CLUSTERFUCK EXTRAVAGANZA: Unite the Right Was Embarrassing for Everyone

Strawman Comes to Life

Well, “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville Virginia ran like a Swiss watch. But just to be silly, let’s knit pick, shall we?

  • People marching with torches like the KKK while doing Nazi salutes
  • Virginia declared a state of emergency
  • Trump supporters following the likes of white nationalist Richard Spencer, Neo-Nazi Stormfronter writers, and former klansman David Duke (making it more of a “Join the Dark Side” rally)
  • 1 Dead and 19 injured in a car attack
  • Police helicopter deployed to get the event under control ended up crashing, leaving 2 dead cops
  • The President of the United States himself putting the rally on blast
  • National Guard being called in
  • Easily avoidable street violence


Here’s an actual photograph of me watching right wingers go to “Unite the Right”:

Everyone get what they wanted?  Happy?  Cause here’s what it accomplished in no particular order:

  • Validated to lefts irrational fears that Trump supporters are Nazis bubbling under the surface
  • Made Richard Spencer and David Duke the face of the right
  • Chased black and Jewish conservatives away with a stick
  • Handed our moral high ground to Antifa
  • Put 1st responders lives needlessly at risk
  • Plenty of footage of black people being called racial slurs
  • Made it next to impossible for rational conservative organizers to get permits in the future
  • The right is more divided and alienated than ever
  • Trump will have an uphill battle to get re-elected
  • Didn’t attract a single new conservative



I hope they all enjoyed the little “street performance” with their KKK pals.  THANK GOD THE PROUD BOYS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT.

“…Hey man, I went for free speech”.  Yawn.  Can’t wait to read that in the comments.  I’m glad you like free speech, so do I… I guess you’ll be at the next Linda Sarsour speech or commie rally or NAMBLA meet up protecting the speakers?  Of course not.  Can’t help but notice all these free speech “purists” are the same people clutching their pearls when we give a forum to a smart conservative with a good writing ability who’s trans like Theryn Meyer.  We all support free speech and as Gavin McInnes pointed out, because we support even the worst ideas “right” to be expressed, “doesn’t mean you have to show up to every event”.  You might want to be selective about…. you know… klan lead white supremacist rally’s.

“….But why can’t I have white pride?  What’s wrong with being white?”  You boring, inbred, fucks… nothing.  Same as what’s wrong with being black…. nothing.  We don’t stand up against hate groups like Black Lives Matter cause they’re black, we’re against them cause they’re hate groups.  As of yesterday, it looks like some people were just jealous it was a hate group that didn’t include them.

“….But I’m not even a Nazi”.  No shit, huh? I’ll bet your straight too, but hang out in gay bars wearing hot pants, huh?  Funny thing is when you’re not a Nazi you tend not to be wandering around the south holding torches with David fuck Duke.  You tend not to be creaming about your white pride.  You tend not to be endorsing actual NAZIS.  So forgive us simple folk who don’t see the subtitle nuance of your politics in that scenario.

“…but the left is worse”.  Not anymore.  You handed them, on a silver platter, the cartoonish villain they made free market conservatives, libertarians, and normal republican voters out to be.  The lie became real.  The people at “UTR” were the lefts clowns and used as puppets by white nationalists obsessed with the racial identity politics we’ve been speaking against from day one.  AntiFa vs. the Alt-Right were segregationists against segregationists.  The proud boys are saying “we’re against segregation!  We’re all westerners.  Let the best ideas win”.

(The following will be totally ignored by our Leftist Critics) 

It was called “Unite the Right” so what great conservative thinkers were there??  Thomas Sowell?  Ben Sharipo?  Ann Coulter?  Dinesh D’souza?  Milo?  Crowder??  Tucker???  Ron Paul??  Gavin McInnes and the world famous Proud Boys???  Nope.  Just white nationalists.  But thanks for calling it “UNITE the Right”.  That way they media can lump us all together anyway.

It showed actual leadership and character that the Proud Boys had nothing to with this circle jerk.  The media had a turkey shoot calling actual violent Nazis, violent (ignoring the roll the left played completely).  They crucify anything to the right of Karl Marx, but now they were just handed all the ammo they needed to scare any normal conservatives away from Trump in the next election cycle.  This is the best thing that could have happened to Antifa.  It was finally the photo opp that made them the “good guys”.

In a fucked, twisted way, some misguided people felt the need to make the Alt-Rights crowds look fuller than the 12 guys who normally show up to brag about how many times they read Mein Kampf.  They’re frustrated and tired of getting called a Nazi.  The odds are stacked against us and they wanted to throw in with anyone who wasn’t gonna throw piss on them for asking if 57 genders isn’t a bit much.  We tried not to “punch right” (note: this rule apparently does not apply to the Alt Right who have spiritual obligation to say the word “Cuck” every 10 minutes or their heads explode).  They saw how fucked Antifa was and how sympathetic their liberal co-workers were to them, and said “fuck it, let’s side with our own violent extremist rioters”.  It failed.

(The following will be totally ignored by our Alt-Right Critics)

If you’re on the left, this is all your fault.  Not Antifa either, the moderate left who threw in with Occupy Wall Street, BLM, Antifa, BAMN, SPLC, and others.  It’s on you.  You stayed silent while cities burned and tripped over yourself making excuses for violent extremists (even painting them as peaceful protesters).  Fuck you and your mothers.  This past weekend did not represent the typical conservative, but I don’t hear shit from YOU about that.  You’ve done enough damage and you don’t get to talk anymore.  Let the adults handle their business.

The progressive’s dirty little secret is they WANTED this.  They called anyone who disagreed with them “Nazi” and “Fascist” for so long, average people thought, fuck it, I guess Nazis can’t be so bad because the left gets everything else wrong.  By showing up and promising all the violence they delivered, the liberal side inspired this rally’s numbers to blow up.  If you stayed home and just let people you disagree with be wrong, it would have just been another small, uninspired legal gathering.  Progressive anti-white rhetoric is what is normalizing and popularizing white nationalism.

People died this weekend.  Blue Lives Matter, right?  Two dead cops.  I didn’t bother asking who they voted for before I felt sick to my stomach about it so I guess that makes me a “Cuck”.  That helicopter they crashed in wouldn’t have been in the air if Virginia didn’t declare a s”State of Emergency” because of the performance artists on both sides playing Commies and Nazis.  Those guys don’t ever get to have a Christmas with their families again.

A first responder in Virginia from this past weekend (anonymously) had this to say:

“When people abuse their freedom of speech and turn speech into violence they cause an enormous burden on first responders not only putting their safety at risk unnecessarily but also taking them away from responding to the law abiding citizens of the US.”

A confirmed fascist guy also ran into a crowd of people injuring 19 and killing one girl.  I didn’t ask who she voted for before I formed my opinion either.  She wasn’t Isis.  She was just like everyone else that day, doing a thing cause they believed in something silly.  She’s dead for absolutely no reason cause a dickless psychopath thought he was a “revolutionary”.  I feel horrible for her mother…. but hey, I heard some alt-right guys took a commie flag, so “totally” worth it, right?

Say bye-bye to future events. Not to mention it instantly killed our moral high-ground and “the Left is crazy for thinking that everything is ‘Literately Hitler'” argument.  Next time an Islamic radical runs into a crowd with a car every liberal will ONLY bring up Charlottesville.  It destroyed a well-built rapport with the police too. “The cops didn’t have our backs!”  Gee, I can’t imagine why…

The left are whining insecure brats who value feelings over facts and the Alt Right are exactly the same thing except they also let the left define who they are:

“Trump is Hitler!” – “Maybe Hitler had some good ideas”

“Black Lives Matter!” – “White Lives Matter!”

“Racists!” –  “What wrong with putting your own race 1st?”

“You’re KKK” – “KKK are just Southern pride”

Stupid.  Stunning, shocking, shameful, embarrassingly stupid.  The unforgivably boring force meets the relentlessly annoying object.  Instead of looking for the truth, the alt-right just listens to the lefts lying narrative about the right which lets themselves off the hook for every shameful thing in American history (including but not limited to slavery, eugenics, segregation, fascism, the klan) and the alt- right says “but I like that narrative”.

Both sides accrue the most mentally unstable violent shitheads they can find.  I have never been prouder to be a proud boy, cause the proud boys had nothing to do with that shit show.  If Unite the Right had a head, I’d be happy to see it severed in the hands of Trump himself.  Some master race.



PawL BaZiLe

Written by PawL BaZiLe

Pawl is a film director and journalist living in New Jersey. Pawl is a fan of history and avid reader with a background in theater. He has used his debate skills to win over 30 Internet arguments. Pawl Bazile directed a punk rock documentary called “Living the American Nightmare” and is currently working on a motorcycle film called “Savage”. For Proud Boy Magazine, Pawl is in charge of digital media, new programming, and talent relations. He takes his coffee black. Follow him on Twitter @PawLBAZiLe.

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