I assume is not common practice.

You know she wants all Jews and Muslims to convert to Christianity.

She’s a troll…

The sexual assault is now no longer an attack on an actual human being, but a set of beliefs. Attacking beliefs is more palatable than attacking a person. In an SVU first, they manage to create a rape victim that seems irredeemable in every measure. The next day Martha Cobb comes in for questioning and you’d think by her demeanor that being raped is just a minor obstacle in her day-to-day routine. After a lineup she identifies an Antifa member as the culprit.

If there was an doubt that Martha Cobb was a surrogate for Ann Coulter, the following scene at a book signing should make it a bit more clear.

One can’t help but notice the similarities between these stylized book covers and the real ones from Ann Coulter herself.

Now we get back to Randy Platt, a man who lives at home with his mother, who became an Internet celebrity due to the Hudson riot. At best he comes across as a Frankenstein or Alt Right caricature created by the Left.

It’s time white men stop being cucks and stand up to these uppity bitches.

As a result of this video he ends up being doxxed and his mother’s home is firebombed. The police’s response?

Karma’s a bitch.

Randy, now being a possible suspect or witness, is introduced as the Grand Wizard of the Patriots for the American Way and manages to deliver every trope imaginable. By the way, they never do get to investigating the fire bombing incident, but what’s a little terrorism against someone you don’t like?

Fast forward to the court proceedings it becomes unclear who is actually on trial. The judge allows the defense to cite passages from Martha’s books during questioning and the Prosecutor does not bother to object.The next day Randy Platt takes the stand where in addition to questions pertinent to the case, the Judge denies an objection and allows him to state which members of the jury he would purge for his ethnostate. Unbelievable. How any of this is allowed is beyond me. Clearly the case is not about Martha Cobb’s sexual assault, but what are perceived to be right-wing beliefs. By the end additional evidence comes to light where Randy Platt could have committed the rape. Due to this the prosecutor voluntarily dismisses the case as opposed to completing the trial. As for Martha, she seems to be just fine, now working on a book using her rape and the case as cannon fodder. She barely seems human at this point, choosing to meet with Detective Benson at the work place of the mans she identified as her rapist during the lineup.

In the end, what we have here is not a gritty procedural drama with its usual modus operandi, but instead a fetishized portrayal of rape and an attack on conservative beliefs. The very substance and structure of the show giving way to a hyper-stylized version of the Right as seen by the Left. Every attempt at humanizing one of these characters is quickly countered by a lecture regarding their beliefs, which leads to the only evident moral of the story, “It’s okay to rape a Nazi.”

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Written by The Elders


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