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President Trump + Colonel Sanders BFFs 4 EVA

First CNN breaks the news that President Trump gets two scoops of ice cream while everybody else gets just one. Then Politico runs a story that Trump is . . . out of shape. Politico’s report, Is The President Fit was apparently so important that MSNBC decided to broadcast it as a featured story, recruiting additional pundits to weigh in.

At least the story is finally about something other than Russia. What a relief! Or, I should say, Какое облегчение!

With stories like these, Trump may actually wish to be caught for treason—the penalty being the sweet release of death, after all. How can anybody live in such an embarrassing state of health? I realize politics is a bloodsport (emphasis on ‘blood’ for the Hillary Clinton conspiracy theorists out there). But this shot at Trump is a gutterball. It hardly has any push or coherent direction behind it.

Things get a bit wacky during MSNBC’s segment. In relation to Trump’s health, the host Chris Jansing asks, “Is this ultimately in keeping with the personality that is about a lack of discipline?” She substantiates this lack of discipline by alleging his reckless golf cart behavior. Oh my. Such danger. Don’t cross this guy’s path.

She continues: “Obama was fanatical about his workout.” However video reveals that Obama pumped off 10-pound shoulder presses with remarkably bad form and certainly doesn’t give the impression that Obama was “fanatical.” Could her comment be another example of fake news? You can be the judge.

Trump’s health does need to be given regular attention. He is 71-years-old. But is that deserving of a story or is it just common sense that his health should be given a close eye? To me, it just seems like these news outlets (primarily CNN and MSNBC in this instance) are simply attempting to turn the public against him with yet another sensationalist and hyperbolic report. There are more important things to discuss than Trump’s weight, so they should probably stick to those.

Is Trump in tip-top shape? I think I’m safe in saying: no. He doesn’t have the physique of the Fittest Man On Earth Rich Froning Jr . . . Nor does he carry the load of the hefty Republican William Taft, the heaviest President in U.S. history. At around 350 pounds, Taft needed special bathtubs to accommodate his girth. I highly doubt Trump will need one of those. But if he does, I guarantee you it will be made of gold.

In comparison, Trump has been cited as weighing 236 pounds. In 1992 Bill Clinton’s campaign released medical information which notes that Slick Willy weighed 240 pounds. They are the same height at 6’2”.

Where is the media to be found on Bill’s weight? Do they think that he was physically unfit to be President as they do Trump? He sure didn’t get that heavy from eating bundles of fruits. Maybe he indulged a bit too much. Perhaps he treated a few too many meals like it was the 4th of July.

Over at Everyday Feminism they took a common stance that you may hear from the Left which legitimizes being overweight as a non-issue, claiming in their article, “Body-shaming is ubiquitous and abhorrent.” In a similar rumination, a Huffington Post writer discusses how she “fussed over how inconsiderate people can be” when raising the point that she has gained weight.

The Left is frequently outspoken against body-shaming. They propagandize its safeguarding while trying to prevent its ‘victims’ from being swallowed whole—the insatiable beast known as body-shaming does not chew.

Alas the President must be a special case. Why doesn’t he fall under their usual model of principles?

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Charles Fletcher

Written by Charles Fletcher

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