An Ode to Fatherhood

What does it mean to be a Father? Believe it or not, it’s more than just not pulling out. It goes to the very core of who you are as a man. It’s the kind of reality check that makes you think, “Big thoughts”. You think about the future, as if for the first time. It makes you think about the state of the world you’ll leave for your heirs. You finally have, “skin in the game”.

In this respect men are lost, until they are responsible for the care of something that is more fragile, defenseless and important than we are. It’s the true test of manhood. Many men are only so in formal title. These days they are likely boozing, slutting, video game playing/sports watching man-children. We were erroneously taught by failures that responsibility and dependability were things to be avoided.

Being a Father, or more specifically, the head of a household is the most difficult and rewarding thing I have ever done. It means taking care of your family, both monetarily and by being present and engaged when at home. That means working all day and helping with the night routine when you get home. It might even mean working all week and getting up early on your days off to make breakfast for the family before the kids get too hungry and whiny. Basically, it means putting the family first.

There is no woman more beautiful than the one that bears your children. She sacrifices her body and soul to raise your progeny and take care of your household. If you truly love her you will repay her in kind, or at least spend the rest of your life trying. She is your equal, but in many ways, your better half. Fatherhood is a gift from God, as is America, Capitalism and the Proud Boy fraternal order. Uhuru!

Pate R. Familias

Written by Pate R. Familias