How to Survive Driving Through Islamberg with the Proud Boys

2nd Annual Ride for National Security was a huge success, no causalities

Imagine, if you will:

White people. White Christian people. Not simply regular Christians. But more like the Westboro Baptist Church.

With guns. Lots of Gun.

They don’t like gays.

They don’t like free speech.

They aren’t crazy about cops or the military.

They resent the United States for being too secular and “oppressing” them.

They treat woman as second-class citizens.

And they bought a piece of property in the middle of the woods to play by their own rules.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that some people up to no good get linked back to this radical . . . Christian . . . compound.

They recruit Aryan Brotherhood guys in prison. When they get out of prison this is the place they go. The founder and man who owns the property is a known (Christian) terrorist. Witnesses say the dead are brought to the entrance and left in the road. There are local reports and video of military maneuvers. There have also been weapons busts linked to the compound.

Muslims and Blacks naturally feel threatened by this ominous place in their own backyard and plan to drive down the pubic road that runs through the compound just to show they refuse to live in fear.

Got it?

Now let’s say the Christians in the compound say they can’t because they—and they alone—should determine who goes in and out of the compound. They don’t trust these law-abiding Muslims and Blacks (peaceful as they are). They won’t talk to press.

How many leftists would defend their right to privacy? How many reporters would be afraid to look like a bigot for following the story? Who would hide their heads in the sand when you said you wanted to ride down that road in defiance of their archaic, violent, hateful religious theocracy known for its resentment toward outsiders . . .

. . . Now flip that story . . . make the compound Muslim—and, ladies and gentlemen, we have Islamberg.

This past Saturday, July 15, 2017, was the second annual “Islamberg Exposed: Ride for Homeland Security,” organized by Joseph Glasgow and his group “Everything Patriot.”  It was advertised and delivered as promised to be a peaceful act of defiance involving concerned citizens.

Proud Boy Magazine got to ride along to report on the event many had concerns about.

One of the people with concerns was Dean Obeidallah, a writer for “the Daily Beast” and self-proclaimed “comedian.”  The title of his piece:

Trump-Supporting Bigots to Target Upstate New York Muslims

Fair and balanced that Daily Beast is. What a pile of rotten garbage. This walking friend-zone said we were going upstate to “harass and taunt an African American Muslim community.” Sounds legit.  Let’s take a look at the only flier we ever produced for the event to see how we were going to harass them:

. . . My God! What Monsters . . . wait:

No stopping.

No trespassing.

Being respectful of women and children.

No vandalism.

No bad language . . . or gestures . . . or SIGNS!?

These good for nothing white supremacists! We’re sooooooooo sneaky, we’re gonna be polite and respectful just to spite them! Almost like we’re not there to harass anyone at all, and the “African American” part has nothing to do with the ride. Almost like we had legit concerns. For instance:

And the fact that this happened just one month prior:

Quick! Sweep that under the rug, Daily Beast! If that got out, it’d make you look stupid or something. It’s almost as if there’s more to this place than merely a community “founded in 1980 by Muslims, primarily African American, to escape the crime and racism of the big city.” Yes, we all fondly remember New York in the 1980s; a racist hellscape run by the Klan. The constantly harassment of black people. Victims of racist crime everywhere.

Daily Beast, when you’re fed this garbage, do you even ask for follow-ups?  Or do you just nod and say, “Yeah, those Ed Koch years must have been a hot bed of racism,” and move on?

Our goal was a peaceful drive in the country. And that goal was met.

If this was indeed a peaceful community of “. . . true American patriots,” as stated by Islamberg’s official community spokesman, Muhammad Matthew Gardner, then what’s the big deal? Join us.  Cheer us on. Line the road, wave some flags, lets party! Or Muhammad Matthew Gardner could have returned our organizers requests for an interview, or a tour with a limited group of media. That would have shown us what’s what! We would have learned how little interest you had in terrorism, or violence and really would have had egg on our face . . . but, oh yeah, this:

. . . and how the guy caught with those guns last month said they were being delivered to Islamberg . . . for us.

You could have joined us. Showed us the neighborhood. Instead you stockpiled weapons and told us there would be a protest against us. The Johnson City bust made things awkward so when we got there Saturday, State Police informed us the counter-protest had been cancelled. There was even talk that Antifa wanted in on the act to help defend this poor community from the “biker scourge.”  Well, no doubt they’d be there to stand in counter-protest peacefully with respect, as we were telling our people:

. . . well, that’s gonna make the barbecue awkward. We were gonna ask you to bring the paper plates. too. Antifa did not come either, despite the fact that some of their Facebook events bragged that 3,000 protesters were there. It was a lie. We did not see a single one.

Perhaps it was too far. Perhaps they had a change of heart. Perhaps it’s ’cause the people on that land wouldn’t have been too keen on getting re-educated about the evils of the patriarchy and learning about every newly invented gender.

We were interviewed in the staging area by young reporters wearing their best “unbiased” face, but their eyes and smarmy tone of voice couldn’t wait to run back to their computer and figure out how they were going to rhyme “Nazi” with “American.” It’s funny ’cause they didn’t come along.  Neither did Dean, the asexual-looking guy from the Daily Beast. These liberal reporters didn’t want to ride down a country road. Why? It’s just a peaceful community. You’re journalists, right? Isn’t that what your moms tell their friends at work?

Why didn’t you come? At the very least, you could report on ALL the harassment and inappropriate behavior the Proud Boys, Red Elephants, 3%ers, Bikers for Trump, Oath Keepers, Veterans, and “racists” clearly pretending to be “patriots.” Is it because of this?

Right . . . That . . .

Fact is, we had a peaceful ride as planned. The only locals we encountered were three guys who took multiple pictures of all the vehicles that came through—probably for their scrap book. In fact, here they are:

They keep saying they are an isolated religious community, like the “Amish.” Never saw an Amish guy wearing fatigues before. The only time we saw other locals was when we got off of the trail and a local man who lived just outside the compound was stood in front of a giant American flag planted on his house, cheering us on. He might have a few stories. We parked in a gravel lot to say our goodbyes and decided where to go eat and couldn’t help but notice some other gentleman, also in fatigues, staring a hole through us, taking pictures, and watching us ride off.

Probably a guy from inside the compound trying to show how fiercely patriotic he was.

The Daily Beast’s article couldn’t help but identify every single person they spoke about in their article by race first, just so you know who to root for. Then they implied we were there to do something unthinkable.

As Islamberg spokesperson Muhammad Matthew Gardner told me, the greatest concern is for the children of their community. “We tell them be proud of who they are,” Gardner added. But how do you explain to a young child why people are protesting you simply because of your faith? Or even worse, plotting to attack or kill you, as in the case of Robert Doggart?

Interesting. Well you could always reach out to us and ask. I know the good folks from “Everything Patriot” reached out to you and had some questions that could clear some stuff up. I mean, none of us had any ties to Robert Doggart, but people coming to harm you usually don’t call State Police ahead of time and ask them to be there, y’know?  If they are the fierce patriots they say they are I’m sure you can’t stand “other” evil Muslims dragging your name through the mud and would like to work together to fix your image, no?  But, oh, right . . .

Not sure how good of a relationship you have with the truth, and we certainly won’t sit there and let you pet our bellies like your castrated lapdogs at the Daily Beast. But I’d love to talk, even to just disagree, like true Americans.

Nothing bad happened on either side, which is good and they way it ought to be. Nothing bad happens peacefully driving down most roads in America. This past Saturday, on Muslims Road in Islamberg, one of our goals was to not show fear. Another was to have top ranking State Police suits and brass be endured in their confines if only for a little while. I am happy to say both those goals were achieved.

I’m sure liberals, and Marxists, and the leftist media will read this and still find a way to call it “racist harassment” while ignoring everything we said and everything we saw. That’s fine. The truth isn’t you’re game. I’m sure a guy like Dean from the Daily Beast will defend Islamberg to the last breath no matter what footage comes out of it, no matter how many known terrorists fund them, so I’ll end with a fun fact . . .

FUN FACT: Islamberg is located by one of the biggest reservoirs in New York which supplies drinking water for New York City.

Sleep tight, liberal America.

PawL BaZiLe

Written by PawL BaZiLe

Pawl is a film director and journalist living in New Jersey. Pawl is a fan of history and avid reader with a background in theater. He has used his debate skills to win over 30 Internet arguments. Pawl Bazile directed a punk rock documentary called “Living the American Nightmare” and is currently working on a motorcycle film called “Savage”. For Proud Boy Magazine, Pawl is in charge of digital media, new programming, and talent relations. He takes his coffee black. Follow him on Twitter @PawLBAZiLe.

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