Anonymous Has A Warning. Who Cares?



“All the signs of a looming war on the Korean peninsula are surfacing, watching as each country moves strategic pieces into place but unlike past world wars, although there will be ground troops, the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick.” says a robot voice from technology available in 2004. A shadowy figure appears wearing a Guy Fawkes mask bobbing his head dramatically to emphasize the speech legacy voice bot is reciting. Of course, I’m talking about the latest “Anonymous” video meant to be a big eye opener to us uninformed swine that live in the real world. (

The six minute video posted on youtube ( )

Saturday is done in the same dramatic style as all Anonymous videos. Oh my God! It’s so futuristic! They have digitally added horizontal bars like an old CRT monitor! They’re using that one effect that makes the video look like an analog signal is weakening! This is the real deal guys!


The content of the video itself is a well formulated commentary on the situation in North Korea. “The Chinese are desperate to avert a war. Economically, it would put them back behind the eight-ball as they deal with an influx of refugees over the border and the very real threat of a devastating war.” The video contends. This sounds an awful lot like Michael Malice though doesn’t it? Check out Michael Malice discussing North Korea with Stefan Molyneux last week ( )

and you’ll hear the exact same commentary except even better because it’s not coming from some jackass who just put something he heard into a robot voice. Instead you’ll hear it coming from a person with a wealth of intimate knowledge about the history of the region and its current state. The problem with this video is that it purports to reveal new information and it doesn’t. The media can’t seem to stop cumming over it either.


The corporate media has loved stories about masked heroes doing the work that us scummy average people could never do. Anonymous in its heyday could do some serious damage and we love to root for destruction don’t we folks? What they have failed to notice is the fact that Anonymous is dead. Anonymous as we used to know it no longer exists. The hackers involved were arrested, retired, or no longer identify as part of Anonymous. Now, Anonymous is just some dick off the street acting like an expert on a subject or making an idle threat. Of course, if you’re not an expert and want to provide social commentary there is no better way to do so than by claiming you’re just a member of a dark group that is still being validated by mainstream media outlets.


Let us not forget the old Anonymous, who brought us things like;



This all happened within the span of a year. Anonymous was on fire! Then the arrests started happening. As one FBI official stated “The good news is, when those guys are caught, they fold like a house of cards. When someone from the FBI comes and says, ‘You’re looking at 20 years for hacking into the CIA Web site,’ they rat on everybody.”


Today, Anonymous is dead. Those who identify as Anonymous do not hold the same skills that they once did. Mostly you see theatric videos full of social commentary. Sure, plenty of people claiming to be Anonymous are threatening or even promising black hat activity like the old days, but you see things like;



So why does anyone actually give a flying fuck what Anonymous says today? Are we to believe that Anonymous is still this shadowy group of selfless individuals who will stop at nothing to expose dark secrets about world governments? Are we to believe that somehow there still exists this ragtag bunch of freedom fighters writing malware to take down authoritarians and evil doers throughout the world? Well that’s not what Anonymous is anymore.

This is not to say that anonymous hackers do not exist. You can look at what 4chan is doing right now with the Antifa unmasking, finding the He Will Not Divide Us flag, or finding perpetrators of violence at marches and see amazingly honed skills in action. Unfortunately, we never get to hear about their amazing accolades in the corporate media. Why does the corporate media ignore things like random guys on the internet tracking down a pointless flag using contrails, constellations, and a guy beeping his horn with his jeep? ( ) Surely this is a far more impressive feat for a few guys in their spare time than some asshole transcribing commentary in a robot voice.


As someone who works in this field, I really did love the old Anonymous. They had a revolutionary attitude that was always above all else anti-establishment. Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Anonymous are largely responsible for what we know today in relation to what governments around the world have been doing behind closed doors. I believe wholeheartedly that we would not have the anti-establishment movement spreading throughout the world without the windows these guys opened. Unfortunately, the closest thing I see to Anonymous today is Antifa. The masked agitators are now full on Marxists. No longer do they stand for establishment rebellion, only for communism.

I commend those who have continued to wear the black hat anonymously and fight against the system. RIP Anonymous.


Written by Antonio Degidio

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