Exposing the Media’s Agenda Against Disaster Responders

Alt-Left fake news embarrasses themselves negatively spinning Proud Boys’ relief efforts

Let’s say you’re in the mainstream media… I know, gross, but hold your nose and pretend with me.  You’re in the media and you have a living pushing your agenda.  Enter a group of people who disagree with you… enter the Proud Boys.  A politically incorrect men’s social club who thinks you’re full of shit.  You’re the media so you know what to do… attack!

You take the Proud Boys and lump them in with all the worst of the worst: Nazis, White Nationalists, Homophobes, the KKK.  Make them one in the same to try to kill this “movement” of men refusing to accept your world view in it’s crib.  When they deny the allegations; say they’re lying, of course.  They’re a white supremacist organization who doesn’t want you to know they’re a white supremacist organization and will go so far as to have members of various background, creeds, nationalities, colors, and sexual proclivities….

…those sneaky Petes.

Then, those damn trickster Proud Boys do something really diabolical: During a national crisis involving a hurricane they organize themselves to help as many people as they can.

Now what?  All the media has are words, but the people they are desperately grasping at the thinnest of straws to slander just won the pissing contest you started by ignoring your bullshit and speaking with our actions.

You have several options: Ignore it.  Cover it fairly.  Admit perhaps jumping the gun on having such a harsh mis-characterization in our strained political climate.  Acknowledge what sets this group apart from insane fascist groups instead of trying in vain to link them.  Give credit to the Proud Boys for taking action to help suffering American regardless of political affiliation.

…Or, double down and accuse the rescue workers of being white supremacists and focus solely on the “protecting areas from looters” aspect  while ignoring the search and rescue, clearing debris, resupplying communities, and cooperating with local authorities.

Yeah, I guess you can do that too, as was the case with this ABC reporter:

The man in this video handled that beautifully.  There he is, physically drained and emotionally exhausted and this bitch is licking her lips to push her agenda of the mysterious “white supremacists” whose “elders” commanded them to help.  Way to shut that pig down.  She’s standing with fucking heroes, in the middle of shear devastation and she wants to twist the story into her narrative so bad she can taste it.   It’s one of the most obvious examples of shameless divisiveness I’ve ever seen.  She wasn’t alone.

Meet dickhead, Aaron Sankin.  Aaron wrote for the bathroom wall known as the Huffington Post and has since been demoted to the blog, the Reveal News.  Why doesn’t he just shout his column out a car window, more people would hear it.  In the past he’s written about Antifa referring to them only as “anti-fascist protestors” (doesn’t have the same ring to it as “domestic terrorist organization”) and judged a Berkeley organizers for putting antifa in the same category as “white supremacists”.

Aaron Sankin wrote Proud Boy Magazine for comments on the Hurricane relief effort by the Proud Boys:

“Reporter”.  Adorable.  You can already tell by the ham-handed mention of anti-looting “patrols” it’s clear that’s all he cares about about.  A quick google search of his past work confirms the set up.  However, we wanted to be polite and tactful:

He replied:

I’m hardly going to feed the Houston Proud Boys into an easy-to-read “hit piece”.

…and I meant that too.  If he said “I think it’s dangerous you guys are down there, I’m against it, and want to hear your side of the story” it would have at least been fair.  We could have disagreed, but tell our side of it.

And. Here. We. Go.

Ahhhhh, Charlottesville.  He would have known how we felt about Unite the Right with the quickest of searches on this site.  An event we’ve eaten nothing but shit from the whiny butthurt “alt-right” for not going, and then correctly labeling it the disaster that it was.

(more from Aaron)

“Backlash” = People bitching on the internet.  I responded:

Forgive my grammar, it’s an email typed with my thumbs.

I know, I’m very fuzzy and vague.  Aaron must be saying “what’s this mystery man thinking”.  How much more cut and dry can we be, really?  I continued:

That’s just it isn’t it?  In what, insane universe, does this indoctrinated Bay Area hipster toolbox write a piece with a remotely fair characterization?  Is he going to have a change of heart?  Is he going to learn things with new information??

No evidence of this except this disingenuous blogger telling me.  (watch it not come up in his piece whatsoever, predictably)

Blah, blah, blah…. blahblahblahblah.  Yeah, he’s real concerned with our safety.

No matter what, he’s going to keep saying “alt right” and “proud boys”.

I responded:


Get your bullshit detectors on:

Here’s the link with attached video.

Some guy he wrote about broke up a crowd of Antifa… hardly acted as a human shield.  Let’s quote Aaron in that very article written by anonymous “Reveal Staff”…

“The altercation was caught on video by Mother Jones journalist Shane Bauer, who identified the aggressors as anti-fascist protesters, sometimes called antifa. He also said the man being beaten may have been a member of the alt-right.”

Again, carefully labeling Antifa simply “anti-fascist protestor”, not pro-marxist, alt-left, extreme left, communists, anarchists, but doesn’t hesitate to speculate on the victim “may have been alt-right” (not simply “consersavtive” as he said when talking to me), almost excusing the attackers.  The story is more about how cool his friend is for disagreeing that a guy needed to be kicked to death  (all on camera of course).  The story was entirely about themselves.  Hardly the scathing expose I was thinking about.

I didn’t reply and waited to witness the fair, even handed reporting of the story:

Ummmmm…… this doesn’t seem like it has fuck all to do with the Proud Boys.  With good reason: It doesn’t.  Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story, right guys?  I’m sure this dip shit knew not to lead with saying, I want your guys to be interviewed for “the Hate Report” it may have been a tad.. off putting.

Cool.  So focusing totally on Charlottesville despite that fact that you were told point blank we have no interest in those groups and weren’t there.

(*Hey, remember the part of his email where he was protecting the Proud Boys from the real Alt-Right guys.  Watch for that to go out the window.)

Cute.  “European culture“.

No.  Western culture, in other words American culture.  A culture of ideas.  We don’t give two shits for Sweden.  We celebrate a culture of ideas, not race or ethnicity.  But Aaron can’t write that, can he?  That sounds like something not too bad.  Maybe some of his readers will wonder “what’s the big deal?”.  But European, yes.  That implies white, and that implies racism…. which doesn’t have a place in the Proud Boys.  Fucking word weasel.

…And look at that.  Focusing on the “anti-looting” (which was not a patrol).  Who fucking called it?  Be less transparent ass-head.

Now is where I get to call him a liar.  Liar.

He made no such request.  I just posted our email exchange, please point out where he “demanded proof” that we kicked out UTR attendees.  How about the fact that Jason Kessler was on TGMS the day after UTR where him not being a Proud Boy was referred to and Gavin went on to disavow anyone involved with Charlottsville in several mediums mediums.

I wonder why no one trusts the media anymore, you fucking snake.  Liar.  Libel fucking liar.

Good job  focus on the criticism, not the deed.

Lying.  Liar.  Lies.  Way to mislead.  Such a self satisfied shit.  Pepper sprayed?  Did you mention this:

Or this:

or this:


I’m sure Aaron was beside himself watching those.  Can’t wait to see all the hard hitting columns he does and what Antifa leaders he calls out.

The internet isn’t short of examples of Antifa violence, but they best reference this “writer” has is maybe, possibly, allegedly some people who might or might not have been Proud Boys pepper sprayed a crowd around their car while being pelted with rocks.  Nice job having your fingers on the pulse.

I guess that act of defense was shocking to him… never mind the countless examples of trademark organized Antifa violence, even by college faculty:

Must have flown under Aaron’s radar.  How about Crowder exposing Antifa passing out weapons and talking about firearms they brought to a Ben Shapiro speech?  No story there:

…the above video also exposes how the media, media like ABC, media like Reveal News, is supporting Antifa and their tactics by ignoring them, while trying to spin literally everything a group like the Proud Boys do into somehow being a nefarious act of cloaked sinister violence.

I want people to see all the email exchanges and the resulting article because when it’s plainly in your face, it’s no question how dishonest the media is.  People like Aaron Sankin hear something good and charitable carried out by people they don’t care for politically, and almost break their necks trying to spin it into “the secret evil agenda” we must have.  Antifa can beat on a man in front of them (by his own admission, almost to death) and it’s handled in an even handed way which also implies the victim of the attack was provoking the “protesters” with his probable “alt-rightness”.  Disgusting.

Start up the sue machine.


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