Gays act gay with gays at gay party during gay week gayly…. for Trump.

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So, needless to say, there I was… surround by men.  Only 2 things were on their minds: Cock, and a Wall.  That’s right, for the purposes of journalism (and nothing more) I was in attendance at Milo Yiannopoulis’s book event for the release of “Dangerous“.  The event came at the end of Pride Week and it was a who’s who of New York conservatism attended by Pax Hart, Chadwick Moore, Oz Sultan, Martina Markota, Jovi Val, and several Proud Boys including an extremely sleeveless Stephen McCarthy.

The venue was changed at the 11th hour due to liberal pressure on the original hosting establishment.  Jue Lan Club Restaurant decided against having the reserved event and for their intellectual intolerance right wingers did the measured thing and leveled their yelp with bad reviews.  Play with fire, you get burned.  Could you imagine the coverage of a gay event getting cancelled for being too progressive?  I hope they felt good booting out gays during Pride Week.

Who would have thought a room full of gays would be chanting ‘build a wall’ -Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo spoke as his drag character “Ivanna Wall”.  He reminded the crowd how despicable the media has been, especially with their terrible coverage of the Pulse Night Club shooting in Orlando in which the media refused to label it Islamic Terrorism attacking gays.

Progressive groups in general no longer own the groups they thought they did. -Milo

Milo has represented the changing face of conservatism since breaking onto the scene.  The left can’t stand him because they built their flimsy arguments on the foundation of identity politics.  If all these gays are conservative, and all these other conservatives don’t seem to have a problem with gays, then maybe, just maybe, they’re listening to the ideas of the speaker rather than trying to put people into little boxes.

I learned many things that night.  I learned what a “popper” was.  I learned I am consider a “Leather Cub”, (which of course is is a rotund man with body hair under 5 foot 9 inches who might dress like he’s in Judas Priest from time to time).  Mostly I learned; we’re winning.  Identity politics is fading fast, and the conservatives in this country are truly the ones with the big tent.

Damn it, don’t judge us!!

Below is the Milo speech from the Coming Out Conservative Party in it’s entirety:

Video by Joe Hilyard

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