Indian Muslims Stuck In The Past, Remove Any Doubt Of Modernization

This week in: The West is the Best….

This week in: The West is the Best….


NEW DELHI– The Indian Supreme Court will decide this week if the ancient practice of Indian Muslims nullifying their own divorces, performed by a tacitly approving husband who agrees to divorce his wife by saying the word Talaq three times in a row in order to adjudicate the dissolution of marital bonds between man and wife, will continue to be acknowledged by Indian Law.


From Deutsche Welle:


Thousands of destitute and illiterate Muslim women in India have had to face the ignominy of triple talaq over the years. In recent times, reports suggest that men have even divorced their wives via text messages, phone calls or Skype.


According to the Indian Constitution, the many different religions and sects that make up the mosaic landscape of the second most populated country in the world are engendered by the scriptures of their religion to define the terms of many social practices, including that of marriage and divorce arrangements.


The largest issue being taken to court, on top of the fact that women are still considered as used farm equipment and baby factories in most Muslim-dominated societies, is the stalwart, resounding opposition to recognize any possible change to the way of life for women who live vicariously through other liberated women while peering through the poked holes of garbage bags and pastel-colored bed sheets for most of their adult lives.


From India Today:


Under fire from the Supreme Court on the issue of triple talaq, the All India Muslim Personal Board (AIMPB) is up to some damage control.


The cornered Muslim Board on Wednesday told the Supreme Court that it has decided to issue a circular to all qazis across the country that while finalizing ‘nikahnama’ (marriage contract) they must take an undertaking from the husband that he will not give triple talaq to his wife.


So while the third wave feminism movement in the West would have some believe that the numbers for rape and sexual assault are on par with that of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994, the numbers simply do not add up and this message has been lost on the fact that in the year 2017, parts of the East are still operating in the year 617….. B.C. The West is simply the best for providing the most equality and freedom the world has ever seen to those who joyfully live under its founding principles while some parts of this world fail to catch up to the modern day and age. Uhuru.


Written by Matthew Delphia

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